13 Best Slow Juicers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Juicing at home has made things so easy. The diet of many individuals has been improved just because of consuming fruits and veggies juices. The best kind of juicers is those which preserves most nutrients while juicing and yields more juice. Here’s to introduce you to slow juicers, which are extremely safe for health and can be used as multipurpose.

As we know, there are various models of juicers in the market that might confuse you in which one to buy and which not. So, to help you buy a high-quality juicer, we would refer below to some of the slow juicers you would like to consider. So, keep on reading the article and get to know all about slow juicers.

Best Slow Juicers

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1. Jocuu Slow Juicer Masticating Juicer Cold Press Juicer

Jocuu Slow Juicer Masticating Juicer Cold Press Juicer

Jocuu slow mastication juicer comes with delicate and two-speed modes that separate a wide range of fibrous foods. When we say “Delicate,” we mean watermelon, orange, cucumber, and so on, and for “HARD,” we mean apple, carrot, etc. The juicer can isolate liquid and mash and diminishes the pace of oxidation. Truly reasonable for weight reduction individuals, youngsters, and seniors.

Jocuu juicer comes with a little feeder chute that allows you to eliminate the seeds when slicing the fruit or veggie before squeezing to lessen the bitter taste. Simultaneously, it can keep kids safe from being harmed during squeezing. Jocuu juicer machine works at the quiet low-speed engine, under 60 decibels. All detachable parts of the juicer are built-in from great food-grade cell reinforcement solid. The juicer is prepared with sharp engine assurance production it stops consequently for like clockwork’s activity, guarantee longer help life.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to Clean
  • Quiet Motor
  • Reverse Function
  • Comes with Recipes
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2. Kuvings Slow Juicer EVO820GM

Kuvings Slow Juicer Evo820gm

Kuvings juicer is licensed to work on 50RPMs that is quite low-speed; innovation will separate the most powerful nutrients, minerals, and catalysts. First, it smashes the food, then, at that point, squeezes it to deliver the best return without circulating air through it. The 82mm wide chute takes into account bigger fixings without cutting, which implies less planning time. The chromed dribble free squeeze ramble makes blended juices and flush between plans.

The 240W engine is incredible, solid, and works discreetly. The bigger mash outlet pipe permits more mash to be delivered along these lines leaving less mash buildup in the sifter. Additionally, tidy up is a breeze. Perfect for everything from smoothies, child food, nut milk, and sorbets. Ideal for squeezing fragile spices, berries, carrots, and apples. The durable and sleek design of the juicer and smoothed-out style feels very rich and praises any kitchen.

Why do we like it?

  • BPA-Free
  • Easy to Clean
  • Ultra-Efficient
  • Easy Usage
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3. AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

Amzchef Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

AMZCHEF slow juicer has seven twisting mastication for the greatest juice yield, little oxidation, and saved most nutrition. It can make different well-being food sources for your family: no messy hands and no sprinkling. In a couple of moments, you can drink some juice with a little mash and foam.  AMZCHEF slow juicer comes with a little feeder chute that allows you to eliminate the seeds when cutting the organic product to diminish the harsh taste.

Simultaneously, the juicer can keep youngsters from being harmed during squeezing. This refined plan can let you and your entire family make each other’s #1 juice with AMZCHEF slow juicer together every morning.  This cold press juicer utilizes a low-speed engine and fine pounding, which best holds the healthy benefit of your natural products, veggies, and greens. In addition, the Juicer extractor utilizes slow working that can entirely isolate juice and pulp.

Why do we like it?

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4. Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer Machine

Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer Machine

The Aobosi juicer can separate different products in almost no time, particularly turns out incredible for veggies, which permits the juice to keep up with its pure blending, typical taste, nutrients, and supplements: no filthy hands and no sprinkling. In a couple of moments, you can drink some juice with a little mash and froth. Rich nutrients can assist with keeping a decent figure and upgrade resistance. Reasonable for weight reduction individuals, kids, the senior.

Slow mastication can isolate juice and pulp, extracting higher-immaculateness squeeze and saving higher health benefits. The juicer extricates up to 20% more squeeze and 30% more nutrients and minerals. In addition, 80 rpm lower speed implies no warmth development and less oxidation. Juice cup perplex included can likewise assist with isolating juice and mash further. So, we can drink the first character and assimilate a large portion of the sustenance better with this juicer.

Why do we like it?

  • Quiet Motor
  • Reverse Function
  • High Nutrient extraction
  • Durable
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5. ORFELD Slow Masticating Juicer

Orfeld Slow Masticating Juicer

The cold press juicer by Orfeld is outfitted with savvy insurance, making it stop naturally at regular intervals’ activity. 150W engine under 60 decibels, little opening configuration to put fixings that forestall your hands getting harmed and guarantee the fixings are stoned and stripped for a better squeeze. You are simply partaking in a calm and safe climate and good life when making juice. In addition, this juicer machine includes a security lock configuration, which helps you simply gather and dismantle in minutes.

