5 Best Soul Food Cookbooks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Are you done with the ordinary daily cooking? Do you feel like changing your cooking style and want to introduce your taste buds to something new? Well, this article is surely for you. Introducing you to the southern flavors and cooking style all mentioned in these cookbooks below. Everyone needs to taste real southern cuisine which includes African American chefs’ recipes.

We can’t deny the fact that soul foods are the delicious and tasty food in the world. And what could you more ask for in the presence of soul cookbooks? All you have to do is select the best Cookbook and start cooking delicious foods for your family. So, stick till the end and find out some of the best soul cookbooks.

Best Soul Food Cookbooks

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1. The Taste of Country Cooking by E. Lewis

The Taste Of Country Cooking

Miss Lewis, in 1990 wrote “The Taste of Country Cooking,” which immediately turned into a work of art. In her book, she expertly joins accounts of her adolescence in the country with plans that include profound importance inside the African American population. In plans and memories similarly heavenly. With set menu for the four terms, she bonds the ways her personal arranged and appreciated food, enjoying the pleasures of every exceptional season.

The new taste of spring; the primary herring, rough mushrooms, orchard strawberries, arena greens and servings of mixed greens, nectar from forest honey bees, and a disk rot of chicken with rough mushroom pulp. A season-via season festivity of Virginia cooking, Edna Lewis’ book is exemplary, which is as it should be.

Lewis brought Southern cooking into the standard, maneuvering it from the country into the domain of general solace and refinement. Suppose you see Southern food in high-end food currently: credit to her.  This Cookbook brings you down to rudiments from the Freetown ranches of Lewis’ childhood to making spread in margarine agitate. It’s about memory as much as guidance.

Why do we like it?

  • Classic
  • History description
  • Easy to follow
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2. Carla Hall’s Soul Food by C. Hall

Carla Hall's Soul Food

Carla’s soul cookbook is one of the most fun and basic ones. After spending lots of time in the South, she became the top chef out there and has mentioned all her experience and proficiency in cooking in this Cookbook. You will surely love the taste, flavor, and fun twists in the recipes included and explained in the Cookbook.

Generally, in this Cookbook, a vegetarian cooking, ordinary southern fare is brimming with veggie goodness, similarly pretty much as delectable as bread, and seared chicken is mainly focused. The outcomes are light, sound, occasional dishes with enormous, fulfilling tastes, the divine southern fare everybody will need a sample of.  With Carla southern diet recipes, you can enjoy rich festival food varieties, like spiced eggs, buttermilk rolls etc.

Including 145 unique plans, 120 shading photos, and an entire food love, Carla Hall’s Soul Food is a brilliant mix of the advanced and the conventional, respecting southern fare’s legacy and customizing it through Carla’s particular new style. The outcome is a compelling and kind assortment of plans and gossips that offer love, happiness, character, and memory.

Why do we like it?

  • Diverse recipes
  • Pictorial representation
  • Easy to follow
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3. Sweetie Pie’s Cookbook: Soulful Southern Recipes by R. Montgomery

Sweetie Pie's Cookbook Soulful Southern Recipes

Robbie is famous for making bakery items and sweet pies. Mentioning all the experiences and secret recipes in this Cookbook, she has made our life Definity beautiful.  The wonderful proprietor of the uncontrollably mainstream Sweetie Pie’s café and star of the OWN unscripted tv show Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s offers plans for her eminent southern fare and the exercises she’s learned on the way to progress.

Experiencing childhood in Mississippi and St. Louis, Robbie Montgomery, the most seasoned nine kids, was frequently liable for putting dinners on the family table. Working one next to the other with her mom in their St. Louis kitchen, Robbie figured out how to get ready many exemplary southern fare dishes.

Presently, at 72, Miss Robbie passes down those customs for ages of fans to appreciate in Sweetie Pie’s Cookbook. Robbie brings you into the kitchen to set up her most preferred dinners covered pork slashes, salmon croquettes, heated chicken and discloses to you sincere and silly stories, including astonishing stories from her life eatery and out and about as a backup artist. Darling’s Cookbook incorporates 75-100 stunning shading photographs and an Index.

Why do we like it?

