5 Best Pie Crust Cutters (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Pies are our all-time favorite dessert. They’re perfect for every holiday, every dinner, be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, or a birthday. The best thing about pie is that it comes in different designs and flavors. The key to having a beautiful pie is to focus on its decorating. For that, you need to be creative with your pie crust cutting.

Cutting pie crusts can be a tricky business. You need to cut your pie in the perfect size, and after that, you need to carve out the design you desire carefully. This activity can be difficult if you’re doing it with a free hand. To help you in this regard, we have lined up the best pie crust cutters below.

Best Pie Crust Cutters

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Here is our list of the five best pie crust cutters available:

1. Nordic Ware Pie Top Cutter

Nordic Ware Pie Top Cutter

This 2-in1 pie crust cutter is our personal favorite. Nordic Ware usually delivers the best kitchen accessories, and we are all for it! This pie crust cutter is a very simple, very elegant contraption that leaves you with beautiful ornate designs on your pie crusts.

The cutter is optimal for pies of 12 inches in diameter but can still be used on smaller or larger pies. It comes in three different styles, each with two unique designs on both sides. The first cutter includes a lattice and hearts design on either side, the second one has apples and leaves design, and the third one has a stars and cherries design.

The cutter is super easy to use as you press it on your pie crust, and it gives you your desired design. The cutter also leaves you with several smaller cut-up pieces of pie crush that you can use to decorate your pie however you may want. The manufacturer has also provided a video tutorial on how to use this pie crust cutter with ease.

Moreover, this crust cutter is made of food-safe plastic, which does not contain BPA and Melamine, making it completely safe for consumers.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to use
  • Food-safe material
  • Variety of designs
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2. Ateco Stainless Steel Cutter

Ateco Stainless Steel Cutter

The second pie crust cutter is this stainless-steel cutter by Ateco. This cutter has six wheels that are two and 1/8th of an inch wide in diameter. These cutters are very compact and extremely easy to use. Ateco is a brand that has been aiding professional and home kitchens with their reliable and professional quality tools since 1905. You know that they have excellent products!

These cutters are adjustable and can open up to 4 and 7/8 inches wide between each wheel and close down to as wide or narrow you want it. These cutters are available in various designs that range from the amount and size of wheels to the design of the cuts you desire.

This cutter will provide you with perfectly cut strips of pie crust so you can get creative with your pie decorating designs. This pie crust cutter is made with stainless steel, which means that it will stay undamaged from rust and will maintain its good quality for a long time.

Another reason why we love this cutter is that you can use it for multiple purposes. The cutter is not only good for cutting pie crust. You can also use it for getting perfect Fettucine strands if you’re into making homemade pasta. You can also use it for slicing cakes and brownies, provided how deep the cutter will take you.

Why do we like this?

  • Available in variety
  • Easy to use and adjustable
  • Opportunity for creativity
  • Multipurpose
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3. Talisman Pie Crust Decorator 1520SLT

Talisman Pie Crust Decorator 1520slt

If you’re looking for something that works and is very low maintenance, we suggest this pie crust cutter and decorator by Talisman Designs. This device is small and compact and will help you cut your pie crusts and decorate them with ease and efficiency.

This cutter rolls on the pie crust, making the desired design that you want. The material of this comprises food-safe silicone and plastic, so you won’t have to worry about the potential health risks. The decorator is also dishwasher safe. Here comes the low maintenance part because you won’t have to worry about cleaning it thoroughly; just let your dishwasher do the work.

This tool is essentially a crust decorator, but it has a guide attached to it that you can use to cut the pie crust as well. You can roll it around and cut out the design that you want for your preferred decorating. But the best part about this device is its decorating part.

We hate it when we want to fold the edges of our pies elegantly. It takes too much work and sometimes we don’t have the time for that. For that case, this pie crust decorator comes in handy. You can easily fold the top and bottom crusts in this and roll it around. It will give you that perfectly folded pie crust with that beautiful classic design.

Why do we like it?

  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • You can use it to cut and decorate
  • Safe to use
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4. Fox Run Lattice Pie Top Cutter

Fox Run Lattice Pie Top Cutter

This cutter is one of our more affordable options for pie crust cutters. For some of those working under a budget, this can be one of the best pie crust cutters available. Fox Run is one of the brands known to have a huge line of baking tools, among many other things.

It is very simple to use, and it will give you a very professional-looking pie top in a matter of just a few minutes. You only have to roll out your pie crust and press the disc down on it, and it will leave a very beautiful and organized design that will have people raving about how beautiful your pie is!

Fox Run offers three different designs of their pie cutters. One is their classic lattice design, the other one is the heart layout, and finally, the third one is their apple design. All three are unique in their ways and equally beautiful.

This pie crust cutter is made of food-grade polystyrene plastic, which means that it will in no way contaminate your food or cause any health risks. The pie crust cutter is also dishwasher safe, so the clean-up for this tool is extremely easy because you don’t have to worry about it.

Why do we like it?

  • Available in variety
  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher safe and safe for use
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5. Consio Pie Crust Cutters

Consio Pie Crust Cutters

We now bring you the final product of our top picks. This set is perfect for holiday-themed foods, and we couldn’t love it more! This small and compact set by Consio is here to make your life so much easier if you decide to opt for this.

The set includes four pie crust cutters in four different shapes of leaves. This set will truly unlock your creative potential, and we guarantee that there is nothing much satisfying in baking other than getting your desired designs from these stamper designs. Well, other than eating the dessert, of course!

These pie crust cutters are not just limited to cutting pie crusts; you can also use them for cutting cookies, fondant, fruits, and even bread! These cutters are extremely easy to use and will give an entirely new look to your pies. And especially since pies are all the rage during Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays, these leaf-shaped cutters will make your pies fit right in the theme.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to use
  • Nice variety
  • Winter holidays appropriate
  • Multiple purposes
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Pie Crust Cutter Buyer’s Guide

We have made the list of the five best pie crust cutters available on the market, but the road doesn’t just end here. To make the final decision, you need to evaluate your needs, for you need to understand the products themselves better. We’ll list down a few things below to better evaluate your needs so you can make a better buying decision.


Sometimes there are issues with the size of the pie you’re going to be baking and the size of pie your pie crust cutter can accommodate. Luckily all the products listed above are the ones you need to use your hand for, be it cutting the strips or stamping out the leaves. So, in this regard, you’re pretty much set.


Many of these pie crust cutters come in a variety of shapes and cuts. Everyone likes variety, and if you are one of them, then we suggest you buy the ones that provide you with the most options for being as creative as you possibly can.

Theme Appropriate

Pies are the best deserts most served during the fall season, with Thanksgiving and Christmas/Hanukkah around the corner. We have pie crust cutters that resonate with these events and the season itself, and it seems aesthetically pleasing.