5 Best Turkey Fryers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Deep frying can be a long and exhausting process; it requires patience and creates quite a lot of mess. However, to cut down on the energy and time you waste on traditional deep frying techniques, you will need efficient turkey fryers that cook at a much quicker rate than traditional stoves or ovens.

Turkey fryers come with different features and functions, so it is tough to decide for the customers. However, we are here to help the customers out, as below is a list of the best turkey fryers available on the market.

Best Turkey Fryers

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1. Bayou Classic 32-Quart Turkey Fryer

Bayou Classic 32 Quart Turkey Fryer

The Bayou Classic turkey fryer is made of stainless steel material and performs various functions. You can use this turkey fryer for steaming and cooking different varieties of meat such as turkey, chicken, and seafood. The fryer can also be used as a pot to cook tomato sauce or soup.

This turkey fryer comes with a steaming basket, a lid and also has handles. The handles will allow you to carry the fryer with ease. A set of skewers also comes with this turkey fryer that cooks up to three chickens at a time. The total dimensions of this fryer are 14 by 14 by 18 inches, and it weighs around eighteen pounds.

To operate this fryer, you will need a power source. If you have a propane burner at home, that’s great; otherwise, you will have to buy it. There are also fryer kits available in the market that come with a burner so you can buy those as well. Frying is dangerous, so make sure you take all the precautions before doing it.

The Bayou turkey fryer is made for heavy-duty use and is highly durable. This fryer is made of stainless steel that is a sturdy material, and does not require any maintenance. This fryer has a decent capacity; it comes with useful accessories and handles to carry or maneuver it.

Why do we like it?

  • Useful accessories
  • Stainless steel material
  • Good capacity
  • Easy to operate
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2. Masterbuilt XL Electric Fryer

Masterbuilt Xl Electric Fryer

The Masterbuilt turkey fryer has a vast capacity to cook more than ten kilograms of meat quickly. Unlike other turkey fryers powered by propane, this one is runs on electricity, and all the controls are placed at the front of the fryer. This fryer is made of aluminum and has a grey color.

The dimensions of the Masterbuilt turkey fryer are 18.5 by 21.5 by 18 inches, and the total weight is 26.1 lbs. This turkey fryer comes with a removable lid, and there is also a valve that will drain the excess oil and keep the fryer clean. The Masterbuilt turkey fryer is quite powerful as it can easily withstand temperatures of more than 375 degrees Fahrenheit

This product is also multifunctional as you can use it for steaming and boiling purposes as well. A cooking basket also comes with this turkey fryer that has a drain clip attached to it. The clip will enable you to get rid of the excessive oil and will keep the basket clean. This turkey fryer also has a temperature control function.

The Masterbuilt turkey fryer is a good quality product; it is multifunctional, which means it can fry, steam, and boil food. Cleaning this fryer is also straightforward; the valve installed in it will help you clean it efficiently. This fryer also has functions for controlling temperature, so this is the type of product that is worth your investment.

Why do we like it?

  • Temperature control functions
  • Multifunctional
  • Easy to clean
  • Large capacity
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3. Cuisinart Extra-Large Rotisserie Deep Fryer

Cuisinart Extra Large Rotisserie Deep Fryer

The Cuisinart rotisserie deep fryer has a large capacity and cooks your food within an hour. This fryer can cook fourteen pounds of meat at a time, and the standard of cooking is exceptionally high. This fryer evenly distributes the heat and cooks your turkey or chicken at a rapid pace. The Cuisinart fryer also comes with a multipurpose basket.

The basket that comes with this fryer can be used to fry food, and it also works as a steamer. This Cuisinart turkey fryer comes with numerous functions and controls and is fitted with an automatic timer that will turn off once the frying is done. This fryer is also fitted with a thermostat that will constantly monitor the temperature.

A drain valve installed in this fryer will help you get rid of all the excess oil. This fryer can also cook your food without oil and is easy to clean because it is dishwasher safe. To thoroughly clean this fryer, you will first need to disassemble it and then put the parts in the dishwasher.

The Cuisinart turkey fryer is a fantastic product; it is multifunctional, durable, and has many valuable features. This fryer is safe to use in a dishwasher and also has a small valve fitted in it. This product is impressive and is undoubtedly worth your investment.

Why do we like it?

  • Multifunctional
  • Easy to operate
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable
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4. King Kooker 12 RTF Turkey Fryer Package

King Kooker 12 Rtf Turkey Fryer Package

This king kooker turkey fryer can quickly cook twenty pounds of turkey with the help of a highly efficient burner. The size of this turkey fryer is twelve inches and comes with a rack and a hook. The hook will allow you to dip your turkey in the fryer, and you can also use it to take the turkey out once it’s cooked.

This fryer comes with an extra-long thermometer that will help you manage the temperature of the oil. You can also control the thermometer and set the temperature you desire. A timer is also fitted in this fryer that runs on battery. When the turkey is cooked, the timer will let you know, and you can then go and check on your food.

The total weight of this fryer is twenty pounds, and it works with the help of a burner powered by propane. The total dimensions of this King Kooker turkey fryer are 13.38 by 13.38 by 2.75 inches, and it comes with a twelve-month warranty. This turkey fryer is made of aluminum that is a very durable material.

The King Kooker turkey fryer is another fantastic product; it has all the features a good quality fryer has, is made of aluminum, and can cook twenty pounds of turkey at a time. The accessories that come with this fryer, such as the rack and the hook, are also handy.

Why do we like it?

  • Large capacity
  • Efficient burner
  • Thermometer
  • Accessories
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5. Char-Broil the Big Easy Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

Char Broil The Big Easy Oil Less Turkey Fryer

This turkey fryer will cook your food without oil and is specifically designed for outdoor use. To power this fryer, you will need to use a propane tank. This fryer has a unique method of cooking your food; instead of oil, it uses infrared to fry the turkey, chicken, or other forms of meat.

This fryer has a large capacity, as it can hold sixteen pounds of meat at a time. You can also purchase accessories such as a cooking basket, along with this fryer. The customers have praised the standard of cooking this fryer produces and it does not let the food lose its flavorful and juicy taste.

The total dimensions of this product are 20.75 by 23.5 by 16.3 inches; it weighs sixteen inches and has a twelve-month warranty. If you are a health-conscious person, then this fryer is the product you need. This fryer also cooks your food efficiently and ensures that the flavor is not wasted.

Why do we like it?

  • Infrared cooking
  • Decent capacity
  • Only for outdoor use
  • Good cooking quality
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Turkey Fryers Buyer’s Guide

Having good cooking equipment can not only efficiently cook your food but can also sharpen your cooking skills. However, customers lack awareness about products, new cooking methods, and techniques. Some customers are just more comfortable using traditional cooking methods, and their standard of cooking never improves.

Turkey fryers are a helpful kitchen appliance; they cook your food efficiently and maintain a high cooking quality. With so many turkey fryers available on the market, which ones should the customers invest in? To give them some clarity, we have listed a few factors below that they should keep in mind before buying turkey fryers.


A quality of a turkey fryer can be judged by how efficiently it can cook your food. There are so many fryers on the market that have dozens of features, but their cooking quality is low. Before investing in a turkey fryer, thoroughly study the product, do your research, and, if possible, contact the manufacturer.

Easy to Operate

Most turkey fryers have numerous functions. However, this could confuse the customers, especially those who have never used a turkey fryer before. Try to invest in fryers that have basic features that are easy to operate.


Kitchens usually do not have much space in them, so it is essential to invest in compact products. Always invest in turkey fryers that are not too large, are easy to carry and have handles.