Do Butter Beans Go Bad?

We all know beans that are seeds that are edible and are kidney-shaped. There are various types of beans grown worldwide, out of which Butter Beans are also the one.

These are more commonly known as Lima Beans. The Lima Beans need to be boiled first before eating to lose deadly Linamarin. If you’re a Butter Bean lover and properly store them in a cool and dry area, these will last up to 3 to 5 years in terms of quality. But if the time exceeds, these will remain safe to use even then.

How to Store Butter Beans

Suppose you have bought a can of Butter Beans and opened it. You use them whatsoever and then wish to store them for an event later.

As we mentioned earlier, these will last up to 3 to 5 years if properly taken care of. But how can you do that? Let’s read the article to find out.


Fill 1 gallon of water in a large-sized kettle and then boil. This 1 gallon of water will blanch up to 1 pound of your Lima Beans. Then after placing them in a basket, submerge them in the boiling water. Continue boiling them with the pot covered.

The cooking time period varies as per the size of your beans. Small Lima Beans take 2, medium 3, and larger ones 4 minutes to cook. Once cooking is done, cool them quickly in cold water. After that, dry them and put them aside in the refrigerator if you intend to use them within a few days.

Pack and Freeze

Packing and then freezing them is also a better option to store them. You have to take a baking sheet or tray. Then arrange the beans in a single layer.

Once arranged, freeze it up to the minimum temperature your freezer permits as the beans are frozen, pack in either freezer bags or containers.

The above description was about the opened canned Butter Beans. Now we will tell you regarding unopened cans.

Room Temperature

You can keep the unopened can dry at room temperature.

Refrigerate it

You can also increase shelf life by storing them in a cool but dry area. The best method for keeping your beans cool is to refrigerate them. So that is how you may store and save your beans.

Can You Freeze Butter Beans

There is, either way, you can follow to freeze your Butter Beans.

Suppose you don’t wish to use the beans right after you buy. Store Unopened Canned in a freezer properly. Their quality will be maintained for up to two months. For an opened can of Butter Beans, the freezing process is not simple. It requires steps furthermore before.

First, you need to blanch the Butter Beans. Secondly, boil them. After boiling, these are cooled. Once the beans are cooled, arrange them in a tray. Please place in the refrigerator, and soon as it freezes, pack in freezer bags or containers.

How Long Do Butter Beans Last

Although you can buy any food at any time and any cost, you may wish to use that after some time. So, it is better to keep a basic knowledge. It will save both your money and time in the sense you don’t have to go to buy it.

Well, for opened cans of Butter Beans, if you take care of the storage conditions, these will last for 3 to 4 days being continuously refrigerated. If stored in a freezer, these will last up to two months after opening. In comparison, the unopened cans of Butter Beans will last up to 3 to 5 years.

All that we told you above was about how long they will retain their quality. But these are safe to use even after the shelf lives aforementioned. If you want them to last, discard Butter Beans that are leaking from the can.

How To Tell If Butter Beans Are Bad

Despite their long shelf life, these can even go bad. You may need to check if they are fine to use or gone bad.

If we deal with canned Butter Beans, these will become softer after freezing. If these are thawed in the cold water or microwave, these will go bad in texture and smell if not used immediately.

When it comes to the opened canned Butter Beans, there are many signs you can check if these are gone bad or not.

  • Smell: Smell your Butter Beans. If you smell an off odor, it means that they have gone bad and are not safe to use.
  • Appearance: If they seem to be unfamiliar with their usual appearance, discard them.
  • Mold Growth: Mold appearance is also a sign that your beans are damaged.
  • Flavor: You can also get an idea of their spoilage by tasting them.

So now you will be able to figure out whether the beans are bad or not.