Best Toaster For Artisan Bread

5 Best Toasters for Artisan Bread (Reviews Updated 2021)

If you love artisan bread, a long slot toaster is a must-have for your kitchen. Not all toasters are perfect to fit your artisan bread; hence you must choose your toaster for artisan bread with extra care. They occupy less room, can be used as a replacement for a few kitchen appliances, and assist you with minimizing cooking time.

Are you looking forward to adding one to your kitchen? We searched all the best artisan bread toasters in the market and listed our best options below.

Best Toasters for Artisan Bread

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Here are our best artisan bread toasters’ reviews.

1. Amazon Basics Toaster

Amazon Basics Toaster

Amazon Basics toaster topped our list of best Toasters for Artisan Bread because of its superb functionalities available at such a reasonable price. It is not as versatile as the other models discussed in this list, but it is best at what it’s meant for. The extra-wide slots enable you to put your large size loaves and can also handle bagels easily. You get your meal prepared in two to three minutes.

The plates are quite easy to clean due to the non-stick coating. The defrost option perfectly defrosts your bread and then toast it to the perfect extent. If you go out a lot, this toaster suits you because of its compact design. It only secures a small place in your cabinet. It is also very easy to utilize and has a cool-touch handle that prevents your hands from burning.

Why do we like it?

  • Large slots
  • Compact
  • 1-year warranty
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2. Black+Decker TO1313SBD Toaster Oven

Black+decker To1313sbd Toaster Oven

This amazing toaster has got six toasting functions for your artisan bread. Its sleek stainless steel design makes it look so beautiful and sober that it can go with any kitchen décor. If we talk about dimensions, it has two plates widened to 11.18 x 15.47 x 8.3 inches. So you can easily prepare up to 4 slices of sandwiches at a time.

It has a feature of dual-zone temperature control that enables you to cook/roast two different things at two different temperatures simultaneously. This means you can heat a steak on one plate and roast a sandwich on the other simultaneously. This feature saves you quite a lot of time. Its plates are removable, non-stick, and reversible, which means the clean-up will be an easy task. You can safely put it in the dishwasher.

Why do we like it?

  • Six functions
  • Even cooking
  • Dual-zone temperature feature
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3. CUSIBOX Toaster Oven

Cusibox Toaster Oven

If you want more than just artisan bread from your toaster, the Cusibox toaster is ideal. You can make artisan bread, bagels, or English muffins, all in this one model. It has 11 x 9 x 6.8 inches dimensions, which can squeeze the giant sandwich and toast it easily. The best part about this toaster is that it heats faster than other usual toasters.

Its wide slots allow you to put your large piece of loaves in it easily. Although the Cusibox toaster is not the smallest model to make it into our list, it is still very compact, and you can take it anywhere easily. It will not acquire much of the space on your counter, and a smart and sleek design will add a nice touch to your kitchen’s décor.

Why do we like it?

  • Dual control panel
  • Faster heat up
  • Compact design
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4. Dash Clear View Toaster

Dash Clear View Toaster

This toaster is a lot different from the other models discussed in the list. It comes from a company named Dash. This company is renowned for its electrical home appliances. This model comes in handy if you don’t have much of the space on your countertop. Its compact design makes it easy to utilize and saves you space as well. If you are looking for a model to take with you on traveling, you can consider this pick.

The toaster is quite versatile and features various settings like reheat, defrost, and bagel. The glass is see-through, which allows you to keep an eye on your food while toasting. The glass window and crumb tray slide out easily, allowing for easy and quick clean-up.

Why do we like it?

  • Includes a recipe book
  • Auto shut off function
  • Easy to clean
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5. Hamilton Beach 31344D Toaster

Hamilton Beach 31344d Toaster

It has a roll-top door that moves aside when you open it. The toaster features three different settings, i.e., bake broil, and broil. It has a timer that reminds you when your food is done with an audible beep. Then you can slide the plate out without damaging the arrangement of your sandwich.

Its most noticeable feature is that it can fit four slices of toast at a time. Find clean-up of your toaster difficult? You don’t have to worry anymore. This HAMILTON BEACH TOASTER is way easier to clean than other toasters. Moreover, it has indicator lights that remind you if your toaster is turned on.

Why do we like it?

  • Two rack positions
  • Features a baking pan
  • Easy to use knobs
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Toaster for Artisan Bread Buyer’s Guide

Artisan bread toasters arrive with different features. Choosing the right toaster for your artisan bread can be a difficult task. The job would be easier if you break down the features into a list and then decide what features you need the most in your toaster. Several toasters like Hamilton Beach arrive with advanced baking settings that allow you to cook and bake more efficiently and make the overall task easier. You cannot just settle down for any brand that makes artisan bread toaster. Following are some things to explore before you buy an artisan bread toaster for your kitchen.

Slot Width

The size of the slot matters a lot when you go to buy a toaster for artisan bread. As artisan bread is not mass-produced, the size of the loaves can vary. That’s why the slots of your toaster can be of different widths. You can choose one that suits your needs best. If you do a lot of toasting, you will need a toaster with larger dimensions. But if the case is the opposite, spending extra money on buying an artisan bread toaster with larger dimensions can be foolish. Most of the users prefer small toasters as they are easy to utilize. But, again, it is up to you. You can choose the right size depending on your needs.

Power and Energy Consumption

The power of the toaster affects the cooking time. The key to preparing perfect artisan bread is a high-power toast. If you look into energy consumption, the market is filled with models that say they are the best of the best for energy saving, which doesn’t make your job as a customer easier. Hence, you have to check whether your buying model consumes less energy than others and provides the same proficient results.

Price and Warranty

Most people look at the price very first before buying anything. Today, many companies make artisan bread toasters, but you cannot randomly choose one, as we discussed. A product’s quality is dependent upon its price. You can find bread toasters under $200, $100, and $50, but it is better to spend a little more and buy a good quality toaster than saving a few dollars and then suffering later.


In our list, we have featured both cheap and expensive high-end artisan bread toasters, so it’s easy for you to choose a pocket-friendly model. Moreover, most companies cover their toasters with a warranty of at least a year or two. So be sure to keep this in mind too while buying.