Best Rice Vinegar

5 Best Rice Vinegars (Reviews Updated 2021)

Rice vinegar is made from fermented rice. Production of this vinegar is predominant in Japan, Korea, China, and sometimes Vietnam. While Chinese rice vinegar is stronger than ones made in Japan, they are both milder in acidity when compared to Western vinegar. Your immune system will be thankful as rice vinegar contains some specific amino acids that are great for your immune system.

Rice vinegar aids in slowing down the deposition of cholesterol in arteries. It is also great for reducing or maintaining weight. Rice vinegar can also be used to prevent infections and to tighten skin when used topically.

If you like to get some rice vinegar to add flavor to your dishes while boosting your immune system and reducing free radical activity, you are at the right place. Below are our five (5) best rice vinegar reviews. Kindly read them and make a choice.

Best Rice Vinegars

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Here are our Best Rice Vinegar reviews.

1. Marukan Genuine Brewed Unseasoned Rice Vinegar

Marukan Genuine Brewed Unseasoned Rice Vinegar

The Marukan Genuine Brewed Rice Vinegar is slowly brewed using traditional methods to bring about the best taste. It does a great job of balancing the acidity of any dish you prepare. More so, you can use it to make sauces, dips, salad dressings, marinades, or better still, apply it directly to your steamed vegetables. There are many smaller bottles available on the market, but we highly recommend this 128 FL Oz gallon for you. This is because we are certain that the Marukan Genuine Brewed Rice Vinegar offers quality at its peak.

This rice vinegar is rich in flavor yet very mild on an acidic level. Be it for pickling, preparing seafood, or stir-frying, this is the right rice vinegar for all your kitchen needs. Interestingly, this rice vinegar is gluten-free, vegan, and kosher certified.

Why do we like it?

  • Delicate aroma
  • Non-GMO
  • Highly versatile
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2. Best of Thailand Gourmet Rice Vinegar

Best Of Thailand Gourmet Rice Vinegar

For an appropriate sugar-free, sodium-free, and fat-free rice vinegar, we recommend the Best of Thailand Gourmet Rice Vinegar for your kitchen use. It goes perfectly with the salad and pokes bowls. The taste this rice vinegar offers you is fresh, mild, and refreshing. In addition, its acidity is way lower than that of distilled vinegar. This is achieved because the manufacturing process first ferments the sugars present in the rice into alcohol before it is fermented into acid. Luckily, the best quality rice is used in the entire production process. So whether you’ll be adding it to vegetables or meat or using it for marinades, you’ll get authentic flavors all the time.

The Best of Thailand Rice Vinegar comes in a 16.9-oz transparent container. You’ll be getting about 100 servings per bottle at 5ml per serving. Only 5 calories are present in each serving. Apart from the calories, no other carbohydrates, trans fat, saturated fat protein, or cholesterol are present.

Why do we like it?

  • MSG free
  • BPA free bottle
  • Certified Kosher
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3. Marukan Gourmet Seasoned Rice Vinegar

Marukan Gourmet Seasoned Rice Vinegar

This is the healthiest choice of rice vinegar you can go for. The Marukan Rice Vinegar is Gourmet Seasoned and does not contain any fat. It is one of the most suitable rice vinegar mixed with any oil of your choice and used as a marinade.  Made from specifically selected California-grown rice and acetic acid bacteria directly from Japan. No other rice vinegar can compete with its authenticity. We like the fact that it was slowly brewed traditionally to achieve a mild taste, delicate flavor, and rich aroma.

Most of your kitchen process like stir-frying, cooking in instant pots, preparing salads, seafood, pasta, and marinades all require the Gourmet Seasoned Marukan Rice Vinegar. Luckily, it comes in a 3.78-liters (1 gallon) container and contains 4.1% acetic acid. Each 15ml serving contains 25 calories, 480g of sodium, and 6g of total carbohydrate.

Why do we like it?

  • Non-GMO verified
  • Offers about 252 servings
  • Gluten-free
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4. Kikkoman Rice Vinegar

Kikkoman Rice Vinegar

Livening up your stews, stir-fries, and soups is simple and can be done immediately with the Kikkoman Rice Vinegar. With ingredients including rice vinegar and water to dilute it to 4.2% acidity, you’ll be getting a mild taste and fantastic flavor. The fact that this rice vinegar is suitable for dipping sauces, marinades, and barbecue makes it indispensable. When you try it on your favorite salad dressings, you’ll see the difference. Interestingly, it contains no trans fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol, making it a healthy choice for your foods.

The Kikkoman Rice Vinegar comes in a 20 FL Oz (591ml) bottle and offers about 39 servings at 15ml per serving. Zero amounts of carbohydrates, protein, sugars, and calories are present in each serving. This is an appropriate rice vinegar for pickling.

Why do we like it?

  • Great taste
  • A glass bottle that makes pouring easy
  • Distinct flavor
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5. EDEN FOODS Organic Brown Rice Vinegar

Eden Foods Organic Brown Rice Vinegar

We recommend the Eden Foods Organic Brown Rice Vinegar with a high level of purity for rice vinegar. It comes in a 10 FL Oz bottle and offers you about 20 servings of irresistible taste at one tablespoon (15ml) per serving. This rice vinegar cannot be a significant source of sugar, carbohydrate, dietary fibre, cholesterol, or saturated or trans fat. More so, it contains no calories. We particularly like the mellow, sweet, and rich taste and flavor that emanates from every drop of this excellent rice vinegar.

The Eden Foods Brown Rice Vinegar is made from a time-tested method dating over a thousand years. This method involves blending organic brown rice, koji, and spring water into clay crocks and aging it for about 6 months. The sweetness derived from this resultant rice vinegar aims to enhance any dish with its 4.5% acidity.

Why do we like it?

  • Certified Organic
  • Packaged in a protective amber glass
  • Functional dispenser cap
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Rice Vinegar Buyer’s Guide

The mere mention of rice makes people think about rice cookers and how they can either use a Japanese rice cooker or a microwave rice cooker to make it. Likewise, mentioning vinegar makes people think of Balsamic vinegar and apple cider vinegar. But then, there are nice-tasting rice vinegar that would add a splash of sweet taste and awesome flavor to your dishes. Read our buyer’s guide below for things to consider when shopping for the best rice vinegar for your kitchen use.

Seasoned or Unseasoned

Seasoned rice vinegar tends to be sweeter and a little more flavourful than its unseasoned counterpart. This is basically because sugar is added. Other times, corn syrup, MSG, and salt are added. So while the unseasoned rice vinegar will contain no calories, seasoned ones will have calories, added sugar, carbohydrate, and sodium on the nutritional information label. For salad dressings, seasoned rice vinegar might be the right choice, but if you want to control the amount of seasoning in your dish, unseasoned rice vinegar is a better choice.

Acidity and Quality

Rice vinegar has a mild taste because they hardly have an acidity that is greater than 4.5%. The higher the acidity, the sharper the taste and flavor will be. Does rice vinegar go bad? You can get to know whether your rice vinegar is spoilt or not, but you need to ensure that it is being made with the best quality ingredients right from the start. Endeavor to check the bottle.


You don’t have to go broke trying to purchase the best rice vinegar to make your dishes flavourful. Most 10 – 20-oz bottles of rice vinegar are inexpensive, though ones that come in gallons only seem expensive because of their quantity. Notwithstanding, create a budget and stick to it.