Best Vacuum Sealers

5 Best Vacuum Sealers (Reviews Updated 2021)

There are so many ways you can preserve your food and maintain its freshness, but not every method is cost-effective and efficient. Freezing works but robs the food of some of its nutrients. The same goes for smoking. However, using the best vacuum sealers is one of the most economic and safest ways to keep your food safe and fresh. Using vacuum sealers helps you save money because you will waste less food, and the cost of your energy bills will go down drastically since you will not be using your refrigerator too often.

Vacuum sealers suck out air from the container or nylon where you keep the food. With no oxygen supply, your food stays fresh and will not go bad. For years now, homeowners and business managers have relied on vacuum sealers because they are reliable and affordable. If you a tired of wasting your leftover, here is a review of some of the best vacuum sealers you can deploy for your food preservation.

Best Vacuum Sealers

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1. Mueller Vacuum Sealer Machine

Mueller Vacuum Sealer Machine

Mueller vacuum sealer machine is an automatic vacuum air system for preserving food and other ingredients. This product is actually a starter kit designed for home and commercial use. It has a compact design making it very handy and lightweight. It is lab tested for quality, so you can expect quality every single time you use it. Mueller has indicator lights to notify you when it is on, and the light goes off when it is off. It also has a dry and moist mode for preserving food items in any of these states.

This vacuum sealer is very easy to use. The automatic settings allow for easier control. The dual sealing modes are also not difficult to utilize. If you want to preserve solid food, simply choose the dry sealing mode. For packed, steamed, and simmering food, the moist mode will suffice. The box contains everything you will need to make this device work. Alongside the vacuum sealer, you will find five medium bags and one long roll.

We recommend Mueller because it is an economical option for small and large-scale food preservation.

Why do we like it?

  • It requires no expert skillset on your path
  • Preserves food for an extended period
  • Durable vacuum attachments included in the package
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2. Weston Pro-2300 Commercial Stainless Steel Sealer

Weston Pro 2300 Commercial Stainless Steel Sealer

Weston Pro is a commercial-grade vacuum sealer for restaurants, cafes, hotels, or wherever food is prepared on a large scale. If you are a homeowner, you can also order this vacuum sealer as well for your food preservation. Weston has a double piston pump used for sucking the air out of containers and storage bags. It works with a 935 watts engine which makes it one of the most powerful vacuum sealers for home and commercial use. The construction design is heavy-duty, so you can use it on large containers and bags. Furthermore, the structure is immune to wear and tear caused by the weather or exposure to water.

Weston is relatively easy to use. When you plug it into a power outlet and press the start button, the double piston pump will begin to suck air out of the container or bag carrying the food item. The process happens so fast that it ends as soon as it begins. You will find this tool to be very effective for preserving your vegetables, meat, and cooked foods. You can also preserve the freshness of your fruit with one of the best vacuum sealers in Weston Pro.

Weston Pro is designed for long-term use. The motor has a cooling fan that prevents it from overheating, thereby extending its shelf life. Vacuum sealing your food containers is a cheaper way to keep your food safe without racking up energy costs.

Why do we like it?

  • Built to last
  • An economic food saving option
  • It has a manual seal more for highly sensitive food items
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3. Anova ANVS01 Precision Vacuum Sealer

Anova Anvs01 Precision Vacuum Sealer

While some manufacturers include little or no attachments to their vacuum sealers, this Anova sealer comes with about 10 precut bags for storing your food. This product is a money saver because the bags are reusable and tend to last for a very long time if used properly. So you don’t have to spend extra money on bags or containers for your food items. Anova provides you with different storage options, which is great.

The sealing quality this vacuum sealer gives allows you to decide if you want to freeze the food after you seal it in the bag. Anything you seal with Anova stays inside and locks out air. The 110 voltage is just perfect for locking in flavor and locking out moisture when cooking. We like this product and rate it as one of the best vacuum sealers because it is easy to use, works just fine, and is compact.

The operating system only uses a single power button that kicks into action once you press the button. By paying a single price for this vacuum sealer, you stand to enjoy the benefits of fresh food and fruit anytime you need them.

Why do we like it?

  • Value for money
  • Strong suction power
  • Works pretty fast
  • Ideal for large scale sealing
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4. Nesco VS-12 Vacuum Sealer

Nesco Vs 12 Vacuum Sealer

In this Nesco VS-12 kit, you get a deluxe vacuum sealer, a viewing lid, and a starter kit which is all you will ever need to preserve food in the comfort of your home hassle-free. Nesco has a compact design and is silver in color. It is lightweight and will not place too much weight strain on your hands. The user-friendly features are something you will greatly appreciate due to the user settings that offer different sealing quality. Depending on the food you want to preserve, you are at liberty to pick a setting that works for you.

Nesco uses a locking handle and hands-free sealing. This convenient feature is one of the reasons why we rate it so highly. The gentle and regular variable settings also add further gloss to the quality of the vacuum sealer. You also have the option of choosing between a dry, moist, or double sealing option. We also like the fact that you can use it on soft items like bags or solid items like containers. With Nesco, you get the same quality regardless.

The manufacturer has included a bag roll and a bag cutter to aid use. It also has a very long 54 inches cord that allows you to move around your room as you work with it.

Why do we like it?

  • Quality output
  • A special pulse feature for sealing baked food
  • The attachments are of good quality
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5. Seal-a-Meal Vacuum Sealer System

Seal A Meal Vacuum Sealer System

Thus far, the vacuum sealers we have reviewed are all automatic sealers, so we felt the need to include a manual sealer just in case you prefer manual over automatic. This product contains a vacuum sealer and a set of starter bags. Seal-a-Meal sucks out air from the bags containing the food then uses heat to secure the bag seal to ensure that the food remains fresh. Another advantage of using Seal-a-Meal is that the bag shrinks in size, so it only occupies less space in your freezer or wherever you choose to store it.

This vacuum sealer allows you to conveniently store vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, and cooked food. With this device, you can prepare food in bulk and store them in bags without worrying about them going bad. You may also choose not to store your food in a freezer at all for a short period of time because Seal-a-Meal will vacuum seal the bags to keep it safe and fresh. You also need to note that this vacuum sealer can also be used to preserve liquid and creams too.

Seal-a-Meal offers you good value for money and further reduces the cost of preserving your food for a short or an extended period.

Why do we like it?

  • Contains a user manual
  • Preserves aroma, taste, and nutrients
  • Operated with a single button
  • This product is sold with a limited 1-year warranty
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Vacuum Sealers Buyer’s Guide

Before you decide on a vacuum sealer, take the time to read the essential features to consider before picking an option from among the numerous sealers on sale.


When shipping for the best vacuum sealers, consider going for one with special features like a pulse function or a wet sealing feature. These features allow you to effect a moist or dry sealing function, which broadens your options regarding the food you can preserve.

Bag attachment

Only buy sealers that come with bag attachments to save money. If you buy a vacuum seal without roll bags and a bag cutter, for instance, you will have to spend extra cash to procure these items.


The design is also of utmost importance. The best vacuum sealers are compact and lightweight, so you can use them for a long time without feeling arm strain. We recommend sealers with ultra-fast features that suck out air in a matter of seconds.