Do Dried Plums Go Bad

Do Dried Plums Go Bad?

Dried Plum is also known to be called Prune. It is cultivated and harvested in the southern areas of the United States of America. It has a taste of tartaric, and while chewing plums, they felt to be very sticky. In England, cider is one of the most common alcoholic beverages, which is being made from plums.

Dry Plum has nutritional perks which are very useful for a human. It contains fiber, vitamins, and other nutritional elements. These nutritional elements help you to lose weight, maintain your sugar level, and plum juice is very beneficial to maintain your cholesterol level.

How To Store Dried Plums

You can grow a plum tree by yourself, but it also grows in summer-like all stone fruits. In cold weather, plums can be spoiled due to frost. Sunlight, heat, and hot weather will be more impactful to grow plums.

The dried plum tree usually takes almost a year to provide you fruit. In California, a large number of dried plums are grown. You can eat up to 2 or 4 plums a day. Plums intake can be eating raw or having juice, and even its taste good with beef or salad.

Dried plums are easy to store. You have to follow some guidelines that will help you preserve your plums so you can use them for a longer time.

Drying Plums

Plums grow in summer, and if you want your plums to be fresh. You have to keep the plums in sunlight for approximately two to three days. Sometimes from appearance, it looks like they are completely dry.

But if you will squash it, you will know that their liquid is still leaking. Take the fresh plums from the tree. Put it in a basket and let the basket stay in the sunlight. Make sure, at night, to put the plums a room temperature so they cannot be spoiled due to frosting.


After the plums are dry, you have to keep the plums in a plastic bag. It should be air-tight, so moisture will not affect the plums. Refrigeration is the most suitable option to store plums. It can be stored from six months to 12 months.

Can You Freeze-Dried Plums

If you want to store dried plums for a longer time, keeping them in a refrigerator or freezing them is the most appropriate option. Plums are grown in the summer season, and usually, the main reason for sour plums is frosting.

But when you have picked dry plums from the tree, and you have completely used the drying process of Plum. Freezing is the best activity you can do. Take one plastic bag and keep all the plums in a bag and seal it.

Put the plastic bag in a refrigerator and freeze it. They can last for almost 12 months.

How Long Does Dried Plum Last

The shelf life of dried plums completely depends on the way how you are preserving them. It is very easy to grow dry plums, and at the same time, storing plums is also not much difficult.

If you haven’t dried the plums properly and kept them in a refrigerator, they won’t last for a long time. They can be ruin in even two or three days. On the other hand, if you are storing plums properly. It can last for six to twelve months easily.

You have to make sure that once you have washed the plums after freezing it, it has to be eaten. If you wash the plums and do not eat them and again put them in a refrigerator, there is a chance where they can be spoiled.

Once plums are properly dry, freeze them so you can use them for the next 12 months.

How To Tell If Dried Plum Is Bad

Dried plums can be stored for a longer time which is about six to twelve months. But there are some traits through which it can be easily verified that plums cannot be consumed further.

Here are the few methods which you can use to identify if your dried Plum is good or bad

  • Appearance:Dried plums are very juicy and also very soft. It is a combination of dark purple and brown color. When dried plums are spoiled, their color starts changing into even darker black.

Their skin will start getting hard, and when you will find it very difficult to chew due to its hardness. Also, its taste will go away. You will eat the Plum, but you will not be able to feel any taste.

  • Worms: Worms can affect and spoil plums. Plums grow on tree and worms starts making holes. Even squirrel eats plums too much. Sometimes they chew and left it half. So it is mandatory, you should check plums before eating.