Do Adzuki Beans Go Bad

Do Adzuki Beans Go Bad?

Adzuki beans, sometimes called azuki or aduki beans, are small reddish-brown beans from eastern Asia. These beans have a very mild and subtle flavor that hits your taste buds. You can use these beans in any of your daily meals like soup, salads, or any side dish. Adzuki beans are highly nutritious too.

Unfortunately, adzuki beans do go bad like all other food products. But if you want to make your beans last longer, all you need to do is store them properly. It would be best if you were confused about the shelf life and stuff about adzuki beans. This article will help you out, so read on.

How to Store Adzuki Beans?

If you have bought adzuki beans in bulk, you must be worried about storing them so that they don’t go bad. Adzuki beans cannot be eaten like every day. So, we have to keep them in a good way to get the maximum from the beans.

You can store adzuki beans in the following places:

In the Pantry

The best place to store uncooked and unopened adzuki beans is your pantry. The beans will not go bad at room temperature if they are stored properly in proper packaging. They will retain freshness for a long period.

Ensure that the packets of beans are placed away from certain things like moisture and humidity. Otherwise, they may go bad. Also, keep checking that the beans’ packaging is all right and there is no air passage inside the packets. Also, there should be no holes for pantry bugs to get in.

In a Dark and Cool Place

It would be best if you stored your adzuki beans in a dark place, i.e., away from light and heat sources. Any heat source can make the food product go bad. So, it’s better to store the adzuki beans in a cool and dark place. The darker the place is, the better it is for adzuki beans.

In the Refrigerator

When it comes to cooked adzuki beans, the best place to store them is in the refrigerator. Cooked beans won’t stay good at room temperature. It is compulsory to keep the leftover cooked beans in the fridge.

Don’t forget to transfer the leftovers in an air-tight container or jar. The jars should be sealed properly so that no air enters the containers. Still, the shelf life of cooked beans even in a refrigerator is not more than a week.

Can we Freeze Adzuki Beans?

If you want to store your adzuki beans for long-term use, then the freezer is the best place for sure. Frozen beans last longer than refrigerated beans. Once you freeze the adzuki beans, they will stay good and healthy to consume for a long period.

What you have to do is change the packaging of beans if the packets have holes or something. The beans should be in air-tight bags or freezer bags before getting into the freezer. Also, if the beans are cooked, the procedure to freeze them is the same, i.e., putting them in air-tight containers.

How long do the Adzuki Beans Last?

The shelf life of uncooked adzuki beans is quite long. On the other side, the shelf life of cooked beans is less than that of raw beans. Good and well-stored adzuki beans will last evermore and will retain freshness for long.

The uncooked beans placed in the pantry last for 2 to 3 years without going bad. After this period, the nutritional value of the beans starts to decrease. But if the beans meet unfavorable conditions, they may become rotten. So, store them properly for long-lasting beans. The timespan of adzuki beans depends on the expiration date too.

On the other hand, frozen beans last for 6 to 7 months inside the freezer. When it comes to cooked beans placed in the refrigerator, they stay a maximum of a week. After a week, it is not recommended to use the beans anymore.

How to tell if Adzuki Beans are Bad?

After reading the above article, you have learned that adzuki beans’ shelf life depends on how you store them. So, as long as the beans are stored properly, they will not go bad. There are some following uncertain conditions in which the beans may go bad:

  • If you see any hole in the beans’ packaging, then probably there are some pantry-bugs inside the packets that have made the beans go bad. Toss them out immediately.
  • Secondly, if you see any sign of mold on the beans, you should not use them anymore.
  • Any gross or sour smell from the beans is an indication of rotten beans.
  • For cooked beans, you should check their taste. If it is unusual, then toss them out.
  • Last, please do not use the adzuki beans after their expiration date. It would be best if you did not risk your health for some cheap beans.