Do Brazil Nuts Go Bad?

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Brazil nuts are highly nutritional as well as a portion of very delicious and expensive food. They have specifically famous for their smooth nature as they are a bit buttery and have a smooth nature. They have a very high range of benefits due to their uniqueness in taste as well as nutrition.

If you are a lover of Brazil Nuts, you probably think about buying them in bulk and storing them for a long time to eat them whenever you crave them. It is also important to know about their contents and when they would expire.

How to Store Brazil Nuts

As you know that Brazil nuts are not simply planted into the soil, they are a bit difficult to grow, and you cannot get much from one. As they are very nutritious and their texture is soft and a bit slimy.

They are highly polyunsaturated oily content, which makes them more pruned towards rancidity. To enjoy them and to have their extremely delicious taste, you could store them for as long as you want. Following are the ways for which you can store some.

Store in an airtight container

To put them in a closed airtight jar could increase their life. Storing them in a dry place would keep their ingredients fresh and evergreen.

Drying the Brazil Nuts

To store them for a long time, Brazil nuts are to be dried to last longer. Remove the husks or the shells from the nuts. Please place them in a dry shady area with good air circulation, allowing them to dry for several days.

Store in Refrigerator

Put them in the refrigerator. Placing them in an airtight bag and freezing them would also increase their life span. Cracking them open, you need to be extra careful about storing them. When they are dry, stick them in the freezer for about two days, killing all the germs or eggs inside them, which could cause them to spoil.

Keeping them in their shells

They usually have a high-fat content, which would make them rancid easily. Humidity, light, and high temperature could spoil them. The best way to store them is to let them in their shells, which will increase their longevity. Keep them for 3-4 months at room temperature.

They are at their best if you keep them in their original packing. Once you open the package, you need to put them in another sealed packet to store them for a longer period.

Can You Freeze Brazil Nuts?

Freezing nuts is more important to keep them with you for much longer. Stocking up the nuts when they are at their discounted prices, freezing them is the best option. Use a container in which you can put them easily into the refrigerator, which is airtight.

It would be best if you froze them in a cool and dry place; they should not get wet in this condition. You should avoid frosting them as it would change their flavor. They last about 6-9 months in the refrigerator.

How Long Does Brazil Nuts Last

They last for about a year if they are in their new state. But if they are to be stored and you are unaware of their expiry date or their production period, then it is best to keep them in the refrigerator for about 6-9 months.

Or the best condition is to use them or store them for +3 years. There is exactly no date for which you can tell that they would expire. It is usually for about months that they could maintain their freshness. They could last 2-4 weeks, in the frozen state they could last for almost 12 months, and in the refrigerator their expiry date is about 9 months.

How to Tell If Brazil Nuts are Bad

You can tell by looking at their appearance, for which if they are turning rancid. These could be cooked but should not keep the nuts for too long.

  • Mold Growth: Check out for the molds and changes in their appearance. Any green or rotten black, and if they don`t have their brown skin on a little, which is quite normal, then they are surely getting spoiled.
  • Wrinkled Skin: For storing too long, they could start losing some of their watery content. Their skin is turning wrinkled instead of smooth.
  • Shriveled Nuts: They could get shriveled, and it is so not good to eat.
  • Stale Taste: Nuts could go rancid sometime. They have neither low neither high fat. They could get stored for a long time. But sometimes, when they taste stale, then you have to get rid of those nuts. If their flavor is somewhat acidic or bitter, get rid of them.