The 9 Best Rotisserie Grills for 2023

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10 Best Rotisserie GrillsWhen you want to grill whole chickens to perfection, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ve rounded up both easy-to-use models as well as the best rotisserie grills at the top of their game. The options we’ve curated for you will surely fit your needs and budget — we also give a comprehensive guide on the important things to consider when choosing your new grill rotisserie. 

So without further ado, here are the 9 best rotisserie grills for 2023. 

The 10 Best Rotisserie Grills

In our search for the best rotisserie grills, we looked at options with a built-in rotisserie cooking system or one that has a rotisserie attachment. After analyzing various products that provide different features and accessories with different price points, here are the best gas grills you can choose from in today’s market. 

1. DCS BH1 Rotisserie Grill

Dcs Bh1 30r L Traditional Grill With Rotisserie


  • With 1 rear burner and 2 main burners 
  • Powerful rotisserie grilling rotator with a 50lb capacity
  • Powerful turning motor and 2 main burners with 25,000 BTU
  • Comes with a 3500 BTU smoker burner for wood chips

When you want to make the best rotisserie chicken, the DCS BH1 Rotisserie Grill is a high-performance natural gas grill with stainless steel construction. With a 50lb capacity and a 150V motor and two main burners with 25,000 BTUs, it offers the best results of any rotisserie grill. Other features include rear burners that provide 18,000 BTUs, giving your three different heat sources capable of delivering professional grilling and searing. 

Another reason that this model is among the best rotisserie grills is its patented management system for grease that prevent flare-up and allow for an easy clean. Finally, it has ceramic rods for temperature control and lights for grilling at night, making it the top pick for rotisserie enthusiasts. Because of its versatility, convenient features, and precision performance, it offers great value for anyone looking for the best grill.  


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2. Char-Broil Performance Rotisserie Grill

Char Broil 463370719 Performance


  • Comes with a huge cooking area
  • Push-to-start electronic ignition
  • Designed with a cart style that’s portable and easy to store
  • With a high-heat infrared burner

With 450 square inches of cooking space and a 50lb capacity, the Char-Broil Performance Rotisserie Grill offers all these are more in a smart and compact cart design for easy storage and maximum portability. Great for parties and BBQs, its warming rack can swing away to keep out of your way when you don’t need it. Even without a dedicated burner, it performs very well in the rotisserie cooking process. 

You’ll surely appreciate its reliable electronic ignition that starts at the push of a button, while its porcelain-coated and rust-proof grills offer mess-free and easy use. Its cart design with wheels and durable construction make it a great option for rotisserie-cooked food on the fly. Because of all these amazing features and more, it’s an amazing option for those looking for an infrared rotisserie burner.


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3. Monument Grills 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill

Monument Grills Larger 4 Burner Propane Gas Grills


  • Comes with 4 main burners and 1 side burner
  • With a built-in thermometer
  • Has a 513.3 sq. in. cooking surface
  • With a manual turner and a porcelain-coated cast iron grid

This liquid-propane-powered stainless steel grill features 4 main burners with a large cooking space of 513.3 sq. in. and two side burners for 72,000 BTUs of total power. The Monument 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill comes with stainless steel tamers that ensure even heat distribution throughout the grill. You’ll love the viewable thermometer, electronic ignition, and 4 caster wheels that add to the charm of this great slow-cook grill.  

However, it does have a heavier design at the top and smaller wheels compared to others which makes it more vulnerable to tripping to a slight degree. But with this problem aside, it provides a high-quality and reliable mobile grill that offers plenty of cooking area for big meals. This professional-grade grill is good enough to rival the more expensive and versatile brands and grills in the market. 


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4. Weber Summit S-670 Rotisserie Grill

Weber Summit S 670 Liquid Propane Gas Grill


  • With 769 sq. in. for the entire cooking area
  • Designed with a new heating element 
  • Plenty of searing, grilling, rotisserie, and smoking options
  • Has 6 burners with a total of 60,800 BTUs

The Summit S-670 by Weber offers 769 square inches of cooking area, making it the best rotisserie grill for any amount of food and large cuts of meat. With a total of 60,800 BTUs from the 6 cooking grates and Weber’s Flavorizer bars, you’ll consistently get restaurant-quality rotisserie cooking and grilling. This setup is made complete with a dedicated smoker burner, sear burner, side burner, rear burner, and a warming rack. 

