Do Boysenberries Go Bad

Do Boysenberries Go Bad?

Boysenberries are reddish-purple fruits that originated in California. The fruit is very juicy and delicious and tastes a lot like blackberries. The size is larger than blackberries. These can be grown on farms and homes. Like all other fruits, they have many health benefits.

Boysenberries are a gift of the summers and the spring season. The berries have a soft appearance and a sweet and sour taste. Boysenberry muffins, cakes and, smoothies are indeed a treat for your taste buds.

Due to high moisture content, the berries have a short shelf life. If you want to save your berries for the next season, you need to store them carefully. Properly stored berries can satisfy your cravings throughout the year.

How to store Boysenberries?

Prefer buying the freshest berries available. The fresher the berries, the longer they will last. Frozen berries have a Best by date which, should be taken into notice.

Boysenberries have very simple methods of storage. The berries hate moisture, so you have to keep them as dry as possible. This is the reason why boysenberries should never be stored in an air-tight container because too much moisture is trapped inside.

High moisture decreases the shelf life of berries and should be taken into special notice. Other methods of storage, as mentioned below, are very easy and suitable.

Before storing your berries, check them carefully. Throw the damaged ones immediately before storage to keep the remaining ones fresh.

Keep at room temperature

If you wish to store your berries for a short time place them, in a shallow container in the kitchen at room temperature. The berries retain their flavor and last for quite some time.

Store in the refrigerator

Place the berries carefully in a shallow container. Although berries should be kept dry but washing them with vinegar before storage helps to kill any bacteria or spores on their surface. Don’t forget to dry them well before refrigeration.

Ensure that your container is big enough so that the berries do not accumulate or get crushed inside. Put a paper towel to avoid any moisture from trapping inside.

Can you freeze boysenberries?

Freezing is an efficient method of storing the berries. It is important to wash only the particular number of berries you want to eat in a day. Before freezing the berries, they must be dry because wet berries rot very easily.

Freeze them dirty and, in case you’ve washed them, dry them well with a kitchen towel. Follow the following steps for storing boysenberries.

  • Wash the berries and dry them thoroughly
  • Spread them well on a tray and freeze them for about an hour. This is done to avoid any clumping of berries.
  • Now place the frozen berries gently in an air-tight bag. Label the bag with the date and amount for your own ease.
  • Place the bag in a suitable place in your freezer.

It is interesting to know that frozen berries are damaged less quickly than fresh ones. They don’t lose their essential nutrients and are ready to go when needed.

So, freezing preserves the berries brilliantly and helps you enjoy them for long.

How long do Boysenberries last?

As already mentioned, boysenberries have a very short shelf life. These last for 2-3 days on the kitchen counter. Refrigeration increases this period to 4-7 days.  Moisture can reduce the shelf life, so keep your berries away from moisture.

If you wish to store the berries for more than a week, freezing them is the best way. The freezing process keeps the berries very close to their fresh state.

It’s preferable to use the frozen boysenberries within a period of 6 to 8 months.

How to tell if Boysenberries have gone bad?

Fresh berries have a beautiful red color and a delicious flavor when fresh. However, rotten berries lose their color and become sloppy.

Following are the indications that your boysenberries are for no good anymore.

  • Molds grow into the moist berries making, them rotten. Molded berries have an unpleasant smell that may spread in your refrigerator and get you in trouble.
  • Berries may get crushed if not properly stored and placed. The nectar can ooze out creating, a mess.
  • Rotten berries lose their sweet flavor and taste bad.

One may never like to see rotten berries in the refrigerator. Discard the berries if they have gone bad. The delicate fruit should be dealt well to enjoy it for long.

Boysenberries contain a good amount of fiber, vitamins and, nutrients. They are loved when eaten in cakes, jams, and custards. They make the bones strong and improve the overall health of the body.

The berries are soft and can get damaged easily. But you can save them for the next season by opting for the correct methods of their storage.