Best Portable Espresso Machines

5 Best Portable Espresso Machines (Reviews Updated 2021)

There is nothing better than having a hot cup of freshly brewed espresso. Normally an espresso machine is quite heavy and is of a decent size, but now more portable machines are available in the market, and several brands are manufacturing them. Customers never want to compromise on quality, so they are always trying to buy the best product.

Unfortunately, the best products are expensive but are usually unmatched in quality; however, customers do not want to spend extra, and they usually end up buying a low-quality product. We are here to help the customers out, which is why we have given a list below of the best available portable espresso machines in the market.

Best Portable Espresso Machines

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1. Wacaco Nanopress Portable Espresso Maker

Wacaco Nanopress Portable Espresso Maker

The Wacaco nanopress comes with a very stylish design, and despite its compact size, it does a very good job of grinding down the coffee beans and giving you an espresso that tastes good. The Wacaco nanoprocess can grind down any variety of coffee beans, and the taste has no bitterness in it.

The size of the Wacaco nanopress is small, which means it can fit literally anywhere, and you can put in a bag or your purse and easily carry it with you. The Wacaco nanopress gives the coffee a nice texture but to get the best result, try not to grind the beans too finely, before using the machine ensure that it is preheated.

The process of preheating this portable espresso machine is quite straightforward, all you need to do is pump boiling water through the machine for a few seconds, and you will preheat it in no time. The espresso maker comes with a barista kit and a water tank; they will enable you to make a double espresso.

The Wacaco nanopress has style and function; it efficiently grinds the coffee beans and produces an espresso that tastes good, has no bitterness, and smooth texture. If you are someone who often craves a cup of espresso, then the Wacaco nanopress espresso machine is the product you need.

Why do we like it?

  • Stylish
  • Good grinding quality
  • Barista kit
  • Easy to carry
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2. Flair Signature Espresso Maker

Flair Signature Espresso Maker

Customers have praised the Flair signature espresso machine for its taste. Despite being slightly larger than traditional portable espresso machines, it is very efficient at grinding down the coffee beans and producing high-quality espresso. The Flair signature machine is easy to use and easy to clean.

To get the right espresso, try to grind different kinds of beans with the help of this machine. The Flair signature espresso has two different models: the Classic version and the Signature Pro version. The main difference between these models is the type of coffee beans they can grind and the materials they’re made of.

The Signature Pro is better than the classic version; it comes in a stainless steel body, offers a better quality espresso, and does a better grinding job. However, the Classic version still gives a better quality espresso than most espresso machines and has a more affordable price tag than the Flair Signature pro version.

Here you have two varieties of the Flair signature espresso machine; they are both efficient and of good quality. The Flair signature espresso machine produces an espresso that has a really good taste, it is easy to operate and can be cleaned with ease.

Why do we like it?

  • Comes in two versions
  • Good taste
  • Efficient grinding
  • Stylish design
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3. UniTerra Nomad Espresso Machine

Uniterra Nomad Espresso Machine

The UniTerra nomad espresso machine doesn’t look like an espresso machine. It has a strange design and appearance, but it is portable and extremely lightweight. The quality of espresso the UniTerra machine delivers is also incredibly high, and the texture is very smooth. The UniTerra espresso machine is made of metal, and it is a strong and durable product.

Most espresso machines do not have a tool to press down the coffee beans evenly, but the UniTerra comes with a tamper that presses the coffee beans down and helps you efficiently extract the espresso. To get an idea of which coffee beans would work well with the machine, try various varieties of coffee beans.

Customers that have tried the UniTerra nomad espresso machine have praised its grinding capabilities. The UniTerra expresso machine also has a compact size, which means it will take up very little space in your kitchen and can be stored in a cupboard or cabinet. You can also carry it with you and use it anywhere since it does not require any electricity.

Despite not looking like an espresso machine, the UniTerra nomad machine is good at giving you that early morning cup of espresso you crave. The UniTerra espresso machine comes with a tamper that holds the coffee beans in place, has a portable size, and is easy to carry.

Why do we like it?

  • Portable
  • Comes with a tamper
  • Efficient
  • Storable
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4. Cafflano Kompressor

Cafflano Kompressor

The Cafflano Kompressor espresso machine is light in weight and, unlike other espresso machines, is easy to clean. The Cafflano Kompressor comes with a hydraulic press that needs to be manually pressed to extract the espresso. The Cafflano Kompressor is among the best espresso machines available in the market.

Despite being an efficient machine, the Cafflano kompresso is a little unforgiving, if you add too much water or too many coffee beans, the quality of your espresso will suffer. However, when you put the right quantity of ingredients in the machine, the result is a creamy, fluffy, and flavorful cup of hot espresso.

Cafflano Kompressor is about getting the quantity right, and the machine will do the rest. Apart from the high-performance grinder that Cafflano Kompressor has, it is also portable and is made of lightweight materials that will put no strain on your hands. You will be able to store or carry this espresso machine easily.

Cafflano Kompressor is among the best espresso machines; it delivers a tasty cup of espresso with the right taste and texture. It is very lightweight and is easy to carry and store. If you want your espresso to be top-notch, then buy the Cafflano Kompressor.

Why do we like it?

  • Lightweight
  • Storable
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to clean
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5. Litchi Handheld Portable Espresso Maker

Litchi Handheld Portable Espresso Maker

The Litchi handheld espresso maker comes at an affordable price, and its quality is just as good as other expensive espresso machines. The Litchi espresso machine comes with a basket and a bag that can be used to carry the machine. The bag is incredibly strong and it will protect the machine from damages.

The Litchi handheld espresso maker is lightweight, which is great because it will give your hands no stress while brewing the coffee. This Litchi espresso maker is made from BPA-free materials, which means it is safe to use, and you do not need to worry about chemicals mixing with your espresso.

This portable espresso machine is easy to clean, but you cannot put it in a dishwasher; it will need to be cleaned by hand with the help of some soap and water. The Litchi Handheld espresso maker comes with a yearlong warranty, which means you won’t need to worry about paying for repairs.

Why do we like it?

  • Affordable
  • Good quality
  • 12-month Warranty
  • Easy to clean
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Portable Espresso Machines Buyer’s Guide

Espresso is consumed by thousands of people worldwide regularly. An avid espresso drinker is never willing to compromise on quality, which is why it is necessary to have the right espresso-making machines. When you are an espresso drinker, you want a portable, efficient machine that delivers a good-tasting espresso.

Many brands produce portable espresso machines; however, only a few of them have a good quality, but customers are not aware of them.  We are here to give the customers a helping hand; below is a list of factors customers need to go through before investing in a portable espresso machine.


A good quality espresso machine should be able to do an efficient job. Some espresso machines look fancy but have poor features, and the espresso they produce is of low quality. Always try to buy from well-known brands, discuss the product you need with the manufacturer and have a good understanding of the features before purchasing the product.


Portable espresso machines usually are not dishwasher safe, but the good news is that they are still incredibly easy to clean due to their small size. In most cases, you will need some soap and water to clean the espresso machines, although machines made of stainless steel material can even be cleaned with a cloth and do not require any water.


A portable espresso machine should have a compact design, should be easy to store and carry. Most products listed above are portable, lightweight and you can easily store and carry them. However, customers need to be aware of fake products; they need to do thorough research before buying the right product.