Camping Pie Iron Recipes

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Camping Pie IronCamping pie iron cooking makes it simple to prepare delectable easy meals when camping, and it’s a wonderful way to spend time with family or friends. These simple camping pie iron recipes are a terrific way to streamline your campfire cooking, even though a camping vacation may not feel complete without some S’mores or hot dogs cooked over an open fire. For your next camping trip, check out these really simple pie-iron recipes!

We have provided many methods to simplify your camping meals prep with no-cook camping meal suggestions, foil package delicious recipes, prepare-ahead camping food, and Dutch oven recipes. However, if you want to spice up your camp dishes, even more, a pie iron is a camp kitchen needs you will like.

Pie Iron: What is it?

A pie iron, sometimes known as a camp cooker, is a basic cooking tool made specifically to be used over a campfire.

To grasp it firmly and prevent your hands from being burned when the heated flames lick up at them from below, it includes two cupped cast iron pie iron metal cooking plates hinged together, connected long handle metal rods, and a wooden handle.

Camp cookers’ remarkable strength and durability make them ideal for outdoor use. Additionally, they aren’t simply used for baking pies!

If you’ve never heard of a pie iron before, probably, you’ve instead heard it called a jaffle maker, a Pudgie pies maker, a camp cooker, a mountain pie maker, a hobo pie maker or a toastie iron.

The Best Iron Pie

What you’re searching for will determine the finest pie irons for camping. Some campers may choose a non-stick pie iron since it simplifies cleanup, while others may want to get the cheapest pie iron they can.

There are several varieties on the market, and each one advertises a unique quality that sets it apart from the competition.

Depending on the choice, campfire pie irons come in many forms and sizes, often constructed of cast iron or aluminium.

Aluminium pie irons are lightweight and simple to hold over campfires, but be careful not to hold them too near, or they may distort. Despite being heavier, a cast iron pie pan is far more durable.

Due to its broad cooking surface, a square pie-iron shape is perfect for sandwiches and is often used. By crimping the edges of the bread, a round design may lock in extra flavour.

A double pie iron is a perfect alternative if you are preparing for a bigger company and need to finish the meal quickly. You may even use two or more pie irons simultaneously.

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How to Cook with A Camping Iron Pie

It couldn’t be much simpler to use a pie iron when camping! It’s a fantastic cooking gadget to include in your camping necessities, even if it could take a few attempts before you get it right!

That being said, as no two campfires are ever the same, no two cooking experiences over the campfire or fire pit will ever be the same.

The nicest part about a pie iron is that you can see the process of simply opening the camping iron.

Basic for Cooking with Iron Pie

  • Apply cooking spray to the pie iron’s inside.
  • Put your meal on the lower tray.
  • Cook with the lid on until golden.

Camping Pie Recipes

With simple breakfast, lunch, supper, and dessert dishes that the whole family will love, these easy way mountain pie recipes are ideal for inclusion in your camping meal plan.

The ability to sandwich almost anything between two pieces of bread is one of the nicest things about cooking with a pie iron; the only restriction is your creativity (and taste buds).

Pie irons are a terrific choice since you can use leftovers in them too.

In the shape of a camp hobo pie, canned baked beans or last night’s robust beef stew may become today’s delectable beef stew!

You can cook anything with a camper—taco meat, pasta, casserole, etc.

However, if you need even more motivation, here are some mouthwatering traditional pie iron recipes and many contemporary tweaks to add to your camp meal menu:

Favorite Pie Iron Breakfast Ideas

With easy single-serve breakfasts to start your day before beginning your travels, these pie iron breakfast ideas are ideal for camping with the family:

Pie Iron French Toast

The delicious pie iron French toast recipe is a great way to prepare French toast for the family members when camping, and using two pie irons speeds up the cooking process.

Hash browns

Hash browns make great morning food for everybody. A healthy breakfast like these packed hash browns with avocado, tomato, and cheese will give you plenty of energy to start the day.

Pie Iron Breakfast Wrap

Your morning hunger will be satisfied with the help of this breakfast wrap, an easy-to-make and delectable portable snack. All you need are flour tortillas and the pie fillings of your choice. Eggs, bacon, or whatever else you want. To prepare your breakfast sandwiches, you may use bread using the same technique.

Pie Iron Lunch & Dinner Recipes

Try some of these quick-and-easy lunches and dinners over the campfire using pie iron main dishes for camping:

Campfire Pie Iron Pizza Pockets

These campfire pie iron pizza pockets are the epitome of everything you love about outdoor cooking—a personal pizza in a convenient small pocket. Making them is fast, simple thing, and a lot of fun way! You can cook whatever favorite toppings you like on crisp, melty crusts with mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce in your simple camp burner.

Garlic Grilled Mozzarella Cheese Sandwich

Your grilled cheese sandwich would benefit from a garlic bread twist. Make the garlic butter ahead of time for a delicious, simple meal is a great option that is filled with flavour.

Chicken Pot Pies

Everyone like pot pies. It’s the ideal meal for a chilly camping day since it’s warm and comfortable! This delicious meal is simple to prepare.

Sloppy Joes

Sloppy joes are the best thing. What could be better? Iron pie sloppy joes are the solution. The majority of the components may be prepared before your trip, making it simply a matter of assembling them at the campground before cooking. They are substantial dinner ideal for camping since they are not only cheap to make but also straightforward.

Pie Iron Dessert Recipes

Do not overlook dessert! On your next camping vacation, try one of these simple pie iron recipes for delicious camping desserts so you can indulge in sweets while taking in the fresh air: 

Campfire Muffins

The pie iron is a fantastic method to make muffins without the use of any components that must be kept in the refrigerator. Although they must be baked separately, having two pie irons could be a good idea to speed up the process. It’s also a simple and enjoyable exercise for the entire family to create a pleasant treat to enjoy throughout the day.

Pie Iron Cherry Pie

While camping, making cherry pie on a pie iron is easy but tasty. You may savour this delicious delight throughout the year thanks to its simple instructions and crispy crust-perfecting advice! You may use this recipe to make a comparable dough if you reside anywhere other than the United States.

Pie Iron Apple Pie

No winter camping vacation is complete without a dessert of apple pie baked over a campfire! Apples and spices sandwiched between two slices of bread make this simple pie iron substitute the easiest.

Camp Cooker Cookies

While camping, how about some warm chocolate chip cookies? Please, yes! Utilizing the open pie iron over the hot coals, bake two sizable cookies at once. You may eat warm cookies with melted chocolate chips for about 12 minutes while the next batch bakes.