Cinnamon Everything You Need To Know

Cinnamon: Everything You Need To Know

Cinnamon is found in almost every home. I bet you will hardly see anyone who does not know about this spice. Cinnamon is a spice that is commonly used in dishes and different recipes around the world. It is obtained from several trees. This spice is the inner bark of those trees. It belongs to the genus Cinnamomum family of plants. Cinnamon has a delightful aroma that adds a layer of scent to the dishes and makes them taste better. Therefore, it is used in a wide variety of dishes and drinks.

Cinnamon is the native plant of China, Canada, and the United States. Currently, it is grown in different parts of the world. The major exporters of Cinnamon are Sri Lanka, China, and few other countries in Asia, North America, and Europe. It has been an important part of human cuisines since ancient times. While people also love Cinnamon for its exceptional medicinal properties.

What does Cinnamon Look Like?

If you have seen cassia, then you will agree that they both look the same. Cinnamon has a reddish-brown color. These are small-sized wooden sticks. Cinnamon has a little rough outer layer. However, if you touch the inner portion of this spice, it will be soft. Cinnamons are available in small wood rolls. One side of cinnamon is rolled, giving it around and circular shape with a comparatively taller body. Moreover, the Cinnamon tree has oval-shaped green leaves with berry fruits and thick bark. Its plant is easy to identify.

Where does Cinnamon Come From?

Cinnamon comes from the evergreen tree. It is the inner bark of the tree that is derived using various evergreen trees. These trees are normally cultivated in two years. When the plant gets ready, the stems are cut at the ground level. This process is also referred to as the coppicing. The next year, these roots are replaced by new roots. During the process, you must use various pests to ensure the better growth of the plant. These stems are then processed soon after cutting. But make sure the barks are still wet.

How is Cinnamon Made?

For making Cinnamon, the manufacturers scrap off the outer layer of wet barks. Afterward, the branch is evenly beaten using any hammer. This process loosens up the inner bark. The Cinnamon is made by using only 0.5 mm of the inner bark. While the outer portion is discarded. Then the woods are left under sunlight to dry. Some people also use advanced dryers to dry the wet barks. While drying, the wood curls into small rolls. Once the bark dries, the whole form of Cinnamon is ready for use. However, if you want the ground form, then you will need to follow an additional step. You must use any spice grinder to transform the rolls into powder form.

What Does Cinnamon Taste Like?

Cinnamon has a very woody taste. It gives a little citrusy flavor with additional spiciness. Its spiciness also resembles the punch of cloves. Besides, both the rolls and ground form have the same taste. However, the way both are used in foods varies.

How is Cinnamon Used in Cooking?

Cinnamon is widely used in cooking. You can use both the whole and ground forms of this spice for cooking. For ground form, you can add it with other spices like turmeric and chili pepper, etc. Let it cook well with other ingredients to release its taste and flavor. You can also add its whole rolls using the same method as the ground. The whole form is first fried in oil in some recipes before putting it in the dish and the oil.

What Types of Cuisines Use Cinnamon?

Cinnamon is used in both culinary and baked cuisines around the world. Some famous cuisines that include Cinnamon are Moroccan lamb tagine, chicken, and chickpea, chicken shawarma from the Middle East, Indian butter chicken, beef chili, rice, Indian biryani, Persian jeweled rice, roasted squash, and much more. While in the desert, Cinnamon is mostly used in cookies, rice pudding, apple pie, sweet potato pie, and more.

What is a Cinnamon Substitute?

For substituting Cinnamon, you can use other ingredients like cloves, allspice, and nutmeg.

Where to Buy Cinnamon?

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