Black Pepper Everything You Need To Know

Black Pepper: Everything You Need To Know

The Black Pepper belongs to the Piperaceae family of plants. It is used as seasoning and spice. Black Pepper is also called peppercorn sometimes. It is the most used form of spice throughout the world. From something as simple as an egg to complex dishes, Black Pepper is used in almost everything. This is because it adds more to the taste. Plus, it is healthier than other spices like red chili pepper, etc.

Black Pepper is a native plant of Kerala located on the Southwest Indian Coast. This ancient spice is used both for cooking and medical purposes. Moreover, it also one of the highly traded spices in the world. Black Pepper also has antioxidants, gastro-protective modules, and antimicrobial potential that make it healthy for the human body. Besides, its health benefits are also proven scientifically.

Black Pepper has various types. These types have the same properties. However, they differ in color. These types include white pepper, red peppercorn, pink pepper, and green pepper, etc. Each of these types is used in different cuisines around the world.

What does Black Pepper Look Like?

As the name suggests, Black Pepper comes in black color. The whole form of Black Pepper is a small round fruit that is used in dry form. While its ground form looks like a black powder depending on how well it has been ground. Moreover, the Piperaceae plant that produces Black Pepper has large green leaves with wide leaf veins. These leaves grow long. While the Black Pepper fruits are small. They have thin skin with large single seeds.

Where does Black Pepper Come From?

Black Pepper comes from the Piperaceae plant, which is also stated above. This plant is still green. The pepper is made of the flowering vine in it. These vines are grown in large quantities in India and other tropical regions. Some large exporters of Black Pepper are Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Brazil, India, and China.

How is Black Pepper Made?

When the plant grows and gets ready to harvest, the fruits are Picked. They are picked in different degrees of ripeness because their strength varies. The unripped fruits are cooked in hot water for a small duration. This process cleans the Pepper and prepares it for drying. This heating process ruptures the cell walls. And the work of browning enzymes speeds up during drying. Afterward, these fruits are dried for various days under the sun. Some manufacturers also use high-tech machinery to speed up the drying process. Its drying process resembles allspice. After this step, the skin of the fruit shrinks, wrinkles, and turns into a dark and thin layer. In some areas, people eliminate the boiling process. They just handpick the fruit and then put it under sunlight until it dries and gets ready to use.

What Does Black Pepper Taste Like?

Black Pepper has an earthy, spicy taste with a blend of pine and wood. Its sharp flavor makes it very hot. Some types taste hotter than the others, just like a chili pepper. Its spiciness is due to piperine. However, the quantity varies from 4.5% to 9.7%.

How is Black Pepper Used in Cooking?

Black Pepper is a very widely used spice, and almost every culture around the world uses it to add more taste to their dishes. In cooking, Black Pepper is used to adding a little spice and better flavor. In most dishes, it is just sprinkled at the end like salt. While in some other recipes, it is cooked well in the dish. So, its usage in cooking depends on what kind of flavor the chef wants.

What Types of Cuisines Use Black Pepper?

Black Pepper is used in a wide range of cuisines. From something as simple as salad and egg to soups and pasta, Black Pepper is found everywhere. In some dishes, it is only sprinkled. These include eggs, omelets, salads, and even drinks. While the cuisines that are cooked in Black Pepper including other spices like black cumin. The list of these dishes includes almost all vegetables, curries, steaks, appetizers like biscuits, muffins, and chicken wings, spaghetti, pasta, pizza, burgers, and all dishes that you can name.

What is a Black Pepper Substitute?

If you are looking for some good substitutes for Black Pepper, we have some good suggestions. Black Pepper can be substituted by papaya seeds, white pepper, black and yellow mustard seeds, and coriander seeds.

Where to Buy Black Pepper?

Black Pepper is a very common and highly used spice. It is found in every store from small to big. But here, we will suggest to you some top products buy next time you buy Black Pepper. The top products are listed below.