All detachable parts are made of top-notch Food Grade against oxidation materials, simple cleaning with a reward brush, or securely cleaning in your dishwasher.  Machines have switch capacity to keep away from adhered and helps you to clean. Cold press juicer furnished with smart assurance chips, making it stop naturally for like clockwork’s operation. Safety lock design helps you simple to collect and dismantle in minutes.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe
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6. HUROM HP Slow Juicer


This high-quality slow juicer is manufactured by HUROM, one of the best masticating juicer brands in the market. This slow juicer comes with stainless steel blades and can meet all your juicing needs. This juicer can extract fresh juice from different fruits and vegetables. This compact juicer has a small footprint, so it should easily fit on your countertop.

The HUROM HP slow juicer is designed for heavy-duty use and can handle years of daily use. This juicer comes with duplicate safety sensors, which enable the machine to operate only when the chamber is completely empty. This slow juicer has a built-in cooling mechanism that protects the juicer from overheating.

This product has a durable Ultem strainer and is made of traditional plastic eight times stronger than regular plastic. The slow speed of the HUROM HP slow juicer extracts every ounce of juice from vegetables and fruits. 


  • Heavy-duty slow juicer
  • It is equipped with a built-in cooling mechanism
  • Compatible with whole fruits and vegetables
  • Small footprint


  • This product is made of strong plastic
  • This juicer only operates when the chamber is empty
  • Slow speed extracts all the juice
  • Durable Ulem strainer


  • The feeding chute is narrow
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7. Nutribullet Slow Juicer


This product from Nutribullet is a slow-masticating and horizontal juicer with an extremely quiet motor. This slow juicer is easy to clean; it is equipped with a reverse function and is made of high-quality BPA-Free plastic. The color of this Nutribullet slow juicer is charcoal black, and it needs 180 watts of power to run. 

This is a high-torque juicer, and the slow-speed motor spins at 65 MPH to squeeze and crush nutrition out of vegetables and fruits. The blades of this juicer are made of alloy steel and stainless steel. This machine has a three-inch wide feed chute, an ultra-compact size, and a durable steel-tipped auger, which offer sleek juicer strength.

This Nutribullet slow juicer has a total capacity of 24 ounces and is compatible with all types of soft fruits and vegetables. This juicer comes with a pulp container, cleaning brush, recipe, and user guide.

 This slow juicer is made of durable plastic material; it has a small footprint and is designed for heavy-duty purposes. Except for the auger and pusher, all the parts of this juicer are dishwasher-safe.


  • 24-ounce total capacity
  • Three-inch feed chute
  • Ultra-compact size
  • Alloy steel and stainless steel blades


  • Quiet Motor
  • All parts except for the auger and pusher are dishwasher-safe
  • Made of durable BPA-free plastic
  • The brush offers easy cleaning 


  • Auger is difficult to remove from the juicer
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8. Ninja JC101 Cold Press Pro Slow Juicer


Ninja manufactures this high-quality slow juicer. This cold press slow juicer is equipped with a pulp controller, which gives you several customization options and is one of the best cold-press juicers. This machine also has cold spin technology, which produces more vegetable juice and less foam. This product comes with three interchangeable filters: No pulp, some pulp, and lots of pulp.

The interior of this Ninja JC101 is dishwasher-safe and is one of the easiest to clean slow juicers on the market. This product has a powerful high-torque motor base that rotates the auger at a slow speed. This machine has a simple, hassle-free setup and comes with a cleaning brush, which you use to clean different parts of the slow juicer.

The anti-drip lever of this slow juice prevents waste and keeps the surfaces clean. The Ninja JC101 cold press pro juicer has a compact and small footprint.


  • High-torque motor base
  • This juicer comes with a cleaning brush
  • Hassle-free and simple setup
  • Dishwasher-safe interior


  • Compact product
  • Anti-drip lever
  • Three interchangeable filters
  • Easy to operate


  • You will need to prepare fruits for this juicer
  • The exterior of the juicer is not dishwasher-safe
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9. Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer


The Hurom H-AA slow juicer is one of the best juicers available on the market. This product has a matte black color, a streamlined body, and smooth curves that become slimmer in the back. The Hurom H-AA slow juicer is stylish and rotates at a speed of 43 RPM. This machine is designed with the patented slow squeeze technology.

The Hurom H-AA slow juicer is a compact product with an extremely small footprint. This slow juicer has fine coarse strainers and a control lever. This juicer works well with soybeans, nuts, leafy greens, citrus fruits, and vegetables. This juicer can make milk, delicious drinks, and much more. You can also make ice cream with the help of this slow juicer.


  • Stylish juicers
  • Made from patented slow squeeze technology
  • Slim juicer
  • This machine runs at a speed of 43 mph


  • This is a compact juicer
  • You can also use this machine to make ice cream
  • Easy to operate


  • This juicer is smaller than other slow juicers
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10. Omega H3000D Cold Press 365 Masticating Juicer


The Omega H3000D cold press masticating juicer is a high-quality slow juicer with a slow masticating extractor. This product is capable of creating delicious leafy and fruit juices. This slow juicer preserves the nutritional value of vegetables and fruits. This product’s blades are sturdy and made of stainless steel.

