5 Best Ramen Cookbooks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Ramen was an unknown recipe in the West and other parts of the globe until it came from Far East Asia. Today, it has become one of the most popular food eaten by entire populations of all ages, economic class, and cultural backgrounds. The exact origin is disputed, but we can all agree that it is indeed a truly delicious meal if it is cooked right. Unfortunately, not everybody can cook ramen the right way.

If you love Ramen and will like to improve your cooking skills, you don’t need the supervision of a master chef or a tutor when you can rely on the best ramen cookbooks to show you how. Ramen cookbooks are written by master chefs trained in the art and have more than enough experience as far as ramen preparation is concerned. In this review, we highlight some of the best ramen cookbooks that can help you improve.

Best Ramen Cookbooks

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1. Let’s Make Ramen By Hugh Amano

Let’s Make Ramen

In this edition of Let’s Make Ramen, Hugh Amano lays everything on the table for his readers. What makes this cookbook one of the best ramen cookbooks is the sense of excitement and adventure with which the book is written. It is a comic cookbook that shows you how to prepare Ramen for different occasions and styles. There are simple bowl recipes for those who like to keep their meals simple and do not like to waste too much time in the kitchen.

Then there are weeknight menus, weekend menus, and regular homemade noodle recipes. If you are planning a feast for a significant number of guests, you will find suitable recipes in this cookbook. Included in the preparation steps are an assortment of ingredients and tips to spice up your Ramen. In Let’s Make Ramen, Hugh introduces tips and tricks to improve the taste, look, and texture of your Ramen.

This cookbook rated as one of the best cookbooks by the Chicago Tribune is worth having in your library. If you prefer a soft copy, it has a kindle version you can order.

Why do we like it?

  • Comical but very instructive
  • More than 40 delicious recipes
  • Includes quotes by famous Japanese chefs
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2. Ramen at Home: The Easy Japanese Cookbook By Brian MacDuckston

Ramen At Home The Easy Japanese Cookbook

In Ramen at Home, Brian MacDuckston introduces new flavors not popular among ramen lovers. This edition teaches readers how to make Ramen of the highest quality similar to those sold at Japanese restaurants. Do you know that this book will inspire and direct you on how to cook ramen like a master chef? Yes, it will, and no longer will you have to spend money ordering Ramen from restaurants when you can cook some at home.

In this book, Brian includes many tasty recipes that are easy to create using accessible ingredients. He simplifies the art in ways and words that only very few authors have, and that is why it is a great option for cooks with little or no experience. Parts of the book is dedicated to ingredient stocking and ramen arrangements in bowls. He also offers detailed guides to readers on how to improve the quality of their cooking to match those of professionals.

With over 100 recipes contained in Ramen at Home, you will not run out of options should you decide to cook one new recipe every week.

Why do we like it?

  • Simple step by step instruction
  • Good cookbook for first-timers
  • Teaches readers how to pick the perfect Ramen
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3. Simply Ramen: A Complete Course by Amy Kimoto-Kahn

Simply Ramen A Complete Course

Amy is a successful author, and her cookbooks do very well in the market because readers get the full value of what they pay for. In Simply Ramen, she teaches readers how to make tasty Ramen from the comfort of their home using everyday ingredients. This book offers helpful insight if your goal is to master the art of preparing tasty Ramen using different cooking styles. It does not matter whether you are cooking for a few or many people; this edition has all the information and instructions you will ever need.

Simply Ramen contains 70 easy to prepare ramen recipes that you can try at home unsupervised. The cooking techniques are clear and straightforward. You also enjoy the advantage of learning so many recipes within a very short time. All you will have to do is to apply yourself accordingly. There are soup recipes, noodle recipes, toppings, and sides. The author also introduces traditional and non-traditional elements to spice up your cooking.

Some of the special recipes unique to this cookbook include Teriyaki beef ramen, chicken meatball ramen, spicy tofu ramen, crispy green with Swiss ramen, and Indonesian ramen pork with curry soup.

Why do we like it?

  • Brilliant pictures
  • Contains Japanese and non-Japanese recipes
  • Self-explanatory steps
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4. Ramen: Japanese Noodles and Small Dishes by Toye Nisson

Ramen Japanese Noodles And Small Dishes
This cookbook is one edition we just had to include in our list due to the print quality and the practicality of the recipes in the book. The flavors in this book are unlike any we have seen. There are flavors enhanced with algae, sauces spiced with fungi and fish, and a special sashimi-marinated recipe for your enjoyment. This cookbook is the ideal edition for you if you want to cook ramen differently from methods that are considered mainstream.

Toye Nisson is a well-traveled writer and chef, and she brings all her experiences to bear in this cookbook. There are 50 recipes in all in this Ramen cookbook that you can prepare in the comfort of your home. The author takes the time to explain the preparation steps for each recipe as well as the suitable flavor combinations.

Included in this cookbook are not all ramen recipes, though. There are also side dishes like pickles, udon gyoza. Tempura and okonomiyaki.  This cookbook will bring the rich culinary life of Japan to your kitchen, and your home will be better for it.

Why do we like it?

  • Comprehensive ingredient compilation for each recipe
  • Contains traditional and contemporary recipes
  • Includes images of some of the recipes in finished form
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5. Ramen Obsession: The Ultimate Bible by Naomi Imatome-Yun

Ramen Obsession The Ultimate Bible
Ramen Obsession by Naomi Imatome-Yun is for Ramen enthusiasts who prefer to switch the taste of their Ramen from tie to time. If you prefer different flavors, you should try the recipes in this cookbook. Naomi does more than introduce a few recipes to you. She goes a step further to highlight essential tools and cooking techniques. This cookbook can be classified as a home tutor because it dishes out detailed knowledge about everything Ramen.

Naomi takes you by the hand from the first page and leads you from one recipe to the next. No recipe is left untended as the steps are logically itemized for easy understanding. She also teaches readers how to cook Ramen without the flavor packets contained in the ramen pack. Rather, she introduces traditional ingredients that you can prepare yourself, which are more hygienic than the processed ingredients sold to buyers.

For every recipe, there is a history behind it, and Naomi makes it known to all. We recommend this cookbook because it is one of the best ramen cookbooks dedicated to ramen preparation.

Why do we like it?

  • Contains 130 fantastic recipes
  • All the recipes are practical and easy to prepare
  • Traditional and modern recipes
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Ramen Cookbooks Buyer’s Guide

Ramen is not a hard dish to prepare if you know just how to go about it. With a very cookbook, you can add ramen preparation to your repertoire of skills. However, you need to know the best ramen cookbooks to buy. Not every cookbook dedicated to ramen preparation will suit you; that is why we have taken the time to highlight some of the things to consider when shopping for ramen cookbooks. Do have a look.

Number of Recipes

You want to make sure that the cookbook has a few dozen recipes. Cookbooks that contain 40 recipes or less do not represent good value for money. This is down to the fact that some of the recipes may not be practical for you. Secondly, you may not like some of them. So, the more recipe options you have, the better.


Make sure that the recipes are very practical. What we mean by this is that the recipes should be easy to prepare, and the ingredients required to prepare them should be easily accessible. It makes no sense to have a cookbook containing more than 100 recipes that you cannot prepare because they are either too difficult to prepare or the ingredients required to prepare them are scarce.


Finally, make sure that your purchase decision is niche-based. Avoid cookbooks that do not address the subject, which should be Ramen. Only go for the best ramen cookbooks that contain ramen recipes.