Best Toaster Oven Under $200

5 Best Toaster Ovens Under $200 (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Are you looking for good-quality toaster ovens for home use? Do you know that there are good models that you can buy for under $200? In case you didn’t know, now you do. Toaster ovens are versatile tools for making your pizza, roasting chickens, and baking some types of confectionaries. With toasters, you can add value to your daily menus because they are relatively easy to use.

Most of them are also portable, so you can install them in a crowded kitchen, so let space not be an issue for you. In this piece, we review five of the best toaster ovens under $200. You don’t have to spend too much to enjoy quality toasts in your home. Although there are so many different brands that are cheap and affordable, be rest assured that all the options in this review are quality toasters that will serve you well.

Best Toaster Ovens Under $200

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1. Cuisinart TOB-260N1 Chef’s Convection Toaster

Cuisinart Tob 260n1 Chef’s Convection Toaster

Convection toaster ovens have been around for a very long time. They produce hot air through a convection fan that is strategically placed in the compartment. As the hot air circulates the internal space, your food bakes slowly but surely. This Cuisinart toaster oven has a stainless steel body with a 0.95 cubic foot capacity alongside a 9×15 baking pan.

It has 15 cooking functions that you can select to suit your recipes, and it also has an innovative dual cook function. Cuisinart is a versatile toaster oven for baking and roasting food. The convection fan blows really fast, so the food you place inside it will be ready in no time.

You will also have no problems with this toaster oven because it has digital controls and a large LED display for maximum control of the cooking process.

Why do we like it?

  • Convenient control buttons
  • Interior lighting
  • Consistent heat output
  • Programmable setting selection
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2. Black + Decker 4-Slice Toaster Oven

Black + Decker 4 Slice Toaster Oven

Another brand we consider one of the best toaster ovens under $200 is this Black and Decker oven. It uses natural convection airflow for baking. The body is made with stainless steel that is rugged, strong, and durable. It has 4 cooking functions with which you can use to broil, cook, bake and toast. You can also use this toaster oven to warm food if you so please.

Black and Decker is a 1500W device that will not consume too much power in your home. The fact that it works very fast is another plus because it will not remain on for too long. Furthermore, the 30 minutes timer is suitable for short-term use, but you can activate the stay-on function for longer tasks.

This Black and Decker toaster oven also comes with a pan and rack for baking, so you don’t have to buy these items separately. Get the best results with a toaster oven that is accessible and affordable.

Why do we like it?

  • Quality attachments
  • Versatile toaster
  • Energy efficient
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3. Panasonic FlashXpress Toaster Oven

Panasonic Flashxpress Toaster Oven

This Panasonic toaster oven is among a leading set of modern and innovative ovens that use infrared technology for baking. It has a double heating system that bakes food in the compartment from both sides. This 4 slice toaster oven is specially made for kitchen countertops. You can place it on your countertop or cabinet as long as you have the place for it.

Panasonic Xpress Toaster has a crumb tray and 1300 Watts of baking and cooking power that you will appreciate. Any item you put into it comes out looking evenly cooked with the right level of browning. The infrared heating element is made of quartz and ceramic materials that will stand the test of time. And it is positioned in the front and back of the compartment for best results.

With Panasonic, you bake, toast, brown, and reheat your food to perfection in a matter of minutes. We only advise that you read the user manual carefully before you start using it.

Why do we like it?

  • The square-shaped inner tray is quite sturdy
  • Very compact and clean design
  • The glass door is transparent
  • Precise temperature output
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4. Cuisinart TOA-60 Toaster Oven

Cuisinart Toa 60 Toaster Oven

Cuisinart TOA-60 Toaster Oven is a multifunctional toaster oven that you can use to toast and broil your food. It also has an air fryer for air frying food if you prefer that over oil. This multifunctional toaster oven has 7 functions for baking, warming, broiling, warming, and toasting. The 0.6 cubic foot capacity is large enough to handle up to 6 slices of bread, 3lbs worth of chicken wings, and 12 inches of pizzas.

The 1800 Wattage of this oven makes for a faster cooking process. The adjustable 60 minutes thermostat timer comes with an automatic shutoff feature. This feature allows you to extend cooking times far beyond the 60 minutes setting. In addition, it includes an oven rack, a baking pan, an air fryer, and a rack basket.

Everything you need to make quality and tasty toasts at home is what this toaster offers you all for a price under $200.

Why do we like it?

  • Even heat distribution
  • Temperature control
  • Airtight door
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5. Oster Toaster Oven

Oster Toaster Oven

Last but not least to conclude our review of the best toaster oven under $200 is this oven by Oster. We chose to include this toaster oven in our review because it is a large-scale oven. This oven can toast up to 6 slices of bread at a go which is great if you toast food in large batches and don’t have the luxury of time. It has a special baking pan that is wide enough to accommodate slices that are 2 inches wide. The interior is also roomy to accommodate large-sized food.

The convection fan of this toaster oven is highly rated because it ensures smooth circulation of heat produced by the heating element. The element has a wide temperature range of 150-450 degrees for consistent heating. No food you place in this oven will come out uncooked, and that is a guarantee.

Oster is easy to control, and you can decide the color shade of your bread and bagels. The temperature controls are easy to master and use. Make sure you wash the storage regularly to maintain peak hygiene.

Why do we like it?

  • Versatile toaster oven
  • Durable construction
  • Maximum temperature control
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Toaster Ovens Under $200 Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking to buy the best toaster ovens under $200, you will need to be quite observant when making your selection. The compactness of the toaster oven, the heat efficiency, and other special features are things that you should bear in mind. If you don’t have the funds to afford an undercabinet toaster that costs more, you will have to be very smart when making your choice. Here are some things you will need to look out for.


Toaster ovens have interior storages where you place your food before slamming the door shut to toast it. You will require a toaster oven with ample space in the storage. The best toaster ovens under $200 may be compact, but they have ample space. If the one you go for is not very big, we recommend using zelite knives to cut the food items to size before placing them in the oven.

Temperature Settings

Very good toaster ovens under $200 have different temperature settings for temperature regulation. Different recipes require different heat levels, so you can’t afford to settle for a toaster oven with only a single default setting. More importantly, you want a toaster oven that heats up quickly. To reduce toasting times and improve quality, you should consider using very good toaster bags for best results.

Even Cooking

Even cooking is also related to the quality of heat output. This is very important if you coat your food with teriyaki sauces or other types of sauces to improve flavor. You want a toaster oven that will ensure that your sauces blend with your food and bake evenly. The best toasters ovens under $200 work well with sauces. And they are good alternatives to undercabinet toasters.