Coriander Everything You Need To Know

Coriander: Everything You Need To Know

Coriander, also known as the Chinese Parsley, is an annual herb. It belongs to the Apiaceae family of plants. Therefore, you can eat all parts of this plant. However, traditionally, the most used part of this plant is its dried seeds and fresh leaves. Hence, you can use it as both spics and herbs. The production of Coriander started in the Middle East and Mediterranean regions. However, currently, it is cultivated all over the world.

Coriander is used for culinary purposes almost everywhere. It has become an important part of human cuisines. The leaves of this plant are called cilantro. While its seeds are referred to as the Coriander. The existence of the Coriander plant could be traced back to around 5000 BC. Research shows that the first plant of Coriander was found in Syria. But with time, its use for culinary and healthcare purposes increased. And now, almost everyone and every culture use different parts of this plant in their cuisines.

What does Coriander Look Like?

Coriander seeds have tiny sizes. They look like small tan-hued beads that have ridges on them. While the plant itself has bright green leaves. The leaves are attached to the thin and small stems. The leaves have rounded points. However, the overall plant has a soft texture and grows around 50 cm in length.

Where does Coriander Come From?

Coriander comes from Northern Africa, Southern Europe, and Southwestern Asia. It is considered a holy plant in the old times. That’s why it is also mentioned in the Bible. While botanically, the Coriander spice comes from the Coriander plant. The leaves on the plant have variable shapes. They are feathery and higher on upper stems and broadly lobed on the lower.

Moreover, the flowers come in pale pink and white colors. They are borne in tiny umbels. And the petals pointing away from the umbel’s center. These petals usually grow around 1 mm to 3 mm. Besides, the Coriander plant also produces globular fruit that comes in 3 mm to 5 mm.

How is Coriander Made?

Making the whole form of Coriander is easy. You can just wait for the plant to grow, and then you can pick the seeds. However, if you want ground or powder form, then you must follow some other procedures. First, you should begin the procedure by washing the seed and putting it in any tray until it dries well. Then, you should dry roast the coriander seeds. This process will help in bringing the best form of the seeds. After dry roasting, you can now use any grinder to transform the seeds into powder form. However, the powder form of Coriander is a little different from other spices like turmeric.

What Does Coriander Taste Like?

Coriander seeds are used in various cuisines due to their exceptional taste. There are a lot of different views about the taste of Coriander. However, usually, two views about the taste of this seed always prevail. Some people argue that this spice has a little citrusy taste, while others argue that it has a little soapy flavor in it. But usually, the Coriander seeds are warm, slightly sweet, peppery, earthy, and highly aromatic.

How is Coriander Used in Cooking?

As stated above, Coriander is used in a wide range of cuisines. You can add the powder form or whole form in your normal recipes. Mix it well with spices and put it in the quantity you need to add a little flavor and aroma to your dish. The best way to use it in cooking is to let it cook well in the dish. Give it adequate time to release flavor. Besides, it works well with potatoes, bell peppers, onion, and tomatoes. So, you can add it with any of the ingredients.

What Types of Cuisines Use Coriander?

Coriander is majorly used in Indian, Mexican, Spanish, and Latin cuisines. It is also a must ingredient in their sauces, spice rubs, chilis, marinades, curries, and even soups.

What is a Coriander Substitute?

If you are looking for good Coriander substitutes, then we have it for you. These are cumin, garam masala, caraway, and curry powder. So, if you get out of Coriander, use them instead and get the same taste.

Where to Buy Coriander?

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