Cayenne Pepper Everything You Need To Know

Cayenne Pepper: Everything You Need To Know

Cayenne Pepper is a famous spice. It is one of the most used spices throughout the world. Cayenne Pepper belongs to the Capsicum family of plants. It has a high resemblance to the common chili pepper that we normally use in homes. Cayenne Pepper has two types. The first type is called green chili pepper, and the second type is red chili pepper. This spice is known with different names in different regions. Some common names are capsaicin, hot pepper, chili, paprika, and tabasco pepper, etc.

Cayenne Pepper is grown all over the world. Some well-known places for the production of this spice are India, Mexico, United States, and East Africa. This also has a lot of health benefits. For instance, joint disorders, nervous system disorders, headaches, skin diseases, and much more. It also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals.

What does Cayenne Pepper Look Like?

Cayenne Pepper has a bright red color. It resembles chili pepper to a great extent. These come in the group of tapering. Each pepper is around 10cm to 25cm long. Cayenne Pepper is skinny and has a curved tip with a little rippled skin. The pepper hangs from the brush. It has a wide range of varieties which are normally rated Scoville units of 30000 to 50000. Moreover, the Cayenne Pepper comes in two forms. You either find it in powdered form to the whole form.

Where does Cayenne Pepper Come From?

Cayenne Pepper comes from the plant called Capsicum Annum. This spice has been originated in Cayenne which is a French Guiana. But the name has been derived from the Tupi Indian name. The seed of this spice has high viability. That’s why its production soon spread all over the world. The seed pods of Cayenne Pepper have a length of around 12 cm, while its diameter is generally 2.5 cm. In some regions, this spice is also produced by the combination of various other types of chilies.

How is Cayenne Pepper Made?

Cayenne Pepper is made from the fruits of plants. Once the plant gets ready for harvesting, the fruits are picked. These ripened fruits vary in color. You will find both the red and yellow colors of this fruit. The spice is made from these fruits.

Moreover, the combination of both fruits is also used for producing Cayenne Pepper. That’s why the color of spice varies from red-brown to red color. Finally, the specific type of spice grinders is used to convert these fruits into ground form. However, before doing that, the fruits are dried well.

What Does Cayenne Pepper Taste Like?

Along with looks, Cayenne Pepper also resembles chili pepper in taste. It is one of the hot spices. It has a sharp taste that has a fiery effect on human taste buds. Though it has a hot flavor, its aroma is comparatively mild. However, it has slightly lower heat than the other forms of chilis. But using it in high quantity in your dishes is not a good choice if you are not eating spicy foods.

How is Cayenne Pepper Used in Cooking?

Though Cayenne Pepper also has a whole form, people mostly its ground form for cooking. So it is normally used with other spices like turmeric, etc., for cooking. But as a suggestion, be cautious of the amount of Cayenne Pepper you put in the recipe. Because high quantity may make the food over spicy and hard to eat, you can also use this spice as a condiment. Some people also prefer just to sprinkle it over food like salt and pepper instead of cooking it.

What Types of Cuisines Use Cayenne Pepper?

Cayenne Pepper is a hot spice; that’s why it is mostly used in spicy cuisines. Its major use is found in Indian cuisines like curries, rice, and vegetables, etc. However, it also works great with seafood like lobster, smoked salmon, crabs, and oysters, etc. You can also sprinkle it over soups, eggs, fries, and other fried items.

What is a Cayenne Pepper Substitute?

Cayenne has a lot of substitues. The list includes red chili flakes, paprika, gochugaru, tabasco pepper, jalapeno pepper, Thai pepper, chili powder, and serrano pepper.

Where to Buy Cayenne Pepper?

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