Burnet Everything You Need To Know

Burnet: Everything You Need To Know

Burnet, also known as Salad Burnet, is a herb. It is used in various recipes, salads, and sauces. This herb belongs to the rose family of plants that has the botanical name of Rosaceae. This herb has a lot of health benefits. Burnet contains minerals, tannins, and vitamins. This herb was originated in Southern and Central Europe. However, this plant is presently found in various regions, including Western Asia, Siberia, and Northern Africa.

In ancient times, Burnet was also used as medicine by traditional Chinese people. They used to stop internal and external bleeding. However, in modern times, its use in medicine is unidentified. Almost everyone uses Burnet. It has become a major part of dishes and drinks around the world. Especially in the US, this herb is extensively used. Along with health benefits, this herb also adds more flavor to dishes. This is why it got so famous in almost all regions.

What does Burnet Look Like?

Burnet resembles most other herbs and mint. It has small leaves with rounded corners and toothed edges. In a single leaf, you can find around 12 leaflets. Moreover, Burnet has dense green color. The plant also has some flowers. However, they frequently cut to improve the production of leaves because the leaves are the most used part of the plant.

Moreover, the plant has a short height and grows around 6 inches to 18 inches. While its flowers usually have purple and pink colors that ha an eye-catching appearance.  The plant of Burnet remains green throughout the year.

Where does Burnet Come From?

Burnets come from the Rosaceae family of plants. The plant normally has a height of 90cm. It has dark brown roots. These roots have short rhizomes. Rhizomes rise flower stalks. The Burnet plant normally blooms between June and July. During this season, the flower turns dark and gets a little reddish color. Burnet demands specific soil to grow. You can grow it in meadows, damp, alkaline soil, and ditches. Moreover, the Burnet flower does not contain any petals. This differentiates it from other ordinary herbs like soapwort.

How is Burnet Made?

Burnet has a simple making procedure. You do not need big machinery to make Burnet. Just grow the plant. And once the plant gets ready to harvest, the leaves are picked. You can pick the leaves whenever it is needed. Besides, you can also store it in the refrigerator or freeze it. And when you need it, unfreeze it. And use it in your dishes.

What Does Burnet Taste Like?

Burnet is famous for its flavor as it has a high resemblance to cucumber. As a result, it has a fresh and cool aroma. In addition, Burnet tastes subtly nutty and spicy. Due to its cucumber-like aroma, Burnet is also used as its best substitute. That’s why it is usually used in summer, especially in beverages, to add a little refreshing taste.

How is Burnet Used in Cooking?

Burnet makes a great culinary herb. That’s because of its great taste and aroma, which is already stated above. However, Burnet leaves are a little sensitive. Therefore, while using it in your dishes, make sure not to expose it under high pressure. Otherwise, its taste will vanish, and there will be no need to use it. Therefore, Burnet leaves should only be used at the end when everything is almost cooked.

Moreover, you can also add it uncooked, which is considered a better option. Just chop or cut it into pieces. And then add it to your dish for better taste and aroma.

What Types of Cuisines Use Burnet?

Burnet is used in different varieties of cuisines. However, its major use is found in salads. Most people also add it in cream cheese and then use it in their dishes. This method is most used because it makes the cream cheese tastier. Moreover, it is also used as a topping in pizza, pasta, and other dishes. Along with foods, Burnet is also used in drinks as teas.

What is a Burnet Substitute?

Burnet has some great substitutes. So, if you get out of Burnet leaves, then don’t worry. You can add these substitutes to your list and use them in your recipes. These substitutes include borage leaves and flowers and cucumber.

Where to Buy Burnet?

Burnet is easily available in every vegetable store. However, sometimes it may get out of stock. So, you can use dry Burnet herb. Moreover, Burnet is also used for tea. That’s why we have listed some best products for you. These products have great quality.