Black Mustard Everything You Need To Know

Black Mustard: Everything You Need To Know

Black Mustard, also known as Brassica Nigra is an annual plant. However, its seed is one of the very famous spices around the world. Most people may think that it resembles black cumin, but in actual both are completely different. This plant is normally grown in North Africa, Asia, and Europe. Black Mustard is a native plant of those regions. Moreover, almost all parts of this plant are used for making something, especially its seed and leaves.

It has many varieties. Black Mustard has 40 different types, and all of its types have different mustard plants. However, Black Mustard is the most common of all. Black Mustard has some exceptional health benefits. It is great for joint pain, lungs, cold, arthritis, and more. And in the past, it was used to cure many illnesses. However, this fact is not proven scientifically. For medical purposes, this seed has a specific type of chemical that works as a pain-reducer. But its higher quantity can irritate the skin. So, be careful. Apart from medical benefits, Black Mustard makes a good spice too. And this article will tell you everything about it.

What does Black Mustard Look Like?

If you look at the plant of Black Mustard, it is a tall plant. It has large stalk leaves. It is normally covered with bristles and hair at the base. However, the stem is smoother. While the seeds normally have black or brown color. They have small sizes with round shapes. If you cut these seeds into half, you will see that it has yellow color inside.

Where does Black Mustard Come From?

Black Mustard comes from a plant. This plant has a normal height of 3 feet and 11 inches if the soil is good and fertile. The best season for this plant is May in most countries. When it starts blooming. The Black Mustard plant has a flower at the top. These flowers are a yellow color. Each flower has four petals. These petals are longer than the sepals. When the plant grows up, it produces a seed which is known as the Black Mustard seed.

How is Black Mustard Made?

As stated above, Black Mustard is made from its plant. Once the plant completely grows, you can begin harvesting. You can harvest both the seeds and leaves as both are used for various purposes. However, the seeds are covered in long seed pods. So, you have to take these seeds out. Black Mustard is normally used as a whole form. However, if you want to add this to your other spices, you can also use spice grinders to grind it completely. For ground form, keep grinding the seeds unless it transforms to powder. Once it is done, you can put it in any jar or mix it with other spices.

What Does Black Mustard Taste Like?

The Black Mustard has great taste. It has a comparatively different taste than other seeds belonging to the mustard family. That’s why it has gained a good reputation for it. In addition, this seed has a great and strong spicy flavor and aroma. That’s why it is mostly used in dishes with a good amount of spice in them.

How is Black Mustard Used in Cooking?

Black Mustard is a major part of cooking around the world. However, it has different ways to be used in cooking. In the past, these seeds were pickled in vinegar. While ancient French used ground Black Mustard and used it in their dishes like salt and black pepper. In modern cooking, these seeds are mainly used in Indian cooking. Indians fry these seeds in oil before adding them to dishes.

What Types of Cuisines Use Black Mustard?

Black Mustard is usually used in spicy cuisines like Indian. Some dishes that include these seeds are Indian Curry, vegetables, and meat. It is also used as pickle, sauce, and salad dressing.

What is a Black Mustard Substitute?

Don’t worry if you don’t have Black Mustard available because it has few substitutes. You can also use other varieties of a mustard seed as its substitute, like brown or yellow mustard. Besides, you can also look for dry mustard powder and pepper mustard easily available in almost every shop.

Where to Buy Black Mustard?

Black Mustard is a well-known spice. You can find it in any nearby store. But we also have a few product suggestions for you. You can buy these high-quality Black Mustard to add more taste to your dishes.