While this stainless steel spit rotisserie is a bit more expensive compared to similar models, its high performance, large cooking space, and plenty of cooking methods make it a great option for foodies. It also has advanced features such as Weber’s own Snap-Jet ignition system and full grilling and rotisserie station is sure to make it the envy of your neighbors during the grilling season. 


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5. Broil King Regal S590 Rotisserie Grill

Broil King 958344 Regal S 590 Pro Gas Grill


  • Designed to deliver results for extreme cooking
  • Provides better heat retention for professional results 
  • Dishwasher-safe drip tray and cooking surface
  • With 4-stage manual temperature control

When you’re looking for a high-performance gas grill, look no further than the Broil King Regal S590, which comes with a main burner that produces 55,000 BTUs, a 15,000 BTU rotisserie burner, and a 10,000 BTU burner at the side. With 625 square inches of cooking space, you can cook larger cuts of meat, heavier foods, and fresh vegetables in high temperatures while sealing great flavor. It comes with solid, 9mm spit rods that are heavier compared to other models to provide the best heat retention to help increase fuel efficiency. 

Its LED-lit controls help you operate your grill safely at night, while the big side tables offer more convenience. It weighs around 217 lbs and is considerably heavier compared to others in the same size range but the heavy-duty caster wheels it comes with provide mobility. With patented and innovative technologies, as well as a fantastic performance, it comes at a fair price for the quality it provides. 


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6. Napoleon Built-in Prestige 500 BBQ Grill

Napoleon Built In Prestige 500 Bbq Grill


  • Features a heavy-duty design with an easy-to-open lid
  • Offers a wide cooking area even with a small size
  • Comes with a dual-forked system for rotisseries 
  • Ultra-compact design that can be easily stored away

The Napoleon Built-in Prestige 500 BBQ Grill is a high-performance grill that’s both powerful and compact. Its 4 stainless steel burners deliver an output of 66,000 BTUs, while the patented 7.5mm WAVE grill grates made of stainless steel provide great heat retention. You can also cook two items simultaneously with its infrared rotisserie that provides an ultra-hot and clean performance for all kinds of rotisserie meat. 

Other great features you can look for include the Accu-Probe temperature gauge, lighting technology in every control knob, sear plates, its patented Lift Ease grill lid, and more. Even with a heavy box design and its lack of mobility compared to the more common cart-designed grills, it still delivers exceptional performance, making it a great option. 


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7. Lion 40-Inch Stainless Steel Rotisserie Grill

Lion 40 Inch Stainless Steel Natural Gas Grill On Cart


  • Highest heat output of all the options in the list
  • Offers the biggest cooking surface of all options
  • Provides many dedicated burners
  • Is highly mobile for a rotisserie grill of its size

The 1030 square inch main cooking area offered by the Lion 40-Inch Stainless Steel Rotisserie Grill is powered by 5 stainless steel burners that pump out a total of 90,000 BTUs. This commercial-grade natural gas grill offers versatility with a built-in warming rack, a rear infrared burner, and double layer welded smoker head. As a result, you’ve got yourself a professional fish and meat smoker that provides a better way to cook large roasts. 

Other great inclusions with this grill include an extra large temperature gauge, push-button ignition, wide storage space, and their own Lion Quick Lite valves. The storage space alone comes with double drawers, two interior lights, and a handy bottle opener in a cart-like body with wheels. Thanks to its exceptional quality, high performance, and generous storage, you’ll be able to cater to all kinds of outdoor events, gatherings, and parties. 


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8. Ronco 5500 Series Stainless Steel Countertop Rotisserie Oven

Ronco 5500 Series Rotisserie Oven


  • Runs on electricity and is safe for indoor use
  • Offers a big capacity despite being a countertop option
  • Comes with plenty of accessories for added versatility
  • Automated features provide a better grilling experience

While it may not be a traditional rotisserie spit grill, the Ronco 5500 Series provides a convenient and great way to cook inside your kitchen rotisserie style. It offers a specialized heating system and is big enough to fit one 15 lb turkey or two whole chickens while ensuring that your meat cooks thoroughly. You’ll find that its non-stick interior and cooking grates can be cleaned easily, which means you can spend more time eating rather than cleaning. 

