5 Best Pie Plates (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Pies are probably our favorite dessert of all time. It is so simple yet so delicious, and we can never get enough of it. The most crucial part of the pie is the crust, and if you nail that, you’ve nailed the mastery of pies and pastries.

To achieve that perfect crust, you have to follow the instructions properly, but you also need to have the best pie plate to ensure that your pie crust will cook perfectly. For this purpose, we have carefully analyzed numerous pie plates available in the market and narrowed them down to the five best pie plates.

Best Pie Plates

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Here is our list of the five best pie plates:

1. OXO Glass Pie Plate

Oxo Glass Pie Plate

Oxo is a brand that sells tons of baking materials and tools, and its quality is one of the best. So, it’s only natural that we choose this as one of our favorites. Oxo offers a great variety of pie plates and baking dishes, but this one caught our eye. It is extremely affordable as well.

This plate is made of a unique type of borosilicate glass that can be put directly from a cold/freezing environment into a burning oven or a microwave, and it will not shatter. The glass plate will not affect due to it whatsoever. The rims of these pie plates are wide enough to be held with ease and avoid any slipping.

This pie plate comes with a lid, making the pie plate seem like a nice airtight container, but it isn’t. The lid has vents to circulate the air so none of the moisture would be trapped inside the container and ruin the food. This pie plate is also dishwasher, oven, microwave, and freezer safe.

The glass pie plate is proven for being BPA-free and PVC free which means that it is completely okay to serve food.

Why do we like it?

  • Available in a lot of variety
  • Durable
  • Easy strong grip
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2. Farberware 10-Inch Pie Dish

Farberware 10 Inch Pie Dish

The second on our list of the best pie plates is this Emile Henry pie dish made of ceramic and 10 inches in diameter. Ceramic dishes are the top choices of chefs and bakers solely because of how sturdy and durable these items are.

You can use this pie dish for any dessert/pastry dish that you want to cook. It could even cook several other savory dishes in the oven. The pie dish comprises professional-quality stoneware, which will not absorb any remaining food odors.

This plate is very easy to use. It even comes with a design guide for the crusts to be folded together beautifully and naturally! The ceramic construction of the dish ensures that it will give proper heating to the pie and give you a very beautiful crust.

This 10-inch pie dish also has a very beautiful design. It has a gorgeous steal color on the outside and a very classic cream color on the inside. This plate would look good in your kitchen, and since it’s a ceramic dish, you can even serve the pie without having to transfer it to another plate.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to use and easy to decorate the pie
  • Even heating
  • Multipurpose
  • Can be served in front of guests
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3. Lindy’s Stainless Steel 9-Inch Pie Pan

Lindy's Stainless Steel 9 Inch Pie Pan

This pan is a 9-inch wide and 1.5-inch-deep pie pan manufactured by Lindy’s. It is a stainless-steel pan of extremely good quality and does not wear away all that easily.

This pan is made up of heavyweight durable material that also provides even heat distribution. The surfaces of this pan are heavily polished and almost mimic a mirror. This quality finish prevents the pie crust from sticking to it, almost making it a nonstick pan.

The stainless-steel material that this pie pan is made of is extremely durable and doesn’t wear away like aluminum. This characteristic implies that this pan will always go on looking as good as new! Since it is stainless steel, we do not worry about it rusting and ruining our pies.

The material of this pan is durable and strong enough that it can go directly from the freezer into the over. This quality will be a better idea because then you can make pies in advance and stick them in the oven when you want. This technique is very time-efficient.

This pan also comes with size guides that measure four different sizes of diameter to get you the size of the pie that you desire.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Very durable
  • Time-efficient
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4. Sweese Mini Pie Pan Set

Sweese Mini Pie Pan Set

This product is a set of six mini pie pans for the six people in the. Sweese is an outstanding brand that deals in kitchenware and cookware made from porcelain. This set of six is one of the best pie plate sets ever.

Surprise, unannounced guests can get tricky as you don’t always know what to serve them. Luckily, this pie pan set will come in handy. Since this pie pan set is freezer safe, you can easily make pies in advance, like I previously mentioned. This quality is very time efficient as you can make pies ahead of time and pop them in the oven when required.

This tool also works when you aren’t in the mood to make a big pie and then serve it one by one to your unannounced guests. This way, your friends can have a say in what you want to and dad not trying.

The pans are made of ceramic construction, which means that they will distribute equal heat across the surface of the pans; this ensures even cooking.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to clean (dishwasher safe)
  • Strong and durable
  • Time-efficient
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5. HOMOW Heavy Duty Tart Pan

Homow Heavy Duty Tart Pan

The final item on this list is this very hard to come by. This plate is a tart pan with a removable bottom, manufactured by HOMOW. This product has some very nice specifications that we’d like to tell you more about.

First and foremost, this is a nonstick pan which means no extra buttering or parchment paper is required to insert your pie crust in the pan. This pan is available in a lot of different sizes and is very useful in the kitchen. Sometimes you’re not fond of the pie plate that you’re cooking your pie in, and you need something else to serve it in.

This nonstick pan has a removable base which means that after cooking your pie or tart completely and letting it cool down, you can remove your dessert from this mold and serve it however you may like it.

Why do we like it?

  • Strong and sturdy
  • Nonstick
  • Removable base
  • Available in many different sizes
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Pie Plate Buyer’s Guide

While we have mentioned the five best pie plates available on the market, you still need to evaluate your needs and wants. We’ll dive into the essentials of baking and the kind of plates with their advantages and disadvantages. These factors are listed below:

Glass Plate

Glass pie plates one of the most common pie dishes that bakers prefer. An added feature of this material plate is that they are inexpensive and very easy to find and use and maneuver around the oven. The glass surface makes the heat transfer slowly and evenly, which bakes your food thoroughly and perfectly.

The glass also enables you to check your pie from the bottom to ensure it is not burning. One disadvantage of this can be that glass plates can slip easily, and the material can also cause the dough or crust to shrink while baking.

Ceramic Plate

Ceramic plates are usually the other way to go. These plates are generally more expensive, but they are the best out there in the market. The ceramic plates also ensure slow and even heating and cooking of the pie, which is quite similar to the glass plates, but the bonus part here is that these plates also work as a nice serving dish.

These dishes can also be frozen and are freezer to oven safe, which is very useful in time efficiency. The ceramic plates can endure high temperatures. Unfortunately, these plates are thick in dimensions, and it takes longer to bake pies in them.

Your Oven

While the pie plate that you use is an essential aspect of the entire baking process, you also need to evaluate your oven and how it works. Some ovens tend to cook things more on one side than the other because the oven has hot spots. You need to rotate your baking dish occasionally so that you can do your baking evenly.

Additionally, you also need to know where your oven heats the most and place your baking dish accordingly on the top or middle rack of the oven.

We hope that this aids your decision-making. Happy baking to you!