5 Best Russian Cookbooks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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A cookbook is supposed to be your guide in the kitchen; step-by-step it should improve your cooking skills and take them to the next level. A good cookbook can be helpful; it can teach you how to be creative and innovative with your dishes. However, the tough part is to find a good cookbook.

While many Russian cookbooks are available on the market, customers are not aware of the good ones. However, they do not need to worry anymore as we are here to give them much-needed clarity as we have listed below the best Russian cookbooks available on the market.

Best Russian Cookbooks

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1. Kachka by Bonnie Frumkin Morales & Deena Prichep


Kachka explores the various roots of Russian cuisine by emphasizing the ingredients and merging the traditional and modern cooking styles. With the help of this book, you can make several dishes such as pickles, dumplings, meatballs, Porcini barley soup, and much more. This cookbook contains over a hundred recipes and covers almost all aspects of Russian cuisine.

Kachka gives you the complete recipe and thoroughly explains the method of making a dish. This cookbook contains dessert recipes as well, so you can have a complete cooking experience. Apart from traditional Russian dishes, Eastern European cuisine is also discussed in Kachka.

If you are new to cooking Russian food, you need to learn the various cooking techniques and methods to make dishes that look good and have a fantastic taste. Kachka has a lot of detailed information on ingredients and how to use them, and the ingredients mentioned in this cookbook are all easily available.

Kachka is a good cookbook to have, especially if you are new to Russian cuisine. It has more than a hundred recipes of main courses, side dishes, and dessert. This cookbook also discusses Eastern European cuisine, so it is a complete cooking guide, and it will certainly take your cooking skills to the next level.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to read
  • Well organized
  • 100 recipes
  • Also discusses Eastern European cuisine
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2. Unique Traditional Russian Cooking by Michael Kiras

Unique Traditional Russian Cooking

This cookbook discusses several Russian dishes that are easy to make and also taste good. The recipes discussed in this cookbook contain fresh and easily available ingredients, and the book has a lot of detail in it. The author has put a lot of effort into the book as it contains lots of high-quality pictures, and the paper quality is also good.

Chef Michael Kira, who has written this book, received training at the State Institute of Cooking Arts in Ukraine and has worked as a chef in several countries. The chef has detailed all his experience in the cookbook, and it doesn’t matter if you are a professional or an amateur, you can also cook all the dishes mentioned in the book.

The restaurants in which Chef Michael Kira has worked in, have all received great praise from critics, who liked the taste and quality of dishes. If you are someone who loves getting creative with food, then this is the cookbook you need. This cookbook provides you an opportunity to take the next step in your cooking journey.

This cookbook by Michael Kira is a must-have, it contains recipes that are easy to make, and even inexperienced cooks can make them. The chef that has written this book is also well-known and praised by critics, so there are no doubts. This cookbook is the perfect kitchen companion for you.

Why do we like it?

  • Detailed
  • Pictures
  • Easy to read
  • Good for professionals and amateurs
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3. HELLO! 222 Russian Recipes by Mr. World

Hello 222 Russian Recipes By Mr. World

Most cookbooks contain no less than a few dozen recipes, but this cookbook by Mr. World, has over 222 recipes. This cookbook discusses the many ingredients you can use to make Russian dishes and gives a complete cooking guide on the techniques you should use to excel in cooking.

This cookbook is best for you if you are new to cooking Russian cuisine as all the recipes that have been discussed in the book are easy to make, and the ingredients are also available in the market. Even if you cannot find an ingredient, do not worry, as this book also contains an alternate guide.

All dishes that have been discussed in this cookbook are healthy, you will also get to learn a lot of variety from this cookbook, and it will give you ideas on how to make your dish look good and taste good. With so much detail, you can surely learn and become a better cook in a very short amount of time.

This cookbook by Mr. World has so many recipes that you will never run out of dishes, as every day you will have a new dish to make. The detail given in this book is precise and easy to understand. If you are a beginner, then this is the cookbook you need.

Why do we like it?

  • 222 recipes
  • Alternate guide
  • Well-organized
  • Easy to read
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4. Russian Cookbook: Traditional Russian Recipes Made Easy by Grizzly Publishing

Russian Cookbook Traditional Russian Recipes Made Easy

Are you into learning about food and not just cooking? Well, then this Russian cookbook is the one you need. This cookbook by Grizzly will truly enhance your cooking ability. It will teach you a lot about food. Most importantly, it all adds unmatched flavor to your dishes and will also give you a short history lesson on the background of dishes.

Usually, people who don’t have a Russian background start with other cuisines such as American, Italian, Japanese, and many more, but this cookbook makes Russian cooking look easy. It contains recipes such as various kinds of desserts, soups, salads, and breakfast dishes.

This Russian cookbook by Grizzly will help you learn a variety of dishes, and it will even teach you to make traditional Russian dishes whose recipes are not easy to find. This Russian cookbook is easy to read, is detailed, and it does not matter if you are a professional chef or someone who cooks for fun, this book is for everyone.

Russian cuisine has a lot of history behind it, it is not as well-known as other cuisines of the world, but it is very rich in flavor and taste. This Russian cookbook by Grizzly is a high-quality cookbook, giving you all the information you need, and it also discusses the history behind various Russian dishes.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to read
  • Contains traditional recipes
  • Helpful
  • Enhances cooking skills
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5. A Taste of Mother Russia by Lora Monk

A Taste Of Mother Russia

Are you someone who is lacking taste in their dishes? If you want your dishes to taste really good, then you need this cookbook by Lora Monk. It contains over 320 original recipes, with the help of this cookbook, you can make various types of starters, main courses, and even desserts. This Russian cookbook contains traditional and modern Russian dishes.

If you are of Russian descent and want to try a dish that your grandmother and mother used to make, this cookbook by Lora Monk can teach that dish. This cookbook will give your cooking skills a huge lift. The author Lora Monk learned many dishes from her grandmother in Ukraine and is now sharing that experience in her cookbook.

Traditional dishes have an original taste that is tough to replicate. However, with the right guidance, you can make any dish. This cookbook from Lora Monk is perfect for those who want a little taste of the past and who want to make dishes their mother or grandmother used to make.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to read
  • Detailed
  • Well-organized
  • 320 recipes
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Russian Cookbooks Buyer’s Guide

Cookbooks are a form of guidance, and when you are in the kitchen, you need the right guidance to cook quality food. However, sometimes customers are hesitant to buy cookbooks. They fear that the detail might confuse them, so they buy nothing all or invest in useless cookbooks that have very little information.

A good cookbook contains all the necessary information, and to get better, you will need to learn to digest that information. We have given below a few factors customers need to study before they buy a Russian cookbook.


The quality of a cookbook will decide the standard of your cooking. If the quality is high, your cooking skills will enhance, but obviously, your cooking will suffer if the cookbook has no quality. Always buy cookbooks that explain recipes and ingredients in detail and clearly explain the method and techniques.

Why you need a Russian cookbook?

Whenever you are trying to learn new recipes to cook, you need a helping hand. Russian cuisine is not as popular as some other cuisines globally, so you need a lot of information and planning before you decide to make Russian dishes.

Is it worth it?

Yes. A good cookbook can go a long way and offer you guidance for years to come. If you want to take your cooking skills to the next level, you need advice from professionals, and the best form of advice that you can easily get is a cookbook.