Do Cherry Tomatoes Go Bad

Do Cherry Tomatoes Go Bad?

We all are already familiar with tomatoes which are juicy red edible berries. In contrast to them, cherry tomatoes are also tomatoes but of characteristic round small shape. Cherry tomatoes serve several uses in our everyday life. These are an excellent source of Vitamin C and boost your immunity, and act as an antioxidant in your body.

It is perfectly good enough for your hair and skin. People with oily skin may find them good to reduce their acne and pimples. Despite all of their uses, these may go bad if they aren’t looked after properly.

How To Store Cherry Tomatoes?

We all are concerned about our beauty care and want our skin to glow and our hair to shine. We spend lots of money on cosmetics; this money may be saved if we bring cherry tomatoes in our use and apply them to our skin since natural methods are more effective with the least side effects.

Well, that was all about beauty care. These can also be added to our wide range of favorite meals and salads to enhance the taste, or these may also be eaten raw.

With the aforementioned knowledge of cherry tomatoes, the preservation techniques are also essential to be dealt with so that you do not cause them to spoil readily because of your inability to provide them accurate storage conditions.

So how are you going to store and preserve them in particular? What conditions are mandatory to provide so that they do not lose their taste and quality? Continue with us to figure that out.

Keep Your Cherry Tomatoes At Room Temperature

Cherry tomatoes are best kept at room temperature to make them retain their flavor and avoid them from attaining mealy texture that will result when you put them in the refrigerator.

For your convenience and healthy snacking, these may be kept in a bowl on the counter. This will help them last up to 3 days.

Stash Them In The Fridge

If the cherry tomatoes seem to ripen overly, and your home is a little bit warm, so these may be stashed for 2 days in the refrigerator. Then warm them at room temperature before eating or bringing into your use.

Do Not Freeze Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are best kept at room temperature. Freezing them is not usually encouraged.

Can You Freeze Cherry Tomatoes?

Freezing is a good option to adopt for some meals, while it may be the worst option for some meals because it will cause them to lose their unique taste and flavor. A brief knowledge of whether freezing them will be a good choice or not is too necessary.

Tomatoes can be frozen without blanching. But if you are dealing with cherry tomatoes, freezing is not recommended, and it is not a good choice that you will make.

Freezing is not a good option for them. It will cause the quality of your cherry tomatoes to reduce.

How Long Do Cherry Tomatoes Last?

The shelf life of every food item you deal with every day is different. Some tend to maintain their quality for a long time, while some go bad way too quickly than others. Some need to be kept at room temperature, whereas some cannot be kept at room temperature and stored under cold conditions. So for how long do your cherry tomatoes last?

A precise answer to that depends upon both the quality of cherry tomatoes that you have just bought and on the storage conditions you will provide them thereafter. Their shelf life differs under different conditions.

If kept at room temperature, these will remain best for around 3 days. At temperatures of 45 to 60 °F, these will last for 10 days, whereas they last for 5 days only below 41 °F. Even little quantity of moisture damages them. Therefore to make them long last, keep them dried.

How To Tell If Cherry Tomatoes Have Gone Bad?

Your senses are a good source of telling you about the spoilage of your food. You may get a fair enough idea of going it bad just by following some smelling test, observing, or tasting it.

Though you try your level best to preserve them, these may go bad even then, whether because of reaching the maximum of their shelf life or due to the lack of some essential conditions. We will make it easy for you by mentioning a few of the signs of their spoilage.

  • Texture: If cherry tomatoes go bad, they will usually develop a soft texture.
  • Mold: Mold appearance is the most reliable sign of spoilage of your cherry tomatoes. The mold may look like black or dark green spots.
  • Odor: If they develop an off odor, discard them.
  • Taste: If tasting them gives you an off taste rather than the original, throw them.