Do Capers Go Bad?

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Capers is a plant. It is the green flower buds of the caper bush. Caper bush, is also known as Flinders rose. A plant can live for three or more cultivated seasons.

Capers are unfledged. The caper bush is enlightened, especially in Italy, Morocco, Spain, Asia, and Australia.  This plant is the seasoning plant, and it is used as the fruit; in both conditions, it behaves like use up pickled. You can put your capers in the fridge, or the best way to keep your capers store for longer use you can put capers in the refrigerator.

If you are putting capers in the jar along with the vinegar or salted water and retaining them for longer use, it doesn’t go well.

How to store capers?

Capers are used for a maximum of 6 months, but if you want to increase shelf life, it depends on how you store your capers for the longer use because this plant comes for the specific season, as you read in this article. It is a seasoning plant. So, if you want to store following steps are taking place.

There are so many ways to store capers in the form of containers, store in a jar, store in salt/vinegar, store caper after opening, store salted-packed capers, etc.

After that, the shelf life of your capers increasing from 6 months to one year and maximum for two years. So, follow the steps to store capers in the best way.

In the pantry

Storing a caper unopened, the simplest way is in the pantry, making sure the temperature is not more than 75 degrees F. the fleshy leaves stay fresh if you are doing this process before opening.

In the fridge

Once you opened the capers, put them in the fridge and immerse them in their liquid, it can be vinegar, salted water.

Salted-packed capers

Salted-packed capers should be in an airtight container at ambient temperature. It would last for 6 months, and if you put salted-capers in the refrigerator, it lasts for two years.


Preserve the capers is the easy method take capers put them in the jar immerse their liquid or liquid can be vinegar, salted-water. Cover the jar properly and depart it for 24 hours at room temperature. Every third day in the week, strain off the water, change the jar, adds some water, and repeats the process.

Can you freeze capers?

Frozen capers have a longer time period. It is for longer use to freeze your capers about a year. In the time duration, their taste never changed. Before putting the capers in the freezer, make sure the liquid is fresh, and the jar is fully tight. Freezing duration is only for a year try to capers up within the duration; otherwise, its flavor is not the same.

How long the capers last?

Caper shelf life is a maximum of about 6 months, but if you store a caper the best way with proper applying precautionary tools it shelf life exceeds.

Depends on the condition, either caper is opened, unopened, in the form of the jar or a salted-packed caper. As you can read in this article, the caper lasts for a year in the freezing portion.

  • Opened Capers: Once you opened capers, it lasted for a year with the refrigerator’s proper storing procedure and tightly covered the container.
  • Unopened Capers: Unopened capers stay for a longer period of time, and if you leave them in the dry place and store the caper in a cool place, it will be as much longer for a maximum of 3 years.
  • Capers in Jar: After opening the capers, if you can put them in the fridge, it will be longer for the 3 years, but if you add vinegar in the caper jar, it will last for a year salted-packed capers are lasted for two years.

How to tell if a caper goes bad?

Capers go bad and harm you from the inside. If you see any changes in its appearance, its taste, its smell, throw the capers. With the time capers change their color, it becomes darker. Their tastes also change over time. Make sure before you using check the manufacturing and due date first. You can also check the symptoms, which are in the following list:

  • A spoiled color is changed into brown or black.
  • Bad caper flavored bitter in taste.
  • Fungus on it.
  • White spots are removed.
  • Its smell is awful.

If you see some kinds of symptoms, throw them because it is not good for your health. Try not to use it after the caper’s shelf life is expired, or you can see any bacteria on it, leave them and throw them out.