5 Best Whiskey Glasses (Reviews Updated 2022)

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If you enjoy drinking whiskey, you will agree that having the best whiskey glasses is just as important as the quality of your whiskey. Whiskey glasses come in different shapes and sizes, and the great thing about many of them is that they can last for years before they begin to show signs of wear and tear. If you get a very good set today, you can use it for years. Another good thing about buying good glasses is that you can use them to enjoy different types of beverages, not just whiskey.

With so many whiskey glass brands around, we know that you may be confused regarding the one to buy. To help you out, we reviewed five of the best whiskey glasses brand available. Please go through our review and pick a glass that suits your sense of style and taste.

Best Whiskey Glasses

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1. Glencairn Whiskey Glass Set

Glencairn Whiskey Glass Set

Do you know that the best whiskey glasses are not only meant for drinking whiskey but also to make a statement? Impress your guests on their next visit by ordering this Glencairn whiskey glass set of 4. The four glasses in this set have a delicate and attractive shape you and your guests will love. It is transparent, and your content can be seen through the body. Glencairn is lightweight with a flat base that will sit well on your table.

The flat base feature is great because it will not slip even if the surface you place it on is wet. We included this whiskey glasses in our list because it is also safe for use. It does not contain lead or any harmful material that will jeopardize your health or that of your guests in any way. It will also interest you to know that this brand won the Queen’s Award for innovation in 2006. This goes to show you that what you are about to order for is a quality set.

Glencairn is affordable and durable. Despite the light weight of the glasses, they are built to stand the test of time and use.

Why do we like it?

  • Elegant stand
  • Deep interior
  • Easy to hold
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2. Norlan Whiskey Glass

Norlan Whiskey Glass

Norlan Whiskey glasses is one hell of a drinking glass set. This product is inspired by the legendary Jim McEwan. Norlan glasses are digitally designed before they are crafted and refined by hand. This glass set of 2 is specially designed for whiskey. The shape and features of these glasses work to capture the flavor and aroma of your whiskey. Norlan has a dual transparent wall with 2 separate molds. There is an inner wall and an outer wall. The inner glass is inserted into the outer one for those who prefer to reheat their glasses before use.

Norlan also has a featherweight body making it a lightweight glass for whiskey consumption. You don’t have to use a heavy cup that causes your arm strain due to constant lifting and dropping.  You can lift this cup several times in a matter of minutes and not feel like you are lifting anything. Norlan is made of durable borosilicate glass that will not break or crack so easily.

This ideal drinking glassware also reduces average ethanol using special protrusions, which is not common in many other whiskey glasses. For all its amazing features, we rank Norlan among the best whiskey glasses ever made.

Why do we like it?

  • Sturdy build
  • Aesthetic features
  • A microfiber polishing cloth is added to the package
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3. Riedel Drink Glassware

Riedel Drink Glassware

Not all glassware is suitable for whiskey, which is why we took our time to select the brands in this review. This Riedel Drink  Glassware is one of such products ideal for your whiskey. This glassware will fit well in your office, kitchen, or home bar. Even if you choose to use it alongside other utensils on your dinner table, we want to assure you that you will have no regrets about going for this product.

Riedel is produced with machines with the special intention to hold standard ice cones or much larger ones. The bowel of this whiskey glass is so deep that you can add 2-3 cubes of ice into it, and your whiskey will not overflow due to the sufficient space. Riedel can also be used in a commercial setting like restaurants and cafés. Serving your customers with this glassware is something they will appreciate.

This set contains 6 glass cups that will serve your need for a very long time. However, we advise that you clean it by hand and not a dishwasher. Careful handwash is what we recommend to maintain the form and shape of Riedel.

Why do we like it?

  • Classic design
  • Very spacious
  • Durable base stand
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4. Dragon Glassware Whiskey Glasses

Dragon Glassware Whiskey Glasses

Dragon is a set of diamond whiskey glasses, with each glass having a 10-ounce interior for your whiskey. This brand has a unique shape that will find a home atop your dinner table. As you pour your content into Dragon, expect to get a feeling of satisfaction as you watch your whiskey swirl. Dragon may be a whiskey glass, but you can also use it to serve bourbon, scotch wine, and many more beverage recipes. If you have a loved one and you are looking to present them with a gift to mark a special occasion, this glassware is one they will greatly appreciate.

Dragon has a gravity-defying shape not many whisky glasses have. Once you place it on a surface, it will not rock nor slip. The 50 degrees tilted angle also provides you with what many will consider a unique drinking experience. If you choose to buy the Dragon customized chilling stones, what you will have is a perfect combination that will serve you well.

We recommend this crystal clear glassware because it is attractive, safe, and affordable. You will have no problem cleaning it as well because it has a large opening that allows for the cleaning of its interior.

Why do we like it?

  • Professional look
  • Durable body
  • Easy to grip
  • Sold with a limited 1-year warranty
  • Freezer safe
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5. Villeroy & Boch Boston Glass Set

Villeroy & Boch Boston Glass Set

When we set out to review the best whiskey glasses on the market, we aimed to provide you, the reader, with quality glasses that will not only beautify your dinner table and home bar but sets that will provide you with long-term value. This Villeroy and Boch Boston Glass set ticked all the boxes for quality, durability, and affordability, so we included it in this review. The glasses in this set are made with premium materials that add some measure of sophistication to your winning experience.

The vintage-inspired shape will thrill you as much as it will thrill your guests. When it is in use, the user will appreciate it. When it is out of use, it serves to beautify your home. Villeroy and Boch is dishwasher safe, so you can wash it as often as you use it, and it will not chip or crack. Its extra durability ensures that the set remains in shape for as long as possible.

This legacy glassware from Germany is suitable for commercial and private use. Just make sure that you store your in a safe place when not in use. Placing a coaster under the glasses is also an ideal way to prevent the glasses from leaving ice marks on your table.

Why do we like it?

  • Durable construction
  • Made with high-quality porcelain
  • Transparent body
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Whiskey Glasses Buyer’s Guide

In the first section of this review, we highlighted some of the best brands to go for. In this second section, we want to briefly discuss some of the features to consider when shopping for whiskey glasses. We want you to make the best choice so take your time to digest the information below.


If you want the best whiskey glasses, we advise that you pay close attention to the material quality. We have cups made with wood, stainless steel, and much more, but we recommend that you only stick with glassware. For best quality, buy a set made with crystal glass which is clear and more attractive.

Your Budget

No two glass brands are the same, nor are they sold at the same price. Before you place an order, have a budget in mind, and do not exceed it if you don’t have to. Budget-friendly glasses may not have exotic shapes, but they will serve you well. If you want a set that will offer you aesthetic qualities, you may have to pay a high price for them.


Lastly, you need to ask yourself if the glass set you are looking to buy will be easy to clean. Glasses that are dishwasher safe and more durable but expensive. Crystal glass may be more attractive, but they need to be polished after washing to remove handprint marks. What is most important is that you buy the best whiskey glasses with a wide opening that allows for easy washing of the interior.