Cicely Everything You Need To Know

Cicely: Everything You Need To Know

Cicely herb is a perennial herb. It is also known as the sweet Celery and garden myrrh. It belongs to the Apiaceae family of plants. Cicely, i.e., Murryhis, has been derived from the Greek word that refers to the aromatic Asian oil. This herb is a native plant of the Central and Southern European mountains. It is widely found in places like Caucasus and Pyrenees.

It has been only sometimes when Cicely was introduced to other parts of the world. You can cultivate it along river banks, grasslands, roadside verges, and more. Besides, its plant is super easy to care for. You don’t have to concentrate on it 24/7. Just make sure to keep the soil moist ad water it only when needed. Giving it around 2.5 cm of water weekly will be adequate for it. Along with its culinary benefits, Cicely also has a lot of benefits for overall human health. That’s why it is widely used around the world.

What does Cicely Look Like?

The plant of Cicely is tall. It grows for about 2m in height. While the leaves are green, they are divided well and have a length of around 50 cm. You will find whitish patches at the top of the plant near its rachis. The plant is covered with soft hair, and it smells pretty strong that resembles anise seeds. The flowers of the Cicely plant are creamy white. It has large umbels and is around 2 mm to 4 mm. If you move around the plant, you will also find slender fruits with dark brown color.

Where does Cicely Come From?

Cicely comes from the Myrrhis Odorata plant, which belongs to the herbaceous perennial plant. It is highly convenient and easy to plant. The best place to grow Cicely is under partial or complete shade. However, it is sensitive to the sun. So, please don’t make the mistake of planting it under the sun. Otherwise, it will die without even you know. Once nice spit for this plant is back of the border. Besides, it requires well-drained soil. So, make sure to check the land’s pH level before planting the seed.

How is Cicely Made?

Once you put the seeds, make sure to water them well. Give it enough time to grow. However, the process requires proper watering and growing. Once it gets ready for harvest, you can start picking the leaves. The leaves are best for using fresh. So, you can take it out anytime you want, like the chives and other herbs. If you want to use the dry form, then take the leaves and wash them well. Then place them on any paper over a tray. Leave the leaves somewhere under the sun and less moist area. Allow the leaves to dry well. Once it converts to a little crusty form, you can use any molcajete to crush it into small pieces. You can store it in any jar and use it anytime you want.

What Does Cicely Taste Like?

The taste of Cicely resembles anise. Its roots release the taste of licorice. The crushed form of Cicely contains a separate flavor. When crushed, this herb provides a sweet-scented taste with an extremely strong fragrance. That’s why it is also famously known as the Sweet Cicely.

How is Cicely Used in Cooking?

You can use different parts of Cicely in cooking, including its roots, leaves, and seeds. It has a great taste and aroma that’s why adding it to the dishes will boost the flavor. It is better to add Cicely at the end when the food is almost cooked. Leave it for a while and let it release a little scent and taste in the dish. Besides, some people also chop it and put it in their salads bowl for additional flavor.

What Types of Cuisines Use Cicely?

You can use Cicely in various cuisines like grilled fish, cakes, desserts, soups, cookies, stews, eggs, and more. Moreover, Cicely tea is also widely used.

What is a Cicely Substitute?

If you want to substitute Cicely, you must use anise, chervil, fennel fronds, and chopped tarragon.

Where to Buy Cicely?

For getting fresh Cicely leaves, you should visit any nearest vegetable or grocery store. You will easily spot this herb on the shelves. However, if you want to plant Cicely plant in your garden, we have few good seeds for you to make growing Cicely easier for you.