5 Best Salad Cookbooks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Making salad sounds quite an easy job to do. But making the same kind of salads every day with the same causal taste and appearance sounds quite boring. Leave behind your customary blended green daily plate of same greens dressing and prepare to get motivated by the plate of mixed greens-driven cookbooks.

The recipes included in the salad cookbooks are casual and fancy, depending on your mood and need. It’s time to take this daily day dish to some next level right at home. So, stick till the end and find out your perfect salad cookbook that effortlessly suits your taste buds.

Best Salad Cookbooks

ImageBest Salad CookbooksRating
Food52 Mighty Salads1. Food52 Mighty Salads99%
Mandy's Gourmet Salads2. Mandy's Gourmet Salads96%
Salad Samurai3. Salad Samurai92%
Salad Of The Day4. Salad of the Day89%
Salad Love5. Salad Love85%

Want to know more?

Here are some best salad cookbook reviews.

1. Food52 Mighty Salads by A. Hesser

Food52 Mighty Salads

This cookbook is quite possibly the most widespread serving of mixed greens books available nowadays. No other thing can be more appealing and more delicious than servings of mixed greens with prawn radicchios, pancetta, and beans, preparing with roasted lemon. You can discover an assortment of sixty heavenly recipes and numerous tips to progress your old custom-made servings of mixed greens.

You don’t need to abandon your old grandmother’s plate of mixed greens formula. You can change and step up the recipes to be additional present-day but continue their days of your taste. In evident “Food52” design, tips for home cooks are added by including simple flavor-boosting strategies like spices or dissolving cheddar for dressings. Transform your normal plate of mixed greens into an entire supper with this Salad Cookbook.

It is planned chiefly for individuals enduring exclusively on green plates of mixed greens.  Food52 Mighty Salads is the cookbook intended for individuals who are enthusiastic about investigating various recipes of serving mixed greens from back pocket tips to stunts to improve your old plate of mixed greens plans; you will track down a complete guide for plates of mixed greens and dressings alongside some other information.

Why do we like it?

  • Wonderful photographs
  • Natural ingredients
  • Incorporate a few hints to change your old recipes
  • Support good eating habits
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2. Mandy’s Gourmet Salads by M. Wolfe, R. Wolfe & M. Erickson

Mandy's Gourmet Salads

Mandy took motivation from various nations; however, she chiefly utilizes neighborhood fixings. Like this, this cookbook is an ideal decision on the off chance that you like utilizing occasional fixings. It covers twelve months to month plans, utilizing natural and the finest elements every month to make a delightful plate of mixed greens. Mandy has finished an honorable advance from 3 feet serving of mixed greens pledge to eight immense areas in Montreal today.

From all that experience, she presented to us Mandy’s Gourmet Salad Cookbook. One can discover a flavorful serving of mixed greens plans and a few smoothies and desserts as of Mandy and her sister Rebecca. Plans included in cookbook accompany lively pictures and point-by-point venture to-step guidelines.

You can utilize numerous vivid vegetables with various surfaces in her plans, which I accept will make an original dish of mixed greens bowls. Along with worldwide encouraged recipes and regular ingredients, it comes with pictorial representation, making it easy for better understanding the steps and ingredients. This cookbook contains delightful salad dressing ideas too.

Why do we like it?

  • clear photos
  • healthy ingredients
  • easy to follow
  • home cook-friendly
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3. Salad Samurai by T. Romero

Salad Samurai

Salad Samurai is the top-of-the-line serving of mixed greens formula book that shares more than 100 serving of mixed greens recipes. This cookbook is very much organized. The principal segment covers numerous plans for you to look over at the primary bowl with fish, fruits, meat, or veggie-lover servings of mixed greens. This cookbook is a helpful collaborator for making veggie lovers and without dairy dishes utilizing different fixings and occasional items.

The writer has cautiously classified it into 4 seasons so you can consume an extensive scope of proper options for every sort of taste. This is the cookbook where the writer shares a portion of the plans to change the assessment of individuals regarding serving of mixed greens dishes and seeing the things with another and alternate point of view.