This black-colored slow juicer is a compact product and has a small footprint. This product is made from BPA-free material and can easily extract juices from celery, leafy vegetables, carrots, and other fruits and vegetables. This slow juicer is easy to clean and set up. To clean the Omega H3000D cold press 365 masticating juicer, you can take it apart and place it on the parts in a dishwasher.


  • Slow masticating extractor
  • Blades are made of stainless steel material
  • This machine preserves the nutritional value of veggies and fruits


  • Removable and dishwasher-safe parts
  • This product is compatible with all fruits and vegetables
  • The juicer has a small footprint


  • This juicer is not as compatible as other slow juicers
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11. Omega J8006HDC Ultimate Juicer and Nutrition System


If you are looking for a basic juicer that can easily get the job done, look no further than the versatile Omega J8006HDC ultimate juicer and nutrition system. This slow juicer comes with an efficient nutrient extractor that will extract all nutrients and vitamins from vegetables and fruits. This machine runs at a good speed of 80 MPH and is made of stainless steel.

This slow juicer only weighs thirteen pounds and has compact size. This machine has a small footprint, so you can place it in your kitchen. The Omega J8006HDC Ultimate slow juicer is perfect for small kitchens or apartments. This slow juicer can make healthy, nutrient-rich, and delicious juice.

You can also use this product to turn nuts into nut butters, grind spices and coffee, mince garlic and herbs and extrude pasta.


  • It is equipped with an efficient nutrient extractor
  • Made of stainless steel material
  • Makes healthy and delicious juices


  • Multifunctional slow juicers
  • This machine has a small footprint
  • Versatile slow juicer


  • The feed chute is small
  • Low quality of juices
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12. Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine


Hamilton Beach is a reputable kitchen appliances company, and this Hamilton Beach juicer machine is one of the best juicers available on the market. This product is a slow juicer capable of extracting all the essential nutrients and vitamins from fruits and vegetables. This machine is compatible with all varieties of fruits and vegetables. This slow juicer is equipped with a centrifugal extractor.

The Hamilton Beach Juicer machine is made of BPA-free materials and is equipped with an 800-watt powerful motor. This slow juicer is easy to clean; it has removable parts that are all dishwasher-safe. This high-quality slow juicer has a three-inch feeding chute and offers continuous juicing, unlike other slow juicers on the market. This is a compact juicer, and you can place it on top of your kitchen counter.


  • This slow juicer has a centrifugal extractor
  • This product is made of BPA-free materials
  • Three-inch feeding chute
  • Removable and dishwasher-safe parts


  • Powerful motor
  • Offers continuous juicing
  • Compact slow juicer
  • Easy to use


  • Not as compact as some other slow juicers
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13. Tribest Slow Juicer


This Tribest slow juicer works at a slow pace and is equipped with an efficient juice extractor. This cold press juicer comes with a red-color body and is made of plastic material. The blades of this slow juicer are durable and made of stainless steel. The Tribest slow juicer has three-stage speed reduction gears and extracts juice at a speed of 47 MPH

This juice is compatible with all types of fruits and vegetables and comes with a duo blade that offers two times more cutting action than a regular blade. The blade is designed to rapidly cut through fruits, nuts, vegetables, and more. You can use this slow juicer to make juices and sauces. The Tribest slow juicer is easy to clean as all its parts are detachable.

This slow juicer is a compact and lightweight product. The footprint of the Tribest slow juicer is extremely small so it won’t take up much space in your kitchen.


  • This machine is equipped with a duo blade
  • Stainless steel blades
  • The product is made of plastic


  • Easy to clean slow juicer
  • Compact slow juicer
  • This juicer runs at a speed of 47 MPH


  • Expensive product
  • This juicer is tough to clean
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Buying Guide

We have given you several options above that you can choose from. However, before you invest in a slow juicer, you should always consider a few factors. While factors vary from individual to individual, here are some basic factors that you should remember before investing in a slow juicer:


The quality of the product matters the most because a low-quality juicer will not last long. The best way to determine the quality of the product is to find out how long it can last. If the product is designed for heavy-duty use, then it can last for a long time. Check out 5 Best Vegetable Juicers and 5 Best Wheatgrass Juicers

However, if the product is made from cheap materials, it is not expected to last long. Please review the product information, and ensure that you invest in a quality slow juicer. Check out 5 Best Juicers Under $ 200 and 5 Best Juicers Under $ 100.  


Most slow juicers are made of plastic material. While plastic is strong and sturdy, stainless steel and aluminum slow juicers are also available on the market. Stainless and aluminum are stronger than plastic and you should buy juicers made of these two materials. Check out 5 Best Juicers for Ginger

Removable Parts

You should always invest in slow juicers that come with removable parts. Removable slow juicer parts will enable you to take apart the juicer and carry it easily. You can also easily clean the juicer by separating and cleaning the parts with water.

If the parts are dishwasher-safe, then all you have to do is put the parts on the top rack of the dishwasher.