Do Dates Go Bad?

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The date is an exotic fruit that grows in phoenix palms, and these come from the Maghreb region countries. This fruit is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates, making it a healthy option to eat if you are searching for some to add to your diet.

If you’ve never tasted dates before, don’t be afraid to expand your horizons and try new things, as perhaps you will discover its excellent flavor and beneficial properties. Do not stop knowing about its duration and keep it because we will teach you everything you need to know about that topic.

How to Store Dates

To begin with, something you need to know is that there are different types of dates. Still, those that are popularly commercial are two variants, the first is called Deglet and the second is called Medjool, so it is most likely that when you go to a store to buy dates, the ones you find will be one of those two options.

Now that we have made this distinction, we must also clarify that they are stored the same. The difference between types can be confusing if you think they may require different methods to store them.

Now that you know the main thing and clarify that matter let’s get to the important thing: how to store them? Luckily, it is not complicated since there are only three ways to do it, at room temperature, refrigerated and frozen.

For all these cases, the dates must be stored in their packaging so that we are well-sealed, and thus you can prevent any external pollutant from causing any effect on the fruits.

For all these cases, the dates must be stored in their packaging so that they are well sealed, and thus, you can prevent any external pollutant from causing any effect on the fruits.

For a longer duration, what you should do is refrigerate the dates. You should also refrigerate them in case you live in a place where it is very hot. In that case, you should avoid storing dates at room temperature.

Sometimes the companies that sell dates recommend that you keep them refrigerated directly in the packaging they come in so they last longer.

Another thing to mention is that dates can come soft and dry. You must take precautions with the softest ones so that they do not end up drying in the refrigerator, and you can enjoy them in that state. Those that are already dry are not affected as much by not being in sealed containers.

Can You Freeze Dates?

If what you plan is to consume them in the long term instead of using them as soon as possible, you should know that freezing the dates is an option you can take.

A particularity of dates is that, unlike some other fruits, they can keep in good condition without negative side effects when thawing them. It is because dates have a high composition of sugars.

All you have to do to make sure that the dates are well-sealed inside their container before storing it is necessary to prevent the cold from burning the fruit.

How Long Does Dates Last

We must emphasize again that there are different types of dates, and the amount of time each can vary slightly, but in general, they can be assumed to be similar.

Something remarkable is that if we compare other fruits with dates, we can see that their duration is significantly longer since it has been shown that they can last up to three months at room temperature and six to twelve months if refrigerated.

We must consider that if we find our dates with a slightly softer texture than normal, they will have a shorter duration in general.

Also in general, dates are distinguished from the rest of the fruits by being so long in their life span that it allows us to use them whenever we want during several months.

How to Tell If Dates Is Bad

Something that happens with dates after some time has passed is the appearance of small sugar crystals, but this does not mean that the dates have gone bad.

When the time limit in which you know that dates are kept in good condition to consume is approaching, you need to be cautious and take the time to review them for signs of whether you should already discard them.

The main things to look for are mold spots and seeing if the date has turned darker than it was. Another thing you should do to make sure it is in good condition is to sniff it well. If you detect a musty aroma or find any other signs, you should immediately discard the dates.


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