  • Photographic representation
  • Baic ingredients used
  • Baking recipes
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4. Black Girl Baking: Recipes Inspired by a Soulful Upbringing by J. Guy

Black Girl Baking Recipes Inspired By A Soulful Upbringing

Black girl baking contains gluten-free recipes and has vegan recipes. It is quite a unique and different book with healthy ingredients used in each recipe. The special thing about this Cookbook is that special notice is taken, and this is made sure that the ingredients are 100% natural and easily available.

Along with the recipes, beautiful pictorial representation also makes it easy for the followers to pick and follow them. This Cookbook is surely the perfect one for people having a sweet tooth. The ones who are still immature in the kitchen and want to become pro at baking should consider this book and polish their skills rapidly.

The fun thing is that the dessert recipes are allergen-friendly. The black girl soul Cookbook is a very informative and outstanding source for guidance. The Cookbook is very relatable for youngsters as it is written by a young girl who has shared all her experiences and expertise in cooking and mainly baking. The recipes included are very health-friendly as less amount of sugary content is added while maintaining sweetness.

Why do we like it?

  • Baking recipes
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
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5. SOUL: A Chef’s Culinary Evolution by T. Richards

Soul A Chef's Culinary Evolution

Dark American culinary specialists and chefs are regularly pigeonholed as the specialists of individual one food southern fare, yet T. Richards’ recipes is not cliché. Tasting his deliciously made hot chicken will make you astonished. While his recipes are established in domestic and the American cooking known as southern fare, he doesn’t allow his legacy to limit him.

The memo of this cookbook is to create different dishes by adding spices and flavors of your own choice. Chicken with Ham Hocks is another of the unique and different recipe included in the cookbook that makes delicious combo. This reevaluation consolidates remote social impacts and represents culinary development.

Over 150 plans and staggering photographs, many a page, Todd dividends his imagination and enthusiasm to feature southern fare for another age of cooks. Regardless of whether you ae unaware to Southern and southern fare, Soul will urge you to venture outside of the crate yet to leave it strongly. This cookbook contains every recipe you need to know with easy-to-follow step and detailed analysis of each step making sure you don’t miss out anything.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to follow
  • Versatile
  • Pictorial representation
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 Soul Food Cookbooks Buyer’s Guide

To make ideal recipes with a confirmation of extraordinary taste and flavor, we require cookbooks. Because of the presence of cookbooks, cooking has gotten more fun and simpler. Having a cookbook that consummately fits in as indicated by your family’s taste is a particularly incredible gift. Here is a portion of the characteristics you should search for before purchasing a cookbook.

Level of Difficulty

On the off chance that you’re a novice in cooking, pick the book with essential plans and a direct setting. The purpose for such cookbooks for bleeding-edge levels has a couple of capacities to make a significant test for you. Be that as it may, make an effort notwithstanding the mountain close to the beginning, notwithstanding, for certain little stones to practice. While you get settled with these techniques and phrasings, go for the genuinely troublesome.


To be sure, pictures are maybe the most basic component of a recipe book. Likewise, extraordinary pictures help you improve your equation’s measure and advise the right strategy to advance. It’s very obvious that we need more time clearly to test and find new plans. We generally remember general recall of what we see. Pictures and photographs with steps make it simple for you to follow the stages precisely and unequivocally.

Low budget recipes

Purchasing cookbooks that contain costly and uncommon fixings is likewise not a shrewd advance to take. Search for a cookbook that is not difficult to execute and contains common fixings. Costly and inaccessible fixings will leave the food bland and exhausting. Go for a cookbook that incorporates plans and fixings that you can purchase.


Go for acquiring data about the writer of the cookbook. Regardless of whether the creator is celebrated, check whether he/she is educated. The innovation of any book likewise relies on the author and the spot he/she holds. Check for the standing the creator holds in the general public. Notwithstanding, few out of every odd one of them has a standard quality substance. An extra data for you: search for the maker’s name on Google and sees their profiles.

Simple to follow

Basic and simple cookbooks are consistently the most ideal decision. Attempt to stay away from cookbooks that are in story structure. Cookbooks that incorporate planning, cooking, temperature time are more helpful. Itemized notice of plans is not difficult to understand. In case you’re a novice in cooking, pick the book that has essential plans and a clear setting. The explanation for such cookbooks for front line levels have a couple of capacities to make a significant test for you.