Brown Mustard Everything You Need To Know

Brown Mustard: Everything You Need To Know

Brown Mustard is one of the oldest condiments in the world. It is a form of spice that is used in various dishes and sauces around the world. Like all other mustard spices, Brown Mustard is also made of Mustard plant that has a Mediterranean origin. Its history dates back to Roman times. Brown Mustard is also called Indian Mustard sometimes because the brown flavor of Mustard was an Indian invention. It is widely used there.

Brown Mustard also has some other types. These are black mustard, yellow mustard, and white mustard. Each of these types is as famous as the other. All types of mustard have their specific properties, taste, and uses, which vary from the other. Moreover, Brown Mustard comes in various forms. Such as bruised, whole, cracked, and ground. And all of these forms differ from each other when it comes to uses.

What does Brown Mustard Look Like?

As the name suggests, Brown Mustard has a brown color. Each form of Brown Mustard has different looks. For instance, whole Brown Mustard seeds are small round-shaped seeds. It looks like the normal dal that is usually an Indian food. Moreover, the ground form also has a brown color. However, because it is ground form, it will look like a brown powder. It resembles the normal powder-formed spices that are usually used in homes. Another kind of Brow Mustard looks like a sauce. It is also normally called a Mustard sauce. And all types of Mustard are available in this form.

Where does Brown Mustard Come From?

Brown Mustard comes from the Mustard plant’s seed. The seeds of the Mustard plant are used to make Brown Mustard. It is grown in all parts of the world. However, the major exporter to Mustard is Canada, North Dakota, and Montana. The Mustard plant has a tall height with large stalk leaves. These plants have hair and bristles which cover their base and overall plant. Its stem is smooth. While the seeds are strong and sharp with either brown or black color. Brown Mustard comes from the brown seed of the plant. The seeds are round and small.

How is Brown Mustard Made?

Brow Mustard is easy to make. When the plant grows up, harvest the seed. Then, you should take the seeds and let them dry. You can use put it under direct sunlight or use any machinery to dry it. Once it completely dries, you can either use its whole form or ground. For transforming it into ground form, you can use a spice grinder to grind it. Make sure the seeds transform into powder form. Once done, you can now shift it into any jar or container. Your Brown Mustard powder will be ready to use in your dishes.

What Does Brown Mustard Taste Like?

All types of mustard have a different taste, like some may taste sweeter than others. While some may have a great spicy flavor. Brown Mustard includes a good amount of Brown Mustard seeds. That’s why it has a sharper taste. Therefore, it is spicier than other types of mustard.

How is Brown Mustard Used in Cooking?

Normally, due to the hot flavor of Brown Mustard, it is used as a condiment with the meals. However, you can also use it in your dishes like turmeric, red chili pepper, and other spices. But make sure to either use whole or ground form when you use it as a spice. It will add more flavor and taste to your recipes.

What Types of Cuisines Use Brown Mustard?

Brown Mustard is used in hot cuisines with high spice. It is a very used ingredient in Indian cuisines as they add it in everything from vegetables to fish. Moreover, the Brown Mustard sauce is also used as barbecue sauce. In some countries like Belgium, Brown Mustard is largely used in soup. You can add its sauce to your favorite hotdog, burger, sandwiches, and more.

What is a Brown Mustard Substitute?

Brown Mustard also has few substitutes. And they can easily replace it. The list includes whole grain mustard, a blend of cayenne and yellow mustard, Dijon mustard, horseradish, and honey mustard. Through honey mustard has a sweeter taste, but it will taste if mixed with ingredients like vinegar.

Where to Buy Brown Mustard?

Brown Mustard sauce is easily available everywhere. However, finding its seed can be a little tricky in some places. But we have a solution for you. We have listed some most-liked Brown Mustard seeds for your ease. So, you can choose from them.