5 Best Water Filters Pitchers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Water filter pitchers are portable filtration devices that efficiently purify the water in a short amount of time. These pitchers are easy to use, all you need to do is pour some water in them, and you are good to go. These water filtration pitchers are also safe to use in a refrigerator and are extremely lightweight, making them easy to carry.

While it is good to have water filtration pitchers, which ones should the customers invest in? It is tough for customers to make a decision when they have so many options available. To give customers some clarity, we have given below a list of the best water filtration pitchers available in the market.

Best Water Filters Pitchers

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Here are our water filter pitchers reviews:

1. Pur Classic 11-Cup Pitcher

Pur Classic 11 Cup Pitcher

This filter pitcher by Pur has a plastic body and has a total weight of 2.5 pounds. The dimensions of this product are 11.25 by 6.75 by 10.63 inches, and it is capable of delivering eleven cups of filtered water at a time. This filter pitcher is equipped with an LED light, which acts as an indicator.

The filtration system fitted in this pitcher is very efficient and does a good job of purifying the water and getting rid of all the contamination. This pitcher comes with a handle as well that has a soft and comfortable grip. This pitcher is so lightweight that you can operate it with one hand.

This pitcher comes with a tank that has a large capacity, so you don’t have to fill water from the sink constantly. Pur has been making filtration products for a long time, and it is a well-known brand, so the quality of this filter pitcher is unparalleled. This Pur filter pitcher is easy to use and can be cleaned by hand.

Pur is a trusted brand, so there is no doubt about the quality of this Pur water filter pitcher. However, always install Pur filters in this pitcher, as filters of other companies might not work properly. Overall, this Pur filter pitcher has a large filter tank, it comes with a removable lid, is installed with LEAD light indicators, and the filtration system is impressive.

Why do we like it?                                             

  • Large capacity tank
  • Removable lid
  • LED light indicators
  • Easy to operate
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2. Brita Standard Everyday Pitcher

Brita Standard Everyday Pitcher

The Brita standard pitcher has a large size and is shaped like a jug. This pitcher comes with a handle; it is made of plastic and is easy to use. This product has a height of 10.47 inches, a width of 5.59 inches, and 10.94 inches. The total weight of this product is 2.29 pounds, and the plastic material used in this product is BPA-free.

The filtration system of this pitcher efficiently deals will contamination, harmful bacteria, germs, and lead. The filter also does a really good job of extracting the bad odor from the water. This filter pitcher is equipped with an indicator that will give you regular status updates and let you know when the filter needs to be removed.

The process of changing the filter is also easy as this pitcher comes with a removable lid, so to install a new filter, lift the lid, take the old filter out and install the new one. You do not need to do anything else or use any other tool. This filter pitcher is also user-friendly, which makes it easy to use.

The Brita standard filter pitcher is a high-quality product, it has a compact size, and it comes equipped with a handle and is extremely user-friendly. The filtration system of this pitcher does a good job of getting rid of all the harmful bacteria and contamination. This filter pitcher is also equipped with an indicator that will give you regular updates.

Why do we like it?

  • Status Indicator
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient filtering system
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3. Brita Longlast UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser

Brita Longlast Ultramax Water Filter Dispenser

The Brita long last UltraMax filter pitcher has a body made of BPA-free plastic that is colored black. The dimensions of this pitcher are 5.1 by 14 by 9.6 inches, and it can fill 24 cups at a time. This filter pitcher has a compact size so it can fit anywhere in your kitchen or on refrigerator shelves.

This filter pitcher comes with a lid that will lock tight and secure the water inside. Towards the bottom of the pitcher, a spout is installed that will enable you to take the water out. The filter installed in this pitcher can remove all the lead and other harmful substances from the water.

The filter of this pitcher has long-lasting validity, and you will only need to replace it twice a year. This water filter pitcher has a very interesting feature; it comes with an electronic indicator that gives timely updates and constantly analyses the pitcher’s health. This product can be installed easily and is very easy to use.

This water filter pitcher is another impressive product from Brita; it has a long-lasting filter, is fitted with an electronic indicator, and is easy to sue. This pitcher also comes with a lockable lid, and its body is colored black. The large quantity of water this pitcher can produce is impressive, and it can fit anywhere in your kitchen.

Why do we like it?

  • Large quantity of water production
  • Good quality filter
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate
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4. ZeroWater ZP-010

Zerowater Zp 010

This water filter pitcher comes at an affordable price and is incredibly sturdy. This pitcher can produce up to ten cups of water at a time and also has a spout. A pair of filters accompany this pitcher and it also comes with a tester capable of testing the quality of the water you’re drinking.

This pitcher has one of the most efficient filtration systems, as out of all the pitchers, this one did the best job of removing the contamination. The filter in this pitcher uses a unique five-stage method to thoroughly purify the water and get rid of all the bad odor. The filters also an NSF certification.

This water filter pitcher runs on batteries, it is easy to operate, and the installation process does not take that long. This pitcher has a stylish design and comes with a handle that will allow you to easily pour the water.

Why do we like it?

  • Affordable price
  • Five stage filtration
  • Easy to install
  • User-friendly
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Water Filters Pitchers Buyer’s Guide

Customers are always on the lookout for water purifying devices. Unhealthy water can cause many diseases, and customers are now willing to invest in high-quality filters, RO plants, and water filter pitchers. Before purchasing a water filter pitcher, customers must go through some factors that are listed below.


The main component of a water filter pitcher is the filtration system. Before buying a water filter pitcher, do some research, study the various types of filters to know which ones are the best. Always buy products that have NSF-certified filters and are manufactured by well-known brands.

Easy to operate

Customers hate products that are not easy to operate, and they feel like their investment in the product just wasn’t worth it. However, customers themselves should know their product before purchasing it, so it is important to discuss with the manufacturer before purchasing a water filter pitcher and always purchase pitchers that have useful features.


A water filter pitcher is not that large; in fact, it is just as big as a coffee pot. A water filter pitcher should also be lightweight and storable. Always buy pitchers that are portable and can fit in your kitchen or on the shelf of your refrigerator.