A great addition is how the meat self-bastes as a result of the rotation of this model, resulting in a juicy and flavorful end product. It also has an adjustable timer, auto-shutoff features, three power levels, as well as dishwasher-safe removable parts. Lastly, it comes with various accessories such as a rotisserie grill basket, oven gloves, food ties, and its own carving platform. 


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9. The Kanka Grill

The Kanka Grill


  • At only 12 pounds, it’s the most lightweight option in the market
  • Made with high-quality, food-grade stainless steel
  • Can be powered by various resources
  • Heavy-duty construction that can cook up to 22 pounds of food

The Kanka Grill offers the best solution for outdoor and open-fire grilling and has been designed by BBQ experts to give you professional results every time. The versatility of this option allows you to work with virtually any grill and heat source, including Kamado Joe ceramic burners, Davy Crockett pellet grills, Twin Eagles Grills, charcoal grills, campfires, and fire pits. As such, it offers an innovative and unique universal rotisserie kit that lets you cook with any fire anywhere you please. 

It features an electric motor that can function using a 110V-220V power outlet, AA batteries, or a rechargeable solar battery for over 30 hours of operation. Made for your safety and with quality, these spit forks are made only with 100% food-grade stainless steel and contain no plastic or chromed parts. While they weigh only 12 lbs, these rotisserie grill kits can carry as much as 22 lbs of prime rib and any other meat while cutting down your cooking time.   


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Buyer’s Guide for the Best Rotisserie Grill 

Whether you’re shopping for the best charcoal grill or rotisserie grill, the most important factor is to consider the features that you need. Here are just a few things you should look into so you can make an informed decision before making a purchase. 


This should be decided depending on how many people you need to cook for as well as the type of food you’ll be cooking. A bigger model will work best if you’re cooking for many people or if you want to fit in more meat as your food cooks. But if you’re cooking just for your family, a smaller grill should be enough. 

Temperature Control

Another thing to consider when looking for a rotisserie grill is the heat settings. Looking for options with control over the temperature according to the meal you’re cooking is a good idea. Doing this will ensure that your food won’t burn to a crisp or dry out while cooking it thoroughly. 


If you’re working with a budget, be sure to consider the cost of your grill. Yes, some grills will be more expensive compared to others but these models will last a long time if they are cared for. Because of this, it can be worth investing your money in a model that offers quality and durability that can withstand daily use. 


Many rotisseries will be made from cast iron or stainless steel. The former will provide you with durability and strength but may rust if it’s neglected and not properly taken care of. The latter will be easy to clean and won’t rust over time but won’t have the versatility and strength of cast iron options. 

Style of Heating Element

You’ll need to decide on the kind of heat that you want to use for cooking food. Some of the more traditional ways involve charcoal, gas, and wood but you’ll also find electric heating available. While some will offer high heat options, others will work with indirect heat — the latest in technology is the infrared burner which provides even cooking and fast startup times. 


When you’re working with rotisserie grills, the more accessories you have, the better. Be sure to look for models that include attachments such as a drip pan, easy-access drawers, cooking gloves, grill covers, skewer sets, heat shields, and more. Moreover, the best grills will come fully equipped with extras like rib racks and rotisserie baskets that will help you make your cooking experience much better.  

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning is an important part of maintaining your grill and is especially important when it comes to rotisseries. There are options that will come with non-stick surfaces or detachable parts that can make them easier to clean. If you’re going to use your rotisserie regularly, be sure to look for an option that has durable and easy-to-clean cooking grids as well as a grease tray that can be removed. 

Special Features

You should also decide on special features that you want your rotisserie grill to have such as a side burner, automatic shutoff function, programmable timers, adjustable temperatures, and more. Other options may offer built-in thermometers so you can have full control over the internal temperature of your meat without the need to open the lid each time you check.  

Find the Best Rotisserie Grill for You Today 

The best thing that a home cook can add to their BBQ hardware is a reliable grill rotisserie that will cook all of their meats and buns without any problems. While not all were made equal, you’ll certainly find that many offer durability, versatility, quality, and performance with convenient features at no extra cost. Whether you’re a casual or professional griller, the choices above are among the best currently available in the market, so you can’t go wrong with any of them.