5 Best Stainless Steel Microwaves (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Stainless steel microwaves are affordable, easy to use, and easy to clean. You can find this marvelous invention in almost every household across the globe. But manufacturers did not always make these appliances from stainless steel; instead, most manufacturers used plastic. And you may be one of those people that have a non-stainless-steel microwave.

And perhaps you are thinking of upgrading to a better-looking and sleek design, or this might be your first time buying a microwave altogether. You might be confused and flooded with options as to which one of these you should buy. Fortunately, we’ve shortlisted the top-reviewed stainless-steel microwaves on the market and made things easy for you.

Best Stainless-Steel Microwaves

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Here are our best Stainless-Steel Microwaves.

1. Toshiba EM131A5C-SS

Toshiba Em131a5c Ss

This stainless-steel microwave made by Toshiba is good-looking, easy to use, and easy to clean. Suppose you just moved into a new home and are considering buying a compact stainless-steel microwave that doesn’t take up too much space, or you’re thinking about replacing your huge luxury microwave that can practically fit an ostrich in it. In that case, this one is they might be just the right choice for you.

This stylish, sleek, and compact microwave comes with a digital clock display, one-touch start button, and several presets. These include; Frozen pizza, frozen entre, potato, rice, veggies, custom cook, and Soften/melt. So, you have to pop in your food item, select a preset, and you’re good to go. It also has the option to control the power level as well as a +30 sec button.

Now let’s talk about its size. This microwave is not that big; it occupies a space of just 1.2Cubic feet. You also have the option to buy a slightly bigger version, which occupies 1.3 Cu. Ft. And if you think this one is still too big for your kitchen, keep reading because we have even smaller ones on the list.

Why do we like it?

  • Sleek design
  • Lack of noise
  • Ease of use
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2. Farberware Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave

Farberware Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave

Farberware has established its name as one of the best culinary tool providers in the U.S. They are pretty old in the industry, with their foundation in 1900; this brand is the one we can all rely on. With that being said, let’s talk about their stainless-steel microwave. This particular model is for people going for a smaller, more compact design that they can fit in their cabinet.

This product from Farberware is convenient, solid, and stable. This model comes with a small digital clock, ten different power levels, and various preset cooking programs like; popcorn, potato, pizza, frozen vegetable, beverage, and dinner plate; how convenient is that? You can throw in your leftovers from the last night, select the dinner plate option, and let this machine do its word without having to worry about overheating.

This microwave is available in different colors to match your preference. This includes black, copper, metallic red, white/platinum, and silver. So, there is a lot of variety to choose from. You can get this wonderful microwave in various sizes, including 0.7 Cu. Ft. 0.9Cu. Ft, 1 Cu. Ft, and 1.2 Cu. Ft.

Why do we like it?

  • Available in different colors
  • Six different cooking programs
  • Compact build
  • One year warranty
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3. BLACK+DECKER Digital Microwave Oven

Black+decker Digital Microwave Oven

BLACK+DECKER is an old, innovative, visionary company serving people worldwide with its quality products since 1910. This one is for all the folks that want a small cute microwave in their kitchen but still want to fit their normal dinner plates and bottles in it.

It appears to be half the size of a normal microwave, but you will be amazed to see how much this tiny machine can fit in it. And at just $70.85, you can get this well-built microwave in your kitchen. It may seem a little pricy for its size, but we can ensure that when you unbox it, you’ll be satisfied with what you get. And when you finally use it, you’ll see why we have it on our list for yourself.

This small device takes up only 0.9 CU. Ft of space, so you place it almost anywhere you want without worrying about crowding your cooking space. Like other products, it has a digital clock. Additionally, you get nine different power levels to choose from, which go up to 900 watts. You will also have the option to choose from its preset options, which include; popcorn, potato, pizza, frozen vegetable, beverage, and dinner plate.

 Why do we like it?

  • User-friendly
  • Stylish look
  • Convenient
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4. Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN686S

Panasonic Microwave Oven Nn Sn686s

This stainless-steel microwave by Panasonic is perhaps the most stylish, trendy, and fashionable one on this list. When you hear Panasonic, there is an immediate feeling of trust and reliability, thanks to the outstanding service this company has provided for the past decades. All of their appliances have proven to be durable, reliable, and High-quality. Their NN-SN686N microwave nothing short of that.

This model comes with a sleek and stylish design that is guaranteed to make your kitchen look elegant. It occupies 1.2Cu. Ft of space, making it convenient and compact. You can choose between two colors; Black and stainless-steel/ silver, both equally stylish. This microwave incorporates an inverter technology, and this means that the electricity supplied to the motor is controlled and all the unwanted operation is eliminated.

Unlike other microwaves, this one has a unique front panel and includes a digital clock and 14 different auto-cook options. There are ten different power levels to choose from, the maximum being 1200W. You can also use this microwave with a trim kit. This particular design is compatible with a 27-inch-wide cabinet opening.

Why do we like it?

  • Sleek and futuristic design
  • Inverter technology
  • Compatible with trim kits
  • 14 auto-cook options
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5. Toshiba ML-EM45PIT(SS)

Toshiba Ml Em45pit(ss)

Last but certainly not least, on our list is the Toshiba ML-EM45PIT(SS). This beautiful machine is made by one of the top appliance suppliers in the industry. This device is a little bigger than the other four on our list; it is for people who want to own a spacious yet elegant and convenient microwave capable of delivering an output of up to 1250 W. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and works perfectly every time.

When you buy this appliance, you can expect a wonderful experience right from unboxing. At first glance, you’ll notice how aesthetic and appealing this microwave looks. It takes 1.6 Cu. Ft of space. This may seem higher than the others, but trust us, with the extra interior space, it is worth it. In any case, the extra size doesn’t mean your microwave will make your kitchen appear crowded; on the contrary, its elegant design will make your kitchen look spic and span.

You can buy this device in two colors; Black and silver. Additionally, this microwave comes with inverter technology, ensuring that your food is cooked/heated evenly and thoroughly. It also has a smart sensor that adjusts the temperature and time automatically by detecting the level of humidity.

Why do we like it?

  • Elegant design
  • Smart sensor technology
  • Inverter technology
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Stainless-steel microwave Buyer’s Guide

As you may have noticed, there are many microwaves with different variations from some of the top manufacturers available on the market. But you what are the things that really matter? What exactly You need to look for in a stainless microwave before you decide to buy it? Here is a summary of things to keep in mind.


Perhaps the first thing you should consider before buying a stainless-steel microwave is how big do I want it to be? And this is usually subjective; it comes down to how much space you have in your kitchen and how spacious you want its interior. If you have a large kitchen and are willing to give up more counter area, choosing a microwave with 1.5 Cu. Ft or above is reasonable. Otherwise, go for a smaller size between 1 and 1.5 Cu. Ft which will take less space.


In the world of microwaves and appliances in general, wattage means power. As a rule of thumb, keep in mind that Higher wattage means the food will be cooked and heated quicker and thoroughly. A microwave with wattage above 1000W should be your choice if you’re someone who is in a rush when eating their food. But Higher wattage means more electricity is used, so higher electricity bills. Also, microwaves with high wattage usually cost more.

Features and specs

After you have decided the size and wattage, you need to look at the specific feature the microwave has to offer. In general microwaves with Inverter technology is the better option as they can control the speed of the motor and the electricity used. This ensures that the food is cooked/ heated evenly and thoroughly. Other Features to look for are presets and automated defrost and cooking options, which minimizes the confusion and guesswork you usually have to do.