5 Best Persian Cookbooks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Cooking forms an integral part of Iranian cuisine and it is a way in which Iranians express themselves. Usually, Iranians put in a lot of time and effort to cook, and cooking Persian dishes can be an exhausting process. After a while, you need guidance, and the best guidance available to a chef is a cookbook.

However, several Persian cookbooks covering hundreds of recipes are available in the market, only a few of them stand out and are of good quality. Customers are usually confused and lack knowledge of the product. Fortunately, we are here to end the confusion, as below is a list of the best Persian cookbooks in the market.

Best Persian Cookbooks

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1. The Enchantingly Easy Persian Cookbook by Shadi Hasanzade Nemati

The Enchantingly Easy Persian Cookbook

This Persian cookbook is easy to read, and the ingredients mentioned in the cookbook are also easily available. The cookbook has over 100 recipes, 75 of those recipes are very easy to make as they only require a pot and can be easily cooked in less than an hour. Every dish mentioned in the book comes with a photograph as well.

The cookbook also contains recipes for side dishes such as yogurt salads, kukus, meatballs, dips, and kebab variations. The cookbook also has recipes for desserts such as cakes and cookies. A guide also comes with the cookbook, which will explain how to use the ingredients in the recipes.

The difficulty of each recipe is also mentioned, and tips are also given. The pages in the cookbook have sidebars where the author discusses her experiences. This cookbook is specifically designed to make Persian cooking a fun process, as the process requires a lot of effort and is time-consuming.

This cookbook is all you need if you are new to the Persian style of cooking. The instructions given in the book will help you find your groove quickly. The level of difficulty and the amount of time a recipe will take is also mentioned, so it is a complete Persian cookbook and one that will look good in your kitchen bookshelf.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to read
  • 100 Recipes
  • Photographs
  • Simple instructions
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2. Bottom of the Pot: Persian Recipes & Stories by Naz Devarian

Bottom Of The Pot Persian Recipes And Stories

This cookbook contains Persian recipes that you can easily cook in a single pot. The recipes in this cookbook are authentic and come straight from Iranian homes, and they also have the same flavor and taste. The cookbook also contains a guide on how to cook your food in the pot without losing that aromatic flavor.

The ingredients mentioned in this book are easily available in the market. The steps given in the book are also straightforward and easy. The cookbook also contains fascinating stories about Persian cuisine that will help you learn about the origins of various dishes. The author has given a detailed explanation of over 100 recipes.

This cookbook won the 2019 IACP First Book Award, so it is a prestigious one. This cookbook will also help incorporate traditional Iranian ingredients such as saffron and rosewater in your cooking and help you significantly improve your cooking skills.

This cookbook is perfect for those who have been making progress with their cooking skills but are now looking to take that next step. The cookbook has over a hundred recipes that incorporate all the flavor and taste of Iranian cuisine and help you cook delicious food for your friends and family members.

Why do we like it?

  • Hundred recipes
  • Pot cooking guide
  • Award-winning cookbook
  • Authentic taste and flavor
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3. The Saffron Tales: Recipes from Persian Kitchens by Yasmin Khan

The Saffron Tales Recipes From Persian Kitchens

This cookbook is one of the recommended ones, and critics have praised it as well. The cookbook contains authentic Iranian dishes along with beautifully illustrated photographs so that the reader can fully grasp the dish. A cookbook that doesn’t explain well isn’t a good one, but this one has detailed recipes and steps.

In this cookbook, you will find traditional Iranian dishes such as Fesenjoon, Kofte Berenji, Ghalyieh Maygoo, and many more mouthwatering dishes. However, this cookbook has more than just meat dishes as several vegetarian dishes are also mentioned, such as Tahcheen and Domaj.

There are also recipes for those with a sweet tooth, as several traditional Iranian desserts are also mentioned in the book, such as almond cake, Persian cookies, and Sour cherry. This book is a complete cookbook that encompasses almost all the variety of dishes. You can learn to make meat dishes, vegetable dishes, and classic Persian desserts.

This cookbook is an important one. It has all the varieties of recipes from the main course to the dessert, the recipes are explained in detail, and the ingredients mentioned are easy to buy. The photographs in the cookbook will also give you a better understanding of the recipes.

Why do we like it?

  • Traditional Iranian dishes
  • Photographs
  • Complete cookbook
  • Easy to read
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4. Food of Life: Ancient Persian and Modern Iranian Cooking and Ceremonies by Najmieh Batmanglij

Food Of Life Ancient Persian And Modern Iranian Cooking And Ceremonies

This cookbook is the perfect blend of traditional and modern Iranian recipes. It is one of the most famous Persian cookbooks and rated very highly. The cookbook is so popular that it is already in its 25th edition, and it contains several meat and vegetable dishes such as vegetable kebab and rice.

This cookbook has an interesting feature, as it has a separate section for vegetarians. This cookbook truly stands out from others of its kind as, along with dishes, it mentions an origin story, giving the reader some historical perspective. The dessert has always formed an integral part of Persian cuisine, so a section in the cookbook is dedicated to sweet dishes.

You cannot only be impressed by the content of this book, the way it is organized, and the way it brings history, tradition, and modern culture together is truly remarkable and rare. This cookbook mentions recipes and dishes that are a combination of traditional and modern Iranian dishes. The occasion on which these dishes are served is also mentioned in the cookbook.

Why do we like it?

  • Combination of traditional and modern dishes
  • Well organized
  • Historical perspective
  • Different sections
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5. Joon: Persian Cooking Made Simple by Najmieh Batmanglij

Joon Persian Cooking Made Simple

This cookbook includes various recipes that could be cooked within an hour and can be easily cooked in a pot. Persian cuisine is a well sought-after cuisine, but the preparation and the cooking method are time-consuming. However, the author has done a really good job explain 75 recipes in the easiest way possible.

The recipes mentioned in this cookbook come straight from the author’s kitchen. They are fresh, flavorful, and, most importantly, authentic. The cookbook contains various meat dishes such as kukus, meatballs, dips, yogurt salads and various vegetarian dishes. Sweet dishes such as cookies and cakes are also mentioned in the cookbook.

The recipes in the cookbook are accompanied by photographs, which will give an idea of how your dish should look once it’s finished. Ingredients such as grains, fresh herbs, and beans are mentioned in the book. These ingredients are easy to use and are also easily available.

This cookbook has something for everyone, meat dishes, vegetable dishes, and desserts. So you have a variety of options that you can choose from and enhance your cooking skills. The recipes have been discussed in detail, and you can cook most of them with the help of a pot in less than an hour.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to cook recipes
  • Easily available ingredients
  • Variety of dishes
  • Photographs
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