5 Best Teapot Warmers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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If you are one of the many who love drinking tea, it will take more than a mug and a kettle to have access to hot tea at any time of the day. The best teapot warmers are great because they allow you to drink as many cups of tea as you want at a single sitting. Owning a teapot warmer is also a money saver. First of all, you save a lot in energy costs since you will no longer need to boil water every time you need to prepare tea. Secondly, you will not have to reheat your tea with a kettle if it gets cold. With a teapot warmer, your tea can maintain its temperature for a very long time.

If you are looking to buy one for your home, you may find it a little challenging because there are many warmers on sale today. However, we have simplified the process for you by reviewing some of the best teapot warmers that offer value for money. Please go through our review to know more.

Best Teapot Warmers

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1. Sun’s Tea Ceramic Teapot Warmer

Sun’s Tea Ceramic Teapot Warmer

First on our list of the best teapot warmers is this ceramic warmer by Sun. It has a size of 4.25 inches with an 11cm diameter. This teapot warmer is white with a very solid ceramic base to prevent your teapot from slipping off. The great thing about Sun is that the candle will not flame out. It can burn for a very long time to keep your teapot or kettle warm for as long as you want it. It is also heat resistant so expect the warmer to remain sturdy and steady for years.

We included this teapot warmer in our list because it is built to last. The scratch-resistant and flame-resistant properties ensure that it remains protected from the flames and weather elements. Sun will fit most teapot sizes up to 40oz because its base is wide enough to make that possible. The unique design also allows for air circulation, which is important to protect the flame it produces.

We recommend this teapot warmer, especially if you have a teapot that does not have a round bottom. The design will fit all shapes and forms as long as the base is flat.

Why do we like it?

  • Affordable
  • Classic design
  • Very durable
  • Sturdy base
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2. Esschert USA Cast Iron Warmer

Esschert Usa Cast Iron Warmer

Buying a teapot warmer will not be such a great idea if the tool falls apart after a few months or weeks of use. This is why the quality of the build material matters as much as the design. For a teapot warmer that will serve you for many years to come, we give you Esschert USA cast iron warmer. Esschert is a great tool for warming your teapot, especially when the weather is extremely cold or when you do not have access to a conventional heat source to reheat cold tea.

It has a traditional design similar to warmers produced in decades past. However, it is the quality of the build material that sets Esschert apart from the competition. The body is very sturdy and constructed with cast iron of the highest quality. Even if it falls from an elevated point, it will not break or chip. We also like its functional design. Placing this warmer on your dinner table will further improve the general aesthetics of your room. We are sure that you will also like the antique design of the candle holder that further adds gloss to the overall look.

Esschert is quite affordable; however, it offers long-term value that only very few teapot warmers can boast of. This warmer is a must-have for tea loving enthusiasts.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Heavy-duty construction
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3. Sun’s Tea Solid Crystal Glass Teapot Warmer

Sun’s Tea Solid Crystal Glass Teapot Warmer

This solid crystal glass warmer is another product to make our list by this manufacturer. It is made of crystal glass with a very solid base to hold the weight of your teapot. If you like your utensils to have an attractive look, this is the best teapot warmer to buy. The glassy look may make this warmer appear less functional, but that is not the case. Sun is as durable as it is as attractive. Let’s just say that this warmer is both a beautifier and a warmer all wrapped into one.

It has a 50oz base with a 4.5-inch diameter. This makes it possible for you to place your teapot or kettle on it regardless of its size. The base also accommodates teapots that do not have a round shape. However, let us point out that this warmer is only ideal for teapots that are heatproof. Using a non-heat-proof teapot on it will damage the base of the teapot.

For a quality that you can trust, order this crystal glass teapot warmer, and you will be glad you did. It does not scratch, but it is heat resistant, so rest assured that its form will be maintained for a very long time.

Why do we like it?

  • It is dishwasher safe
  • Lightweight
  • The glass body is crystal clear and attractive
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4. Teabloom Tea Warmer

Teabloom Tea Warmer

Teabloom tea warmer will keep your tea warm for as long as you want with minimal effort. It comes with a teapot made of stainless steel and a tea light candle for long-term use. This tea warmer uses a single candle to warm tea for several hours by producing a soft flickering light. It is 12cm wide with a 5.5cm height. You will also be impressed to know that it is not hard to warm tea over this warmer. To get the best result, all you need to do is light the candle at the center of the warmer.

After lighting the candle, you place the stainless steel grill over the top of the warmer, then place your teapot on top of it. With your teapot in place, you can go about your business while the teapot remains warm for as long as the candle is lighted. You will also find it very easy to maintain Teabloom. You have the option to wash it by hand when it gets dirty, but if you do not want that, you can simply wash it with a dishwasher. While other teapot warmers will lose their form after washing with a dishwasher, you will have no such problems with Teabloom.

Please do note that only heat-resistant teapots should be used on this teapot warmer. For stability, ensure that the teapot has a flat base.

Why do we like it?

  • Rust free
  • Durable construction
  • Sold with a limited 1-year warranty
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5. Bestinnkits Smart Coffee Warmer

Bestinnkits Smart Coffee Warmer

Last but not least, on our review of the best teapot warmers is this smart warmer by Bestinnkits. It is a versatile utensil for reheating your coffee, tea, herbs, and general liquid contents. Bestinnkits uses an electric heating plate to generate heat of up to 131 degrees to keep your tea and coffee warm for long periods. If you are not a fan of traditional candle teapot warmers, this is the ideal model to buy for your home or office.

You can use it for different applications, not just teapots. The way it is constructed makes it suitable for kettles, mugs, and heat-resistant jugs of different shapes and sizes. For improved value, the manufacturer also included a waterproof design as part of the makeup and a glass layer on top to make it very easy to clean.

Bestinnkits is reliable and safe. It does not consume too much power, and it has an on/off manual switch button for easy control.


Why do we like it?

  • Easy to maintain
  • Thermal glass for heat retention
  • Versatile and multi-functional
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Teapot Warmer Buyer’s Guide

Before you order a teapot warmer, you need to be sure that the model will provide you with the value you seek. To avoid buying an inferior teapot warmer, read our buyer guide to save yourself an investment loss.


When shopping for teapot warmers, consider buying warmers made of ceramic, stainless steel, or glass. These materials are ideal because they are very durable and pleasing to the eye. Cast iron is also a very durable material too, and we recommend it if you tend to drop your utensils when handling them.


The design of the warmer also matters a great deal. The best teapot warmers have elegant designs that will complement the general aesthetics of your dinner table or wherever you place them. The last thing you want is a warmer that looks awkward and unpleasant.


If you are going to be traveling with the teapot warmer, you have to consider the weight. If you want something light, avoid ceramic and cast iron warmers. Rather go for the best teapot warmers made of stainless steel as steel is much lighter.