Does American Groundnut Go Bad

Do American Groundnuts Go Bad?

Are you looking for some healthy munching items? The American groundnuts, commonly known as peanuts, is the perfect answer. You can have them anywhere and anytime. Not only they are used as snacks, but they also enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes.

The American groundnuts can go bad after some time as they have a high oil concentration in them. The oil can be released when the groundnuts are exposed to heat or other climatic changes. You can store them in the most appropriate ways once you go through this article.

How to store your American groundnuts?

You can store your American groundnuts just like any other nuts around you. There is no rocket science required in their storage. You can keep them wherever you like, but certain conditions must be fulfilled. American groundnuts will offer you prolonged shelf life.

The listed ways can be followed when you intend to store your American groundnuts for a long time.

Keep away from sunlight

When you buy a bulk of American groundnuts, you need to ensure that they are kept away from sunlight. The sunlight can provide them with enough heat to excrete the oil out of them. After that, the American groundnuts have expelled their oils out. They can go rancid.

There could be the development of a strong, pungent smell. The greasy and stinky groundnuts are not appealing at all. If you do not want to dump them in the coming future, you will have to preserve them with care.

Keep them in an airtight box

If you leave your American groundnuts in the open air, they will absorb moisture from the environment. The texture of the groundnuts will change, and they will lose their crunch. It does not apply that your American groundnuts have gone bad.

You can regain their freshness by toasting them on a pan. You can also try baking them in your oven for about five minutes. They will be good as new. Their crunch will be re-attained.

Refrigerate your American groundnuts

You have recently bought a bulk of American groundnuts. You do not feel like consuming them. The solution to this problem is that you can refrigerate them. You can store your American groundnuts shelled and un-shelled. In either way, their shelf life remains constant.

You will have to keep them in an airtight container or a vacuum seal bag so they do not absorb odor. You can save your American groundnuts in the fridge for around a year.

Can you freeze your American groundnuts?

People usually do not freeze their American groundnuts. It is as they munch it frequently. It is generally finished quickly and does not require time to be kept in the freezer. However, it is totally up to whether you like to freeze them or not.

You can freeze your peanuts by making small packets of them. Ziplock bags would be perfect to be used. Once they are frozen, you can warm them up by roasting them on a pan. You can also spread them over a baking tray and bake your American groundnuts for about five to ten minutes.

How long do American groundnuts last?

The American groundnuts will provide you with a long-lasting shelf-life; if they are given an appropriate environment. If you have your American groundnuts placed on your shelf and are away from sunlight and other heat sources, they might last for around four months.

The groundnuts placed under sunlight can go rancid in two months. They will have a stale smell. If you keep your American groundnuts in the refrigerator, they will retain their freshness for a year. If you have placed your American groundnuts in a freezer, they can be stored for two years.

How to tell if the American groundnuts are bad?

You can never guarantee the longevity of anything.  The same is applied to American groundnuts. They will go bad after some time as they have high-fat content in them. As they are quite flavorful, there are chances that you will consume them before going bad.

You need to know some symptoms that will aid you in identifying the bad groundnuts. The listed points will guide you through testing your American groundnuts.

  • You can sense the rancidity by smelling your groundnuts. If they have a paint-like odour, you will have to dispose of them.
  • You might notice that your American groundnuts have attained a darker colour. They might turn dark brown to even black.
  • They might attain a powdery texture once they have gone bad. It will be useless to use the nuts any further.
  • There could be a growth of mold and bacteria over your America groundnuts.
  • If the American groundnuts are shelled, you may notice a little deterioration on the shells.