Best Travel K Cup Coffee Maker

5 Best Travel K-Cup Coffee Makers (Reviews Updated 2021)

If you are one of those people, who just grab their cup of coffee as they rush through their morning routine, then a travel k-cup coffee maker is a must-have gadget for you. When it comes to ubiquitous coffee makers, no other brand can beat Keurig. The whole category of Keurig Single Serving Coffee Makers is referred to as the “K-Cup” moniker.

Now the real question is, which K-cup Coffee maker is best for traveling? Many brands manufacture coffee makers that are compatible with k-cup pods, so finding the best one is not an easy task. To help you out, in this article, we have reviewed some of the best travel k-cup coffee makers that will suit you best.

Best Travel K-Cup Coffee Makers

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1. Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Keurig K Mini Coffee Maker

When it comes to a durable and long-lasting k-cup coffee maker for traveling, no other product can beat the Keurig K-Mini Coffee maker. This one is probably the most positively reviewed gadget available in the market. It is made with strong and sturdy plastic and can cost up to $70, which is surprisingly cheap compared to the other Keurig Coffee Makers.

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker is perfect for you if you have limited counter space; it fits perfectly on a 5-inch-wide surface. With the help of K-cup pods, you can use this gadget to brew up to 12 oz of coffee. And to save your precious time, this coffee maker also includes a one-cup reservoir. Thanks to the removable drip tray, this coffee maker can hold up to 7 inches’ tall travel mug.

Why do we like it?  

  • Durable Construction
  • Small size
  • Auto on and off feature
  • Lightweight Body
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2. Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer

Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer

Second, on our list is not a Keurig Coffee Maker. Sboly manufactures this single-serve coffee maker that can be used with K-cup pods. This one is cheaper than the Keurig K-mini coffee maker and can cost up to $60, and it is worth every penny. It comes with dimensions of 7.3 x 5.4 x 11.6 inches and weighs about 2.53 pounds.

Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer for K-Cup Pod is made with durable stainless steel and strong plastic that resists tarnishing, corrosion and rust. This gadget is quite powerful and can make perfect coffee in under three minutes. Thanks to its innovative and compact design, this gadget does not take much of your counter space. Due to the self-cleaning feature, cleaning this coffee maker is a breeze.

Why do we like it?  

  • Compact and Innovative Design
  • Auto Cleaning Feature
  • Easy to Use
  • Powerful Gadget
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3. Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker

Keurig K Slim Coffee Maker

If you liked the above-mentioned Keurig Coffee maker but want a more durable gadget with an elegant and beautiful look, then this one is for you. This coffee maker can cost up to $80 and can brew up to 12 Oz coffee at a time. It comes with dimensions of 17.91 x 7.05 x 14.41 inches and weighs about 9.15 pounds.

Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker is perfect for you if you have limited counter space; it fits perfectly on a 5-inch-wide surface. This gadget also includes a 46-oz reservoir, allowing you to brew up to 4 cups of coffee before refilling. It supports travel mugs, and by removing the drip tray, you can fit 7 inches’ tall travel mug in it. This gadget is quite easy to use and can make delicious coffee in minutes.

Why do we like it?  

  • Affordable and Durable
  • Easy to Use
  • Travel Mugs Friendly
  • Water Reservoir
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4. Chefman InstaCoffee Single Serve Coffee Maker

Chefman Instacoffee Single Serve Coffee Maker

Chefman InstaCoffee Single Serve Coffee Maker is probably the most inexpensive coffee maker on our list. With a capacity of 14-ounce, this gadget can cost up to $40. Even though it costs less, this one is still one of the most durable and strong coffee makers available out there. It comes with dimensions of 14 x 7.6 x 5.6 inches and weighs about 2.59 pounds.

Chefman InstaCoffee Single Serve Coffee Maker is made with sturdy stainless steel that resists tarnishing and corrosion. This coffee maker is compatible with k-cup pods, allowing you to use it while traveling. Thanks to its compact design, you can use this gadget to brew coffee on trips, or vacations, in dorms, kitchens, or offices.

Why do we like it?  

  • Durable Construction
  • Compatible with K-cups
  • CETL Approved
  • Easy to Clean
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5. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Coffee Maker

Last but not least, we have Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker. If you have used other Hamilton Beach products, you know they are quite durable and last for years. This gadget is the most expensive coffee maker on our list; it can cost up to $113. But due to its long life and durable construction, this coffee maker is worth every penny.

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker comes with dimensions of 13.66 x 11.42 x 12.24 inches and weighs about 13 pounds. This gadget is compatible with k-cup pods and includes a ground basket and pod holder. Plus, it has a 12-cup carafe and a permanent filter. It comes with some additional features, such as a programmable timer, auto shut-off, auto-pause feature, and many more.

Why do we like it?  

  • Additional Features
  • Easy to Clean
  • Compatible with K-cup pods
  • Elegant Design
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Travel K-Cup Coffee Maker Buyer’s Guide

Keurig K-cup Pods are some of the best travel pods that customers can get their hands on. We have already discussed that a lot of companies are making coffee makers that are compatible with K-cups. Therefore, it is quite challenging to select the best coffee maker with K-cup pods. There are some things you should consider before investing your money in a K-cup coffee maker for traveling. Here is a complete guide for you to keep in mind while getting yourself a Travel K-cup coffee maker.


The price of a travel k-cup coffee maker is one of the most important things to consider. You can easily buy a high-quality coffee maker for under $100. Still, if you are looking for a coffee maker for traveling, we recommend going for a cheaper yet durable gadget. Because while traveling, your coffee maker can get damaged easily; therefore, spending a lot of money on a k-cup coffee maker is not a rational choice.

Brew Size

An ideal travel k-cup coffee maker supports multiple brew sizes. A basic and inexpensive model offers up to 4 brew sizes, from 5 to 12 oz. The best k-cup coffee maker comes with a 4 oz cup to provide the strongest cup of coffee. These types of models are more efficient and can create coffee in less than a minute.


K-cup coffee makers are quite powerful; usually, these gadgets come with 1200-1400 watts of power to ensure super speed, optimum temperature, and great performance. The water reservoir is also an important factor to consider. While some coffee makers can brew only one cup of coffee, others come with a larger water reservoir to make coffee for more people. For traveling, we recommend getting a coffee maker with 10-12 oz capacity.


K-cup coffee makers come with some extra accessories and features. These features and accessories include programmable settings, charcoal filters, insulted construction, and many more. Programmable settings bring more convenience to your coffee maker. Make sure these extra accessories are durable and dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about some extra cleanup. To ensure the durability of a gadget, we recommend buying an SCAA Certified Coffee Maker.