Do Apples Go Bad

Do Apples Go Bad?

Apples contain a high measure of nutrients. Any person who lacks vitamin should take Apples in their diet. Also, we have heard the myth that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Now, let’s come to the point that whether they go bad or not? No food doesn’t go bad. The same is the case with apples. It is a fruit, and most of the fruits turn bad and sour because the activity of microorganisms, such as microbes.

Apples contain an enzyme named phenolase. When an apple is exposed to air for some time, the phenolase enzyme reacts with the air’s oxygen. This reaction leads to the discoloration of an apple which is the other reason for an apple going bad.

How to store apples?

Storing apples is kind of a tricky thing as we know that it’s fresh fruit, and fruits don’t last long until they are kept in preserved jars or stuff. To store apples to keep them fresh, we have to take the following measure.

In a cool and dry place

Apples can be stored in a cool and dry place, for example, in a basket at room temperature away from moisture in your home. Moisture makes the apple go bad and soggy, and definitely, you wouldn’t want it to happen.

For storing the apple, you need to wash them and clean the excess water from them, and put them in a basket. Also, keep an eye on them that none of them is rotten because, as we know, that one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.

In a refrigerator

The rule for refrigerating the apples is the same that they shouldn’t be wet or moisturized. Secondly, make sure the apples are clean so that no pesticide remains on them and make them rotten. Don’t forget to put the already bad apples away.

Also, put the apples in a separate plastic jar or bag when you refrigerate them. You can also use zip-locked bags to store them in the refrigerator. We can also store apples in the refrigerator by wrapping them in newspaper separately.

Soaked in juice

If you want to preserve the apples for a long time the best way is to cut the apple into slices. Then, take any fruity juice, for example, apple juice itself or pineapple juice or whatever you want to, and put the juice in an airtight container. Soak all the apple slices in the juice and close the lid tightly. Refrigerate the container and use the apple whenever you crave it.

Can you freeze apples?

We can freeze apples. Remember that we cannot use frozen apples to eat raw as the texture of the apple changes. We can use them to make apple dishes like smoothies, apple pie, apple cakes, etc.

The process to freeze apples is to peel the skin off and cut the apple into pieces because it will be difficult to cut the frozen apple. In this way, you will use the desired amount of apple and put the rest back. Then put the slices in any zip-locked bag or any jar and put them in the freezer.

How long do apples last?

Fruits usually don’t last long. We can evaluate how long the apples will last by seeing how they have been treated. Whether the apples were stored in the refrigerator or not or they were washed or not.

The apples stored in the refrigerator last five to six times longer than the apples stored at room temperature. If the bunch of apples is treated with a rotten one, they won’t last long.

Usually, the apples placed at room temperature last up to a week. The frozen apples may remain unrotten for up to a month if any pesticide or insect-like worm or ant comes across the fruit due to which it may go bad and doesn’t last long. The temperature and environment in which apples are kept matters a lot.

How to tell if apples are bad

It is straightforward to tell whether an apple is bad or not because the texture, aroma, and physical appearance change a lot. A fresh apple has a mesmerizing aroma, and on the other hand, a rotten one does not smell good. Following are some ways that you can follow to see if your apples have gone bad.

  • First of all, the apple color changes a bit from red to maroon and dark brown. This discoloration is the indication of a bad apple.
  • Secondly, the smell goes pungent. Bad apples give a bad sense of smell that goes in your throat.
  • Thirdly, if you see any hole in the apple, an insect has entered the fruit that makes it bad.
  • Brown bruises and wrinkles also appear on the skin of an apple when it is rotten.