5 Best Wifi Meat Thermometers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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If you prefer to slow cook your meat at moderate temperature, you will need to do so at a temperature of 225 degrees. If you are cooking an entire brisket, this may take you an entire day. Slow cooking meat can be quite tricky. If your heat is too low, bacteria growth will form; if it is too high, you risk burning your meat. This is why you need the best Wifi thermometers to help you test the current temperature and ensure that your meat is cooking under an appropriate temperature range.

A wifi meat thermometer allows you to see temperature data from the comfort of your smartphone even when you are not close to the cooking area. You don’t have to rely on guesswork or constantly check your meat to ensure that it is getting the right amount of heat. You need the best meat thermometers for the best results, and we review some of the best ones below.

Best Wifi Meat Thermometers

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Here are our Best Wifi Meat Thermometers.

1. Flame Boss 500 Wifi Smoker Controller

Flame Boss 500 Wifi Smoker Controller

Flame Boss is one of the new ranges of wifi meat thermometers to hit the market. This innovative device is designed to offer the user premium control over their cooking temperature. This model is a combination of ceramic and kamado kits for extra durability. Flame Boss works with the latest technology that leaves no room for guesswork. The software produces a precise temperature reading that lets you know just how well your meat is cooking.

This device is compatible with Google Home and Amazons’ Alexa. You can operate it with voice commands alongside a very simple configuration that aids usage. Flame Boss has a responsive customer service desk that will respond to your inquires. All the amazing features and after-sales services are designed to provide you with user convenience.

You can view heat graphs and monitor heat ratings on your phone using  Flame Boss. This is one of the best Wifi meat thermometers that makes meat cooking easy.

Why do we like it?

  • Works well with Kamado Style grill and smokers
  • Wide and expansive online dashboard
  • Automatic alarm signal
  • Easy to configure
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2. Tappecue Wifi Meat Thermometer for Smoking and Grilling

Tappecue Wifi Meat Thermometer For Smoking And Grilling

Grilling and smoking, especially with a charcoal grill, is indeed a tricky affair if you are not very experienced in the art. This is because of the heat output that is hard to control. Even if you are using an electric or gas grill with temperature knobs, you may ruin your meat if you are not careful. With one of the best meat thermometers in Tappecue, however, you have nothing to worry about. This thermometer has an IOS and Android App that can work on your smartphone.

The touchscreen display allows you to control and view your meat’s heat graph and temperature ratings as it is cooking on the fire. The cooking probes will stick into your meat just the way you want without dropping off. Another amazing feature about this wifi meat thermometer is that it has a cloud-based history that allows you to view your smoking history. The information gleaned from the cloud may help you in future cooking sessions or to make adjustments.

Tappecue allows you to read your temperature from any location up to 180 ft away. Focus on other activities as your meat cooks over the fire. Tappecue makes that possible.

Why do we like it?

  • Great for indoors and outdoors
  • Water-resistant
  • The app is easy to read
  • Withstands heat of up to 572 degrees
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3. Meater Plus 165ft Long Range Wireless Meat Thermometer

Meater Plus 165ft Long Range Wireless Meat Thermometer

Are you looking for the best wifi meat thermometers that allow you to cook meat without staying in or close to the kitchen to monitor progress? If you are, then this device by Meater will be ideal for you. Meater has a long range connection that allows you to monitor your cooking even when you are 165ft away from your cooktop. It transfers data to your phone using Bluetooth technology. This device is ideal for grills, ovens, and smokers.

Meater has an IOS 10.3 app for Apple phone users and an Android 5.0 app for Android phone users. Now is the time to improve the quality of your meat cooking using a device that lets you know if and when your meat is cooking under the wrong temperature.  It has 2 sensors and 1 probe that can monitor the internal temperature of your meat at about 212 degrees. The thermometer can also monitor external temperature of 527 degrees.

You will enjoy using Meater because the data it provides is easy to interpret, and it has a long reach. You will also have no qualms cleaning it because it is dishwasher safe. With Meater’s advanced algorithm, you can never go wrong.

Why do we like it?

  • Stress-free connectivity
  • Works with Alexa Cloud services
  • Extended battery life
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4. NutriChef BBQ Grill Thermometer

Nutrichef Bbq Grill Thermometer

Another great meat reader you can add to your bucket list is this Nutrichef grill thermometer. You can grill your fish, meat, turkey, and mutton without the risk of burning or under-cooking it. NutriChef is so good that you can leave it in your outdoor smoker, and it will still perform just as well as it is supposed to. Its heat-resistant feature ensures that the technology works efficiently even when the temperature in your smoker, grill, or pot is at its highest.

The Nutrichef app is easy to use and understand. It has a 328ft outdoor range and 100ft indoor range. This extended range makes it too good to be true, yet it is, making it one of the best meat thermometers money can buy. Once the heat reaches the maximum temperature you set, Nutrichef will signal an alarm to notify you so you can either adjust the temperature range of your heat source or take out your meat.

The dual monitoring feature allows you to read temperature ratings in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Nutrichef is a safe and durable device that can withstand the high heat of up to 482 degrees. This package includes AA batteries and a temperature probe.

Why do we like it?

  • Large LCD screen
  • Expansive wireless range
  • Durable components
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5. The MeatStick Wireless Meat Thermometer

The Meatstick Wireless Meat Thermometer

That you desire to cook your meat to perfection does not mean that you have to make a mess around your cooking area. The MeatStick is a 260ft wifi meat thermometer that you can operate when you are far away from your kitchen or cooking area. This thermometer can be used in a smoker, BBQ grill, oven, over stovetops, in Kamados, or for deep frying. The cooking possibilities offered by this thermometer are endless.

MeatStick has no wires, but yet, you can monitor the entire cooking process through your smartphone. The probe can withstand a maximum temperature of 572 degrees Fahrenheit. It has dual sensors for ambient and internal for monitoring internal and external heat. The connectivity of this thermometer is very sharp, and what’s more, it can support up to 8 probes at a time. This allows you to cook large batches of meat at once in large cooking pots and grills without losing track of real-time temperatures.

The IOS and Android app of MeatStick is easy to use and master and the battery is also long-lasting with a 24-hour value.

Why do we like it?

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Expansive range
  • Interprets temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit
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Wifi Meat Thermometers Buyer’s Guide

Unless you are very experienced when buying wifi meat thermometers, you will need to take great care so that you don’t end up with an inferior device that will go bad not long after you start using it. These are some of the features to consider when shopping for the best wifi meat thermometers.


To be able to gauge temperature properly, you need a thermometer with a very good probe. Th length of the probe is important if you want to reach deep into the meats you cook. For thick meat, poultry, briskets, and poultry, we recommend a brisket that is at least 5 inches long.


The best wifi meat thermometers offer users long-term ranges both indoor and outdoors. The longer the range, the further away you can be from your cooking area and still monitor cooking progress. But the thing to note is that as you walk away from your cooking area, the weaker the signal becomes. For best results, we recommend wifi thermometers with an indoor range of at least 100ft and an outdoor range of close to 300 ft.