Celery Seed Everything You Need To Know

Celery Seed: Everything You Need To Know

Celery Seed is a very common form of spice that is used by cooks all over the world. This spice is produced from the marshland plant that belongs to the Apiaceae family of plants. Though celery itself is very famous and is majorly used as a vegetable, its seeds make a great addition to the spice list due to its exceptional flavor, making even a boring food tasty. Celery Seeds are often found in mixed spices. However, you can also find its ground and whole forms.

The Celery Seeds are normally cultivated in China, France, and India. However, this spice was first originated in the Middle East. Along with good taste, it also has some good health benefits, which is another reason for its fame worldwide. It is great for maintaining blood pressure and curing flu and cold. Celery Seeds also make an important part of Indian Ayurvedic Medicine.

What does Celery Seed Look Like?

The celery plant comes with a long fibrous stalk. These stalks taper into leaves. The leaflets are around 1 inch to 2. Inches in length and 1 inch to 1.5 inches in width. The plant has creamy white flowers. However, the Celery Seeds are small. It often has light green to brownish-green color. The small size of these seeds makes them hard to harvest. Most people also confuse Celery Seeds with fennel. Though both have some resemblance in looks, they are completely different from each other.

Where does Celery Seed Come From?

Celery Seeds come from the celery plant, which is a biennial plant. Therefore, it will not produce any flowers or fruit until the second year. So, you have to wait for two years to begin harvesting. After the second year, the plant starts showing flowers with an umbrella shape. Afterward, umbel is also created on comparatively shorter stems. They come from various tiny florets which is a small white flower. These florets create a burst of the star, which attracts a lot of bees. Then, with time, the flower’s white petals start falling off while the ovary starts swelling. This initiates the development of the seed.

How is Celery Seed Made?

Once the Celery Seeds get ready, harvesting begins. However, during the process, leave the seeds until it dries. When they dry, they change color into tan or brown. This color conversion will tell you that the seeds are ready to harvest. Next, you should begin with cutting the bloom. But make sure to be a little gentle and careful while cutting because the seeds can easily fall off. And you won’t want to waste them. Once you cut the blooms, start shaking them in any container or bag. Now, your seeds are ready for use. You can use both whole and ground forms here. However, for the ground form, you will need an additional step. Take any spice grinder and grind the Celery Seeds in it.

What Does Celery Seed Taste Like?

Since Celery Seeds come from the celery plant, both have the same taste and aroma. The seeds give a little earthy and savory flavor with a mild bitterness that enhances its spiciness.

How is Celery Seed Used in Cooking?

While cooking, Celery Seeds make an excellent combination with tomatoes. Therefore, this spice is used for cooking dishes that include tomato as one of the key ingredients. Moreover, you can also add some quantity of Celery Seeds in your sauce to enhance its taste and add a little aroma. Besides, its use also depends on its form. The ground form of Celery Seeds is also used to sprinkle over foods or mix it with your normal spice like chili peppers, etc.

What Types of Cuisines Use Celery Seed?

Celery Seeds are usually used in cuisines that include tomatoes which are already discussed above. However, there is a wide range of cuisines under this umbrella. This includes curries, traditional Indian dal, some vegetables, vegan gumbo, and soups. In addition, some other items like butter pickles and classic bread also go well with these seeds. Besides, it is also added to ketchup and sauces for enhanced flavor.

What is a Celery Seed Substitute?

Celery Seeds can be substituted by some major ingredients or maybe a combination of some. Its top substitutes are dry celery flakes and coriander seed.

Where to Buy Celery Seed?

Celery Seeds are widely available everywhere. Visit any grocery store or search online; you will always find it. However, here we will provide a list of the best Celery Seeds. So, next time when you want to buy it, you don’t have to search much.