5 Best Texas BBQ Sauces (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Barbecue has become a traditional delicacy among American families. Every special occasion or public holiday presents an opportunity to grill tasty barbecues to be enjoyed with friends and family. For barbecue to be enjoyed, it requires one special ingredient; the best texas bbq sauce. Texas sauce is one of the most widely used sauces for spicing barbecues, and if this sauce is your favorite flavor, you should get only the best. Good sauces make great barbecues, and there are no two ways about it.

For those who cannot make their own sauces at home, homemade sauces are great; however, if you lack the resources or the time to make your own, you have to buy a ready-made bottle online. To help you out, we have searched some of the best Texas bbq sauces sold online. Here are five of the best for your barbecue.

Best Texas BBQ Sauces

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1. Famous Dave Texas Pit BBQ Sauce

Famous Dave Texas Pit Bbq Sauce

Famous Dave is a tasty sauce you might want to try for your bbq. This sauce comes in two 19-ounce bottles that give you more than enough sauce to grill as much barbecue as you want. Famous Dave is spicy with a genuine flavor that will complement your cooking skills. If you are big on Texas flavor, this is one sauce you want to add to your ingredient list.

Famous Dave includes natural spices and meat seasonings with a perfect blend of hand-picked flavors, so making your own barbecue in your backyard should not be a hard thing to do. With a grill, your food, and heating materials, you are good to go

Do note that Famous Dave is very spicy, so you might want to mind the quantity you use on your food. A few drops is all you need to make great barbecues or grilled food

Why do we like it?

  • Well packaged
  • Natural ingredients
  • Ideal for authentic recipes
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2. Stubbs Texas BBQ Sampler

Stubbs Texas Bbq Sampler

Stubbs is a highly rated bbq sauce brand, so we expected nothing but quality. This Texas sauce comes in four original flavors, namely Spicy, Mesquite, Hickory Bourbon, and general flavors. By combining a rich blend of different ingredients, what you get is a great-tasting bbq sauce you can use to grill your bbq, Texas style.

Each bottle contains vinegar, molasses, tomato, and black pepper. Furthermore, these ingredients are all natural and free of preservatives and artificial coloring. So rest assured that the flavor you get is original and not compromised by unnatural properties.

You can use Stubbs as a marinator or as a dip. Just go for a style that suits your recipe and will give you the best results.

Why do we like it?

  • Organic
  • Value for money
  • Gluten-free
  • Bold taste
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3. Salt Lick BBQ Sauce Assortment

Salt Lick Bbq Sauce Assortment

Salt Lick is one of the best Texas BBQ sauces because it offers you different flavors. There are 2 bottles per pack. One bottle is a salt lick bbq sauce, and the other is Laurens spicy bbq sauce. So having two different flavors per pack gives you two options for your grilling. You may choose to prepare barbecues with two different flavors or use a single flavor. Better still, you can even choose to combine both sauces to come up with an entirely different taste.

The content in Salt Lick is gluten-free and all-natural. The ingredients are all natural and sourced from South Carolina and Georgia. We selected this sauce because it gives you an authentic taste that you and your guests will love and appreciate.

When next you are preparing for a barbecue-themed party, consider trying Salt Lick. We are sure your taste buds will thank you later for the experience.

Why do we like it?

  • Devoid of artificial flavors
  • Ideal for different recipes
  • It can be used for cooking, salad dressing, and grilling
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4. Kraft Original BBQ Sauce

Kraft Original Bbq Sauce

From the stable of Kraft comes this pack of sauces we recommend for large-scale grilling. There are 12 bottles per pack, and each bottle’s content will transform the taste of your food. Kraft is best used for slow simmer grilling under low or high heat. It has a thick texture with a smoky flavor your guests will love. In addition, you can use it for cooking, grilling, and marinating.

Another detail you will like about Kraft is that it contains few calories, so don’t worry about overloading your system with calories. Each bottle only contains about 60 calories per serving which is on the average scale when you compare it with the calories in other brands. The texture is also worth mentioning too. You won’t have to use too much of it on your food to get the flavor you want.

With just a few drops, your barbecue will be ready for the fire. Kraft works perfectly with your grill, crockpot, or oven.

Why do we like it?

  • Bold taste
  • Produces a pleasant aroma
  • Works as a marinade or dipping sauce
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5. Heinz Barbecue Spicy and Bold Texas Sauce

Heinz Barbecue Spicy And Bold Texas Sauce

Another best Texas bbq sauce you might want to try out is this one by Heinz. This sauce is packaged in a 19.5oz bottle. We call it an excellent grilling formula for making your barbecue look and taste better. Heinz has a spicy and bold taste. By combining a repertoire of spices, tomatoes, and oil mixed with vinegar, what you get is a sauce that will transform your cooking and grilling.

Each bottle contains an assortment of ingredients, including white vinegar, molasses, lemon juice, anchovies, tomato paste, onion powders, and many more ingredients too numerous to mention in this review. However, rest assured that the sauce you will be getting is safe, nutritious, and suitable for grilling barbecue over the fire.

Heinz is an authentic sauce from Southern USA, and it is great for ribs and brisket, but you can use or for other types of food.

Why do we like it?

  • Developed under strict health standards
  • 100% organic
  • Good packaging
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Texas Barbecue Sauce Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for the best Texas bbq sauce, you have to keep an eye out for quality ingredients first and foremost. On top of that, there are other qualities to check as well. You need to understand that bbq sauces taste different, so you can’t expect a Korean bbq sauce or honey bbq sauce to taste like texas bbq sauce.

This is why we recommend that you only buy sauces that you like or one that will suit your recipe. If you want a Carolina bbq sauce, stick to that. If you want a Texas bbq sauce, do the same. Knowing what you want when shopping and sticking to it is the only way to avoid making mistakes.

With that out of the way, here are some of the things to review when shopping for the best Texas bbq sauce.

Fat Content

The truth many may not know is that most bbq sauces contain a lot of fat, and by extension, a lot of calories. However, some brands reduce the fat in their sauces. So unless you are grilling with a sugar free bbq sauce, expect your texas sauce to have more than the average calorie level. However, we recommend sauces that do not contain more than 70 calories per serving. If you want fewer calories, you should opt for a low carb bbq sauce.

Shelf Life

Unless you plan to grill barbecue every day of the week, this point should be of interest to you. Cooking with an expired sauce is not something you want, right? So to this end, make sure you only buy a texas sauce with a shelf life of at least 12 months. Any sauce that will expire less than 6 months as at the day you buy it may expire in your possession, so avoid such products.


The best Texas bbq sauces come in different bottle sizes. There are 12oz bottles, 18oz bottles, and 19oz bottles and above. You will even find some with smaller bottles. If you want your sauce to last, consider going for brands that package theirs in larger bottles. They cost more, but they still offer long-term value.