5 Best Popcorn Kernels (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Who doesn’t like popcorn? But some people find it difficult to choose a perfect popcorn kernel. We think that only popcorn makers are important to make perfect popcorn, which is not the case. Popcorn kernel can alter the quality of your popcorn greatly. Many things can go wrong with the kernels, i.e., the growing part and the packing part. It would be best to consider some things before buying the right popcorn kernel if you want to impress your friend and family.

We browsed all the best Popcorn kernels (both health and taste-wise) available in the market and compiled our best picks into the following list. Looking forward to buying one? Take a look at the following reviews.

Best Popcorn Kernels

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1. Amish Country Popcorn Kernels

Amish Country Popcorn Kernels

If you love popcorn, but your stomach doesn’t agree with your food commitment, this Amish popcorn kernel is made for you. These popcorns made from Amish kernel are easy to digest, allowing you to enjoy your popcorn without worrying about your tummy getting upset. Because of these hulles kernels, these popcorns are also convenient for people who wear braces. If you are a serious popcorn lover, this large 6-pound bag is enough to fulfill your popcorn craving desires.

The brand is known for its healthy products. These popcorn kernels contain nutritional benefits and zero additives. Thanks to the superb airtight packaging done by Amish, the popcorn kernel is safe to be stored for up to a year. The texture of the popcorn is very crunchy and fluffy that excites your taste buds. The product is affordable in price and accompanies a recipe guide.

Why do we like it?

  • Free from GM substances
  • Smooth texture
  • Reasonable price
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2. Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn Kernels

Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn Kernels

These popcorns are yellow. Being of yellow-type popcorn, the texture is very fluffy and smooth. We all know how good movie theatre popcorn is. But it isn’t easy to get the same flavor and texture at home. This is where the Orville popcorn kernel comes in handy. It provides you with a movie theatre made popcorn taste at home.

Orville brand is very old in the popcorn-making field, making for more than six decades now. Over this year, one thing that they focus on the most is the quality of their popcorn. Their popcorn contains zero additives and harmful chemicals. These popcorn kernels arrive in ergonomic packaging, a container with a lid that allows you to pour the kernels out easily.

Why do we like it?

  • No flavorings
  • Large quantity
  • GMOs-free
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3. Snappy White Popcorn Kernels

Snappy White Popcorn Kernels

Snappy white popcorn’s gourmet-like taste converts anyone into a popcorn lover. It is perfect for family and kids because of its smooth and easy-to-chew texture. These kernels are designed in mushroom shapes which makes them perfect for chocolate and candy coating. There is a common problem with the kernels: they are left unpopped sometimes, which is not the case with these snappy white popcorn kernels. Most of the kernels in this pack are highly poppable.

The brand’s origins date back to the 1940s. Being this old in the business means they surely have some experience in popcorn kernel making. The company cares a lot about its product’s quality and ensures no additives and GMOs in the popcorn kernel. This good-quality popcorn available at a very reasonable price! So, what is stopping you from buying this?

Why do we like it?

  • Superb taste
  • Perfect for candy coating
  • East-to-chew texture
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4. Anthony Popcorn Kernels

Anthony Popcorn Kernels

Anthony popcorn kernels are best known for their quality and freshness. They excel at packaging, and the packaging is very sturdy and hard to rip, which reduces the risks of accidental drops and spills. Because of the re-sealable lids, it is easy to preserve your popcorn for longer periods. These popcorns are organic and All-natural, which means they contain all the necessary nutrition.

The brand doesn’t include any flavorings and additives and provides you the kernel made up of purest-quality corn. This pure flavorless popcorn kernel allows you to experiment with your favorite flavors later on. The distinct texture of this snack makes it taste ten times better than its other competitors. These popcorns are fluffy on the inside and crunchy on the outside, making a perfect taste combo. Its large pack is enough to entertain your family’s popcorn needs.

Why do we like it?

  • No mess
  • High-quality packaging
  • Free from extra additives
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5. Bob’s Red Mill Popcorn Kernels

Bob's Red Mill Popcorn Kernels

Bobs Red Mill produces one of the best quality popcorn kernels in the field. These popcorns guarantee the best taste and freshness at a reasonable price. The product is free from additives and harmful chemicals, making it easy to digest, suitable for those who have stomach problems. The snack wins points in both taste and health as it contains a high amount of fiber and low calories.

These popcorns give their best taste when utilized with herbs and garlic. You can enjoy the sweet and delicate flavor of popcorn at your home at a very reasonable price. The package weighs around 7.5 pounds which is suitable for the needs of a person or two. One thing you have to keep in mind when you buy this product is that popcorn kernels are easy to burn, so make sure you heat it on and the right temperature and for the right time.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to pop
  • Airtight storage
  • Outstanding freshness
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Popcorn Kernel Buyer’s Guide

Choosing good-quality popcorn kernels can be a difficult task. It would be best to consider some things before buying a popcorn kernel pack to make sure you are buying the finest choice for your needs. When you look at a store’s shelf containing popcorn kernels, you will get to see a wide variety of them, which can confuse you.

You need to ask yourself first to know what things you prefer in your popcorn. Following are some aspects you can consider before buying a popcorn kernel for your kitchen.


The popcorn’s freshness is not something that needs to be reminded of before buying a popcorn kernel. A fresh popcorn kernel produces a great earthy taste that excites your taste buds. But if the popcorn is made from stale corn, it can ruin the taste. Moreover, the freshness also affects the texture of the popcorn. When you go fresh, you get a crunchy bite, unlike the stale corn, whose texture is somewhat chewy. Look for the brands that pack the popcorn in airtight containers. This the best way to make sure if the popcorn kernel is fresh or not.


As discussed earlier, the packaging of the popcorn kernel matters a lot. It is the best way to determine the freshness of the corn. You ought to look for companies that provide airtight packaging. There also comes re-sealable bags, which allow you to seal the bag again after each use, preventing popcorn from oxidation and going stale. As the plastic bags are easy to rip, you can choose containers with a lid if you want to avoid mishaps of spilled kernels.

Grown Variety

We cannot deny the benefits of all-natural products as they contain the nutritional benefits that are very important for our health. Naturally grown kernels are the best when it comes to the health aspect. An ideal popcorn kernel contains tons of fibers. It should not also contain many calories. Harmful additives like diacetyl should not be present in a popcorn kernel as a component.

Kernel Type

You can choose from a wide range of popcorn kernels that are available in the market. Four of the most famous and praised types are yellow, white, butterfly, and mushroom kernels. All these types differ in color, size, and shape. Mushroom popcorn is best for candy coating because of its mini-baseball shape. You can enjoy liquids add-ins like syrup drizzles and melted chocolate. Meanwhile, the butterfly kernels can easily get crushed because of their wing-like shapes, which means they can be served both plain and buttered.


Before buying a popcorn kernel, make sure to check the ingredient list. Usually, artificially flavored grains are not produced by companies, but some of them add artificial butter and other ingredients to enhance the taste of the popcorn. On the one hand, they enhance the taste of the popcorn, but on the other hand, they are not usually as healthy as organically grown popcorn with no additives. Hence, we recommend the popcorn kernel that doesn’t contain any additives.


Price is something that a customer looks at very first before buying anything. Popcorn kernels are not usually that high in price. Today, a variety of popcorn kernels is available. It goes without saying that the price of the product varies with its quality. You do not want to save those few dollars and get a cheap popcorn kernel that may not tend to achieve the quality of popcorn the way it is supposed to. Either you spend more money and buy a good quality popcorn kernel or buy a cheaper one and work your way with third class quality popcorn.