The recipes of the mixed greens cookbook include some meatless serving of mixed greens plans which depend on complete dinner components and occasional foodstuffs. In this way, with the plans, you can hope to get a decent portion of veggies that are created occasionally without depending on plates of mixed greens wealthy in proteins and meats. The recipes recollected in the cookbook are all without dairy and subsequently individuals with lactose issues.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy recipes
  • Nicely explained
  • Meatless recipes
  • Variety
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4. Salad of the Day by G. Brennan

Salad Of The Day

Make each day solid and delectable with Salad of the Day, presently accessible at a reasonable price. Get roused with dazzling photography and extraordinary recipes for a year of new servings of mixed greens and dressings. Cooks of each ability level will discover motivation for simple, good, and schedule style recipes offering 365 tempting plates of mixed greens for any season, event, or temperament.

Energetic, new, and flexible, servings of mixed greens make a phenomenal supper or side dish any day of the year. Catch the essence of spring with a pasta recipe of mixed greens highlighting sugar snap peas and thin asparagus. Relish the kinds of summer with juicy, ready tomatoes and sweet corn parts threw with interesting blue cheddar. In pre-winter, appreciate a warm wild mushroom plate of mixed greens wearing bacon vinaigrette.

Throughout the colder time of year, pair brilliant citrus organic products with skirt steak and peppery arugula. Every formula incorporates dressing proposals, and accommodating notes offer serving and replacement thoughts. Every recipe incorporates corresponding dressing suggestions or plans and accommodating notes offer serving and replacement thoughts.

Why do we like it?

  • Includes other side recipes
  • Versatile
  • Reasonable
  • Variety of recipes
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5. Salad Love by D. Bez

Salad Love

To cook at home permits, you to impart great dinners to family or companions and practice good eating habits and adjusted food. Why not to begin it right now with the love of salad cookbook? From cheddar, deliciously cooked potatoes and dry Cranberries, a melon plate of mixed greens with perfect, spring rolls, or farouche, find 75 guidelines of complete plates of mixed greens, savory and sweet, vegan or not.

Find many good, tasty, and excellent plates of mixed greens which can be set up instantly with minimal blade and a cutting board. Resolved to have additional vegetables to eat, the author left on an individual test to make one new recipe of mixed greens each day utilizing occasional, sound fixings. In the love of salad, he tells his number one recipe from his overall experience.

Crispy, flavorful, and extraordinarily fulfilling, these servings of mixed greens go past your common blend of lettuce, and garnishes to make lively, plant-based suppers that offer something for each sense of taste. In summer, attempt Oak-Burnt Cheddar, fruits, and Blueberries; for drop, appreciate good Bake Chicken, Pepper, and nuts; in winter, added up with Animal protein, Baked Potatoes, Carrots, and Dry Cranberries; and, appreciate Egg, Edible asparagus, and Pecorino.

Why do we like it?

  • Includes pictures for easy making salads
  • creates lively, plant-based meals
  • A decent chance to discover encouraged salads
  • Easy to follow
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Salad Cookbooks Buyer’s Guide

Try not to misjudge the significance of recipes of mixed greens since they don’t require such a lot of exertion to make. Having the same dishes everyday with same kind of taste makes it boring. As we have variety of guiding cookbooks that we must consider. How about we see what highlights we should investigate while buying the best serving of mixed greens cookbook.

Level of Difficulty

In case you’re an amateur in cooking, pick the book that has basic plans and a straightforward setting. The reason behind such cookbooks for cutting-edge levels have a few abilities to make a major test for you.  However, try not to begin with the mountain toward the start, however, for certain little stones to rehearse. While you get comfortable with these methods and wordings, go for the seriously difficult.


Indeed, pictures is perhaps the most critical element of a recipe book. Envision having a beautiful and excellent picture. Will you have more inspiration to begin? Also, great pictures help you improved comprehend the formula and tells the correct method to progress.

Dietary Classification

A few cookbooks utilize vegetables as fixings, which consummately suits vegetarians. Approximately they have practical experience in organic product serving of mixed greens, yet patients with diabetes have battled certain specific natural products like apple, pear, and so forth. Hence, check this element cautiously to more readily adjust to yourself as well as other relatives.


There are a large number of recipes of mixed greens cookbooks available. However, not every one of them has a standard quality substance. An additional information for you: look for the creator’s name on Google and see their profiles. On the off chance that it is a confided-in creator, the designations are recorded in numerous posts, and then likewise numerous references of their plans on cuisine magazines.