5 Best Spice Racks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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We know it is quite hard to find spices in your messy kitchen cabinets. But those days are long gone, now with the help of spice racks; you can find the right spices faster and easily. These spice racks allow you to properly organize all your spices in one place without taking much space. But which one is best for you?

According to size, shape, price, and many more, there are many spice racks available in the market. To make it simple for you, we have reviewed some of the best spice racks available out there that suits you well.

Best Spice Racks

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Here are our best Spice Racks reviews.

1. Copco 2555-0189 Spice Cabinet Organizer

Copco 2555 0189 Spice Cabinet Organizer

Probably the most reviewed cabinet organizer on amazon, this spice rack is both simple and affordable. This one is useful for organizing spice jars. It only costs up to $7 and has dimensions of 9 x 10 x 3 inches. Copco 2555-0189 3-tier spice organizer only weighs about 9.9 ounces. It is available in different colors like white, grey, cream. Green and many more.

Copco space organizer is for you if you don’t have much space in your kitchen. Each shelf of this rack is 2.75″ deep, making it perfect for spices, vegetable cans, soups, sauces, and many more. Because of its simple design, you can also use this rack to organize products outside the kitchen like perfumes, cosmetics, figurines, and office supplies.

Copco spice organizer is made with durable plastic, which increases its shelf-life. Due to the non-slip shelf lining, you don’t have to worry about spices dropping off. This spice rack is easy to clean. We will recommend you to wipe clean it with a damp cloth as needed. According to some customers, with proper care, you can use this product for years.

Why do we like it? 

  • Durable Plastic
  • Multi-purpose
  • Affordable
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2. Kamenstein Rack Tower Organizer

Kamenstein Rack Tower Organizer

If you like to use a lot of different kinds of spices, this one is for you. This countertop rack tower can hold up to 20 jars at once. Kamenstein Spice Rack can cost up to $44 with free spices refill for five years. It comes with dimensions of 8.5 x 8.5 x 13.5 inches and weighs about 8.69 pounds. Other than 20-jars, Kamenstein also manufactures these organizers with the capacity of 12 and 16 jars.

Every jar is in your range, thanks to the Kamenstein spinning mechanism. This product is very convenient; every jar is clearly labeled with spice names. These jars are filled with essential spices like basil, garlic salt, oregano, and many more with five years of free spice refills. Although this rack has a lot of capacity, it is still a great space saver.

Kamenstein Spice Rack is very easy to clean. Please do not immerse this gadget into the water and use dampened cloth to wipe clean it. This spice rack is very durable; you can use it for years with proper care and maintenance. This spice rack tower is super easy to install and has a great lifespan.

Why do we like it? 

  • 5-year spice refill
  • Spinning mechanism
  • Affordable
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3. Seville Classics Bamboo Spice Rack

Seville Classics Bamboo Spice Rack

This one is more like the Copco spice organizer. It is very durable and has attractive bamboo construction. Seville Classics spice rack can cost up to $40. This one has dimensions of 8.75 x 8.25 x 3.3 inches and weighs only 2 pounds. You can use this 3-step expandable rack to organize your kitchen, pantries, bathrooms, and many more.

Bamboo is used as a material to make this spice rack more sustainable and stronger than plastic and hardwood cabinets. Please do not submerge this spice organizer and keep it dry. With 3″ deep steps, you can use this device to organize cans, sauces, jars, medicines, and vitamins bottles in addition to other goods. This one may feel a little expensive, but you get what you pay for.

Seville spice rack is very easy to clean and can be used as a display shelf, as a cologne and perfume rack in the bathroom, or to store different cosmetics. Due to its small expandable size, this spice rack can fit into any tiny cabinet and is perfect for storing different essential oils. Even when extended completely, this spice rack is sturdy and extremely strong.

Why do we like it? 

  • Well-made stand
  • Durable
  • Affordable
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4. Spectrum Diversified Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

Spectrum Diversified Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

If we are talking about affordable spice racks, how can we forget Spectrum Diversified Cabinet organizer? This 3-tier rack only costs up to $14. This beautiful, stylish spice organizer has dimensions of 2.75 x 13 x 13.25 inches and weighs about 1.14 pounds. It contains three shelves and can hold spice jars, coffee bags, tea containers, beauty accessories, and many more.

Available in chrome, black and silver color, Spectrum Diversified Cabinet Organizer has a minimalist and simple design. You can use this wire organizer for your kitchens, bathrooms, pantries, and closets. Due to its slim body, use it in the bathroom to hold beauty accessories, creams, cosmetics, lotions, and many more. Easy to clean; just wipe this device with a damp cloth.

Spectrum Diversified spice organizer has an open design, which makes it easy to handle. The open design allows you to locate your desired item quickly. It doesn’t take much space either; you can put it on a countertop or mount it to the wall, making it a rational choice for any home. Additionally, the non-slippery rubberized feet prevent it from sliding.

 Why do we like it? 

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Affordable
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5. Lynk Professional Spice Rack

Lynk Professional Spice Rack

Last but not least, Lynk Professional Spice Rack is available in different styles and sizes. To be honest, it is the most flexible item on our list. This spice organizer can cost up to $50. A 6-¼” spice rack has dimensions of 10.3 x 6.3 x 8.5 inches and weighs about 5.15 pounds. With proper care, this spice organizer will last for years.

Lynk Professional Spice rack has an easy slide-out mechanism, which saves a lot of kitchen space. You don’t need special jars for your spices; this rack has its original containers. Industrial level ball bearing ensures smooth sliding and is designed to clean any cabinets lip. This spice rack can extend an extra 2″ to provide you full access to all spices and jars.

The exclusive design of the Lynk Professional spice rack makes it a perfect fit for deeper cabinets. This product is made with commercial quality steel for unparalleled strength, making it the most durable spice rack available in the market. To protect your cabinet from spills, this organizer contains thick polymer trays that lock into the place.

Why do we like it?  

  • Chrome construction
  • Available in different size
  • Industrial-grade ball bearing glides
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Spice Racks Buyer’s Guide

Different brands are manufacturing different types of spice racks. Therefore, anyone can get confused while selecting the best spice rack. Before you buy a spice rack, there are some points you should keep in mind. These points could be capacity, size, strength, quality, and many more. Here is a complete guide for you to keep in mind while buying a spice rack.

Capacity and size

The capacity and size of a spice rack depend upon an individual’s needs. For instance, if you like to cook a lot or use different kinds of spices in your dishes, buying a spice rack with more capacity will be a rational choice for you. On the other hand, for an individual who only uses a couple of spices and herbs, a smaller spice organizer would be best.


The strength of a spice organizer is also an important factor. Ensure the spice rack you are about to buy is completely shake-proof, so your spices don’t drop out. The best spice rack is one with non-slip feet. Make sure the spice organizer you are getting is durable and will be kept in a new condition for a long time. Most of the above spice organizers are made with commercial quality material for unparalleled strength.

Container Quality

If you are a perfectionist and want to assemble a complete collection of spices, make sure your spice rack comes with a pack of high caliber and solid containers. Use of the same jars or containers will give your kitchen a unique look and perfectly fit your spice racks. Try to find a spice rack that improves your kitchen décor and doesn’t look cheap. There is nothing more shameful than hiding a product in front of guests because it looks cheap.

Easy to handle

A beautiful-looking spice rack is not worth buying if it is not easy to handle. We use a spice organizer to find spice containers easily. Therefore, no matter what kind of spice rack you are about to buy, ensure it will make this process a little simpler, not more complex. We will recommend you get a spice organizer with pre-marked containers and with name tags to stick with the jars.