Do Alfalfa Sprouts Go Bad?

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Alfalfa sprouts are available at grocery stores. They are the sprouted seeds that are harvested before they are fully grown. They help to lower cholesterol levels.

They are also beneficial in blood sugar control. Most of the intake is due to its high antioxidants, vitamin K and C, folate, and magnesium. Alfalfa is low in calories. Alfalfa sprouts are not cooked, so consuming them raw can cause foodborne illness.

They are a common ingredient in dishes that are made in South Indian cuisine. Avoid intake of raw alfalfa sprouts to reduce the rid of getting sick. Yes, alfalfa sprouts go bad as they are grown in the same environment required by bacteria to thrive.

If you buy it from a grocery store, it comes with an expiry date. Alfalfa seeds are dangerous to use after their expiry date.

How to store alfalfa sprouts?

Sure, alfalfa sprouts are packed in good stuff and are healthy. They are not beneficial for intake once they hit the expiry date. You must be thinking of a proper way to store them, so it retains its freshness. Alfalfa sprouts go bad quickly within four days.

Properly stored alfalfa sprouts last for 2 to 3 days. You have to keep these sprouts are highly perishable. Read down the article to know the accurate way for its storage.

Clean alfalfa sprouts

Rinse with cool water to clean these sprouts. Dry them out after cleaning underwater. Dry them with a paper towel and let them air-dry. Alfalfa sprouts must not be dry completely before you store them because if they’re left with a little moisture, it helps them stay crisp and fresh.

Store in a plastic bag

After cleaning and drying them properly, take a plastic bag. Stuff the medium-sized plastic bag with your alfalfa sprouts before you put them in the fridge. When you are buying alfalfa sprouts, make sure to purchase refrigerated containers.

Though alfalfa is moist but storing it where there is much moisture can cause it to spoil. It is better to store these bags containing alfalfa sprouts in the crisper compartment of your fridge. A sealed bag keeps the little moisture locked inside it, which aids in letting nodes stay fresh.

Refrigerate it

Alfalfa sprouts belong to the pea family, so that’s why are classified as a legume. Now where to put them in the fridge? For that, the vegetable compartment, which is also called a crisper container in the refrigerator, would be best. We can refrigerate alfalfa sprouts for up-to three or four days.

Can we freeze alfalfa sprouts?

In case you are searching for maximizing the shelf life of alfalfa sprouts, we recommend you refrigerate it in a medium-sized plastic bag which is tightly sealed. If you are deeming about to freeze these sprouts, we always don’t suggest freezing them.

These alfalfa sprouts don’t freeze well, and it is not at all suggested. Properly stored alfalfa sprouts stay good for 2 to 3 days in the refrigerator. Freezing is not indicated for quality purposes. Be careful not to freeze alfalfa sprouts. If you freeze alfalfa sprouts, you will deprive yourself of much of the benefits gained from eating the fresh ones.

How long do alfalfa sprouts last?

Good quality alfalfa sprouts are moist and clean. Good alfalfa sprouts should appear crisp. You can buy alfalfa from grocery stores but also can be grown at home. It would be best if you ate sprouts as soon as possible.

Like other sprouts, alfalfa sprouts are highly perishable too. As we know, the shelf life of sprouts is three days.

Similarly, alfalfa sprouts have a shelf life of two to three days. Alfalfa sprouts are delicate and should be refrigerated in ventilated plastic jar or container. Fresh alfalfa sprouts make a great addition to salad, sandwiches, and wraps.  Alfalfa sprouts demand a proper storing system for better and longer shelf life.

Keep these sprouts store in your refrigerator and use them promptly. We live up our scrambled eggs and omelet with alfalfa sprouts. These are also used for garnishing. Alfalfa sprouts which are stored properly, will last for 2 to 3 days in your fridge.

How to tell if alfalfa sprouts are bad?

The time for Alfalfa sprouts to stay on a good depend on many factors. It includes the freshness of sprouts when you bought them from a store. If your sprouts are free of mold or slime and are fresh and crisp, they are fine to eat, but if you notice any signs, which are told in this article below, then it means that your alfalfa sprouts are gone bad.

If you are looking for bad alfalfa symptoms, certain considerations will keep you from mistakenly eating bad alfalfa sprouts.

  • Alfalfa sprouts that are bad in the container show signs of turning bad, which involve foul odors.
  • The best method to check whether these sprouts have gone bad or not is to smell and examine them. If there is something fishy about the smell or appearance, toss it.
  • Mold formation indicates spoilage of alfalfa sprouts, and it is then the time to discard them.