5 Best Taco Holders (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Show us a person who loves tacos, and we will tell you for a fact that he or she needs the best taco holders. Tacos are a favorite of many, and people from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds consider it a top recipe on their menu list. Whether it is made with corn or flour, a hard or a soft shell, tacos bring joy to both the old and young. However, to enjoy this recipe, you need a suitable holder. Serving your tacos in conventional plates and saucepans will not do you much good. What you need are the best taco holders money can buy.

They come in different shapes and forms, from functional holders to stylish and themed holders. Due to so many options in the market, we understand that you will be spoilt for choice. To help you out, we review some of the best holders.

Best Taco Holders

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1. OH Ovation Taco Holder

Oh Ovation Taco Holder

OH Ovation is a functional taco holder constructed with stainless steel. There are 4 holders in this set alongside other items, including a taco tray, stand, and a plate. Also included is a recipe book as a bonus to give you bright ideas on how to make different types of tacos. OH is oven and grill safe because the units in the set are heat resistant and durable. Among some of the recipes are breakfast, brunch, dessert, and dinner ideas. To get the best out of this holder, it is advisable to heat your tortilla pan first before filling it with your ingredients.

OH is one of the best taco holders on the market because of its durability and functionality. It can withstand heat of up to 160 degrees without losing form. The items in the set are also food safe. While other holders may crack and flake into food, this holder maintains its form 100% no matter the heat exposure. The tray is also made of durable stainless steel and is suitable for serving tacos to your guest. The tortilla shell is also quite large to accommodate large tacos.

OH Ovation is an ideal taco holder to add to your collection of kitchen utensils. It is valuable and durable and offers long term value.

Why do we like it?

  • Quality set
  • Solid stainless steel construction
  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight
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2. Funwares Tricera Taco Ultimate Dinosaur Holder

Funwares Tricera Taco Ultimate Dinosaur Holder
Breath life into your taco recipes by going for this taco holder by Funwares. Serving and eating tacos just got better with this green dinosaur theme taco holder. This set is ideal for both adults and kids, but if you have kids in the house, this is one vessel you will want to serve them tacos with. Most especially if the child in question is a picky eater. Besides serving tacos, you can also use it to serve sandwiches, nachos, waffles, crackers, and any other snack that comes to mind.

It is made with food-safe materials free from BPA or any toxic material. Although it is advisable to let your tacos cool down before serving them, rest assured that even if served hot with this holder, it will remain firm and not flake. Funwares is recommended for households with kids who love theme cutleries and cookware.

Another reason why Funwares is worth it is down to the price. It is cheap and affordable, so you can go for it even if you are on a low budget.

Why do we like it?

  • Attractive green color
  • It can hold 2 tacos at once
  • Serves as a serving tray too
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3. Widbi Premium Taco Holders

Widbi Premium Taco Holders

Are you looking for the best taco holders that will last for a very long time? Look no further than Widbi. This taco holder set has 4 stainless steel taco stands, and each stand can hold 3 tacos each. The trays are also stackable if you want to save space on your kitchen countertop or dining table. We like Widbi and recommend it because it is a money saver. The design fits most plates and vessels, and more importantly, you can use it to hold soft and hard shell tacos. Widbi has a patented design that will complement your dining area. It also has an additional rack to provide extra support for soft taco shells.

What we like the most about it is the premium construction made of stainless steel. Even if you wash the units regularly as you should, it will not rust or lose color. The steel materials are of the highest quality with a polished finish. Furthermore, Widbi will not change the taste of your food by giving it a metallic taste. This set is safe and user-friendly.

If you have limited space in your kitchen, consider Widbi Premium Taco Holder for its stackable feature.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to store
  • Dishwasher and oven safe
  • Versatile holder
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4. Jarratt Industries Fiesta Plate Taco Holder

Jarratt Industries Fiesta Plate Taco Holder

Jarratt taco holder comes in plate form, and each plate can hold up to 3 tacos at the same time. It is ideal for serving soft and hard shell tacos. Furthermore, each plate has 2 compartments. One compartment to place the tacos and the other one to hold your sides and other sauces necessary. This functional holder is designed to help you avoid making a mess whenever you are serving or eating tacos. No longer would you spill your food when you have this taco holder at your beck and call.

In terms of safety, you will glad to know that Jarratt is food safe. It is free from BPA, PTFE, and any other toxic material that may flake into your tacos. You will also find it very easy to maintain because it is dishwasher safe. After you are done with the holders, you can simply throw them into your dishwasher for cleaning. Jarrat holders can also be used to microwave food due to their heat-resistant properties.

The holders come in different colors ranging from blue, red, orange, and several colors, so feel free to pick a color that appeals to you.

Why do we like it?

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Functional design
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5. KitchenX Taco 2-Set Taco Holders

Kitchenx Taco 2 Set Taco Holders

KitchenX is a taco set with two holders. Each holder can hold 3 tacos at the same time. The quality of the construction is commendable because it is stylish, professional, and aesthetic. If you want to impress your guests with the quality of your serving vessels, this is one of the best taco holders to buy. The holder is large with durable construction to withstand the rigors of dishwashers, ovens, and grills. Many buyers complain that their taco stand holders never remained the same again after using them in ovens or grills.

With KitchenX, you will not have that problem because it is as rugged as it is as stylish.  You can use it to make and serve properly portioned tacos, veggies, chicken, fish, and beef. This holder will also work well for your BBQs. So bear in mind that with this product, there is more you can serve with it, not just tacos. Another great feature of this holder is that it will fit most plate shapes and sizes. So there are no limitations with KitchenX, only possibilities.

For its premium quality material, we recommend KitchenX because it is worth its price. It will not bore a deep hole in your pocket. However, it will make taco serving a pleasurable experience.

Why do we like it?

  • Versatile utensil
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Food-safe
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Taco Holders Buyer’s Guide

Before you go shopping for taco holders, you need to be sure of what you want in a taco holder. With the right information, you should be able to identify a very good holder for your dining table. Find out more by reading our buyer guide.


Taco holders have different capacities. The average holder can hold three tacos, but larger models can hold more. Bear this in mind when you are doing your shopping. Also, you need to know that different brands package different numbers of stands. If you often serve many guests from time to time, you might want to go for a set with 3 or more stands in a single set.


The build material is also very important. Taco holders are constructed with different materials ranging from stainless steel to plastic and aluminum. Stainless steel is great because they are microwave safe. Plastic holders are cheaper but difficult to maintain. And they are fragile. We recommend stainless steel holders or a combination of steel and plastic for long-term use.


Make sure that the taco holders you buy have handles so you can carry them with ease. Holders without handles expose you to the risk of spilling your food or scaling your hands, especially when you are bringing them out of your microwave.