5 Best Popcorn Machines for Home Theaters (Reviews Updated 2022)

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A movie session feels empty without popcorn, and who doesn’t like popcorn? If you are one of those who cannot watch a movie without a bucket of popcorn, it would be best to buy a theatre-style popcorn machine. But some people find it difficult to choose a perfect popcorn maker that is easy to utilize. Popcorn machines can alter the quality of your popcorn greatly. It would be best to consider some things before buying the right popcorn maker if you want to impress your friend and family with your popcorn.

We browsed all the best Popcorn machines available in the market and compiled our best picks into the following list. Looking forward to adding one to your kitchen? Take a look at the following reviews.

Best Popcorn Machines for Home Theaters

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Here are our best home theatre-style popcorn machines’ reviews.

1. Great Northern Matinee Popcorn Machine

Great Northern Matinee Popcorn Machine

This antique model has a metal construction and reflects bright red color. The tempered glass box is very durable because of its steel frames. If the style of the machine matters to you, you have to look no further in this list. The Great Northern Matinee popcorn machine is best known for its stylish construction. The kettle is very durable as it is made up of stainless steel and can store up to 9 ounces of unpopped popcorn, an ideal size for a home theatre popcorn machine. The large door and tilting panel allow you to access the popcorn easily.

The great northern popcorn machine can take an electricity input of around 640 watts which ensures faster cooking. The machine’s superb even cooking experience is a result of its 3-button switch feature. What differentiates this machine from the rest is its superb color and premium paint design. The surface superbly goes with your kitchen décor and is scratch-free. If you want to make popcorn for a large gathering that’s coming over for a movie, this great northern machine is ideal as it can make up to 3 gallons of popcorn in a single round.

Why do we like it?

  • Great design and even cooking
  • Easy to clean
  • Reasonable price
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2. Great Northern 6210 POPHEAVEN Popcorn Machine

Great Northern 6210 Popheaven Popcorn Machine

It has parts that are made of stainless steel, making the machine very durable. The container box is constructed from tempered glass, which makes the cleaning process much easier. The machine can heat up to 1350 watts, making sure that you will not be spending much of the time cooking. It reflects a modern look because of its blue and yellow colored finish.

The Great Northern POPHEAVEN popcorn machine accompanies a kernel scoop and an oil measuring spoon, which is an exception compared to the other usual models. Because of its hardened metal construction, the machine is hard to dent and can be easily moved anywhere without the risking of denting.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to clean
  • Different settings including a stirrer, light warmer, and pot heater
  • Oil spoon and kernel scoop included
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3. Nostalgia KPM200 Popcorn Machine

Nostalgia Kpm200 Popcorn Machine

This machine is best known because of its easy-to-use functions and the see-through glass, allowing you to keep an eye on your popcorn while cooking. The wheels are attached at the bottom of the machine that ensures smooth mobility. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort every time you move your game night or movie theatre to a different venue. This good-quality popcorn machine available at a very reasonable price! So, what is stopping you from buying this?

One unique thing about this machine is that it can also be used as a countertop popper because of its removable top. Which means you are getting two different designs for one price. The machine also accompanies a guide that helps you through the assembling and operating parts of the machine. One thing some users don’t like about this machine is its design. Customers think of its construction as old-fashioned.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to move because of wheels and pull handle
  • Tilt door
  • Removable top
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4. Elite Gourmet EPM-250 Popcorn Machine

Elite Gourmet Epm 250 Popcorn Machine

The machine is ideal if you cook large batches of popcorn. The warming light attached to the top of the glass container makes sure that the popcorn remains fresh and hot inside the container for a long. The popping process is very easy and convenient in this machine, and the machine features a removable tray that ensures easy serving.

You don’t have to worry about the clean-up, as the cleaning process is much of a breeze. The machine is designed so that it is pretty compact and suitable for you if you don’t have much of the space in your kitchen.

Why do we like it?

  • No mess
  • Even cooking
  • Attractive retro style design
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5. 6097 Foundation Great Northern Popcorn Machine

6097 Foundation Great Northern Popcorn Machine

The box is made up of tempered glass, which means you will not be compromising on safety when choosing this pick. The machine features both the modern world and vintage into its design. If you are fond of vintage decors type, this machine can turn out to be ideal for your home theatre popcorn needs. The machine is attached with wheels which makes it convenient to move around your theatre.

Its huge container allows you to cook a large amount of popcorn in one round. The machine accompanies a spotlight warmer, pot heater, and stirrer, which helps you cook your popcorn evenly and to the right degree. The machine is designed in such a way that it keeps your popcorn hot and fresh for a long period. One drawback of this popcorn machine is that the machine can dent easily, according to some reviews, and the door is a bit flimsy.

Why do we like it?

  • Large storage
  • 860-watt power that ensures faster cooking
  • Doesn’t make much noise
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Home Theatre Style Popcorn Machine Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a good-quality popcorn machine for your kitchen can be a difficult task. It would be best to consider some things before buying a popcorn maker to make sure you are buying the finest choice for your needs. When you look in a store for popcorn machines, you will get to see a wide variety of them, which can confuse you.

You need to ask yourself first to know what things you prefer in your popcorn machine. Following are some aspects you can consider before buying a popcorn maker for your kitchen.


Durability is one of the things that matter the most when buying a machine. You ought to look for materials that are strong, high quality, and easy to clean. Look at the material of parts attached both inside and outside. Tempered glass and steel are considered to be the best material for a popcorn machine. Ensure that some cheap material gears do not surround the machine’s heating element because it will melt and lose its abilities soon, causing the machine to malfunction. Look for the ones that have metal gears near the heating element.


Design can be important for some users who are very serious about their kitchen décor. Another reason why you should consider the design is due to the space available in your kitchen. You can choose a model that can easily fit on your countertop, or you can opt for a rather larger stand-alone model. The size depends on the needs and the space you have in your kitchen.


You don’t have to worry about the quality of your popcorn when choosing between sizes, as the quality and taste of the popcorn don’t vary between the large and small models. The larger models are basically carts with wheels attached, which makes them more convenient, allowing you to move them anywhere in your home movie theatre. These models usually arrive with decorations and bright colored lights.


Wattage is directly proportional to the cooking time. The higher the wattage of the machine, the lesser the cooking time. If the cooking time matters to you, it would be best to consider the wattage input of the machine. If you want to ensure the best cooking time, look for a popcorn machine with at least 600 watts. The ones ranging around 600 watts or higher are ideal for home theatre-style popcorn machines.

Kettle Size

The size of the kettle is an important thing to consider before buying a popcorn machine. Why the size matter? If you don’t choose the right size of the kettle, you might end up wasting the kernels and cause difficult clean-ups. The size of the machine is measured with respect to the number of kernels it can hold. Popcorn machines can generally store from 1-32 ounces of unpopped kernels. An ideal home theatre-style popcorn machine has a kettle size of 6-8 ounces approx. Machines with larger kettle sizes are suitable for professional movie theatres.


Price is something that a customer looks at very first before buying anything. Popcorn machines can be expensive at times. Today, a variety of popcorn machines is available. It goes without saying that the price of the product varies with its quality. You do not want to save those few dollars and get a cheap popcorn maker that may not tend to achieve the quality of popcorn the way it is supposed to. Either you spend more money and buy a good quality popcorn maker or buy a cheaper one and work your way with third class quality popcorn.