Best Reverse Osmosis Filter Systems

5 Best Reverse Osmosis Filter Systems (Reviews Updated 2021)

Getting pure and clean water nowadays is difficult to do. Even the cleanest form of drinking water is not 100 % pure. Unsafe water is healthy and can prove fatal, so to consume drinking water, you need to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned with the help of a reverse osmosis filter.

The water filtration market is huge, there are many companies selling filtration systems, but only a few of these systems are high quality and worth your investment. To help the customers, we have compiled a list of the best available reverse osmosis filters available on the market.

Best Reverse Osmosis Filters Systems

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1. Water Drop G3 RO Filter System

Water Drop G3 Ro Filter System

This reverse osmosis system can easily fit under your sink and has a smooth, compact design. A seven-stage filtration process helps this filter thoroughly purify the water for you and your family. This reverse osmosis system has three important features: Tankless design, 5X daily output, and good quality water filtration.

Most reverse osmosis filters come with storage tanks that are pressurized and are able to hold filtered water. However, the Water Drop G3 filtration system does not have a tank as the system filters the water on demand. Unlike other reverse osmosis filters, its capacity is not limited, so it will constantly produce pure drinking water.

The amount of water this reverse osmosis filtration pumps out daily is 400 gallons. Other RO filter systems can barely produce 75 gallons per day, so no doubt the Water Drop 3 filtration system is in a league of its own. The water does not go to waste as well, as the filtration system works at a ratio of 1:1 filtered water to wastewater.

When the filtration system is working, a LED light shows you the system’s status, and this light has a different color for every status. An LCD panel placed in the front of the filtration system will give you regular updates on the progress of your filter. Other RO filter systems outsource the water information to other companies rather than give system updates themselves.

Why do we like it?

  • Capacity
  • Water quality information
  • Compact
  • No storage tank
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2. Frizzle PD 600-TAM3 with Alkaline Remineralization

Frizzle Pd 600 Tam3 With Alkaline Remineralization

The Frizzlife reverse osmosis system is among the best. It has fantastic features and also an affordable price tag. This reverse osmosis filter has a remineralization feature that adds precious minerals to the filtered water and maintains the PH level at 7.5. This reverse osmosis filter also comes equipped with a TDS meter.

The TDS meter will continuously provide updates related to the system, such as the water quality of filtered water. The Frizzlife reverse osmosis filter does not come with a storage tank and will filter water according to your demand. This filter also has a powerful built-in pump and pumps out up to 600 gallons of water every day.

This system also has impressive 1.5:1 ratio of filtered water to a wastewater, which makes this filter one of the most efficient ones available on the market. The Frizzlife filter is also small in size, so it can easily fit anywhere you like. This reverse osmosis filter does not require any maintenance, so it should last for a long time.

Despite being small in size, the Frizzlife system is an efficient filter and can produce 600 gallons of filtered water daily. The TDS meter will give you daily updates regarding the system and analyze water quality. This reverse osmosis system is surely worth your investment.

Why do we like it?

  • Small size
  • TBS Meter
  • No storage tank
  • Capacity
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3. Home Master TMAFC-ERP Artesian RO Filter System

Home Master Tmafc Erp Artesian Ro Filter System

The Home-Master RO filter system comes with two very useful features. Normally, water filtered through RO filters has a bland taste, it is more acidic, and the minerals that provide flavor are removed. However, once the Home Master RO filter system purifies the water, the remineralization filter restores many minerals in the water and raises the PH level.

The filtered water will taste good, and it will be mineral-rich. This reverse osmosis filter also comes with a permeate pump that runs without electricity, and it increases the water pressure before it enters the RO filter. This pump helps reduce the wastage of water by 80 % and increases water production by 50 %.

Other filtration systems waste roughly 2-3 gallons of precious water, whereas the Home-Master reverses osmosis filter only wastes a gallon of water. The Home-Master RO filter system can produce 75 gallons of water daily, the system uses a seven-stage filtration process, and you can easily install the filter without the help of any tools.

Home-Master is known for manufacturing high-quality filters, this particular filter also has a pressurized storage tank, and the installation process shouldn’t take you more than an hour. This Home-Master reverse osmosis filter also has a five-year warranty.

Why do we like it?

  • Great remineralization process
  • Permeate pump
  • Efficient
  • Five-year warranty
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4. Waterdrop G2 P600 RO filter System

Waterdrop G2 P600 Ro Filter System

This Waterdrop reverse osmosis system is a very efficient filtration system and comes with an affordable price tag. The Waterdrop RO filter system is among the cheapest tankless filters, and it uses a six-stage purification process to filter the water. It also has a filter life indicator that gives you a regular status update.

The Waterdrop RO filter can produce 600 gallons of filtered water every day and also has impressive filter water to wastewater ratio of 2:1. This Waterdrop RO filter system is among the fastest filter systems available on the market. The tankless design makes it small in size and incredibly easy to install.

Despite not having that many smart features, this Waterdrop RO filter is still a very impressive water purification machine. The amount of water it can filter in a day is remarkable; it also does not contain a tank, is easy to install and maintain, and wastes much less water than traditional RO filters.

Why do we like it?

  • Efficient
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to install
  • Capable of producing 600 gallons of water
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5. NU Aqua 7 Stage RO Filter System

Nu Aqua 7 Stage Ro Filter System

This reverse osmosis system is tankless, and it has a built-in pump that can pump out more than 600 gallons per day. This reverse osmosis filter pumps out water faster than regular filters and maintains good filtered water to wastewater ratio of 2:1. Most RO filter systems can maintain a ratio of 1:2 or 1:3, so the NU Aqua filter is very efficient.

The NU Aqua reverse osmosis filter comes fitted with a LED ring. When the filter is working properly, the ring will turn blue, but when the filter is malfunctioning or needs to be changed, the ring will turn red. There are other lights in the filter that indicate the overall health of the filter and the status.

This NU Aqua reverse osmosis system is small in size and compact, which is why it can easily fit under your sink and the installation is also very straightforward. This filter system also comes with a five-year warranty, rare among filters as most manufacturers do not give a warranty of more than two or three years.

This reverse osmosis filter is a very efficient machine. It works smoothly and wastes very little water. It is also compact, easy to install, can produce over 400 gallons of water daily, and comes attached with a five-year warranty.

Why do we like it?

  • LED rings
  • Efficient
  • Five-year warranty
  • Tankless
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Reverse Osmosis Filter Systems Buyer’s Guide

The demand for Reverse osmosis filters is growing and at a rapid pace. Customers are now aware that the water they’re consuming is not 100 % pure, so they want to install the best RO filter system. With so many RO filter systems available on the market, it is difficult for customers to choose and buy the right product.

Customers need a lot of clarity before making their decision, which is why we are here to help; below, we have listed a few important factors that customers must go through before buying a RO filter.


A good RO filter system will be efficient, and it will require very little maintenance, not compromising the purification quality. Customers need to know their product, you do not want to spend ages trying to fix or clean our filter, so it is important to always buy from well-established brands. Do your research, go through the products and buy the best one.


A good quality RO filter will last a long time. Always try to buy those products that are easy to maintain. Go for RO filters that are easy to install, waste very little water, and produce a consistent quantity of filtered water daily.


Most RO filters nowadays have some really good features, but the most important feature that your filter must contain is the ability to give regular updates. Buy filters that have LED indicators that give you a proper progress report so that you know whether your product is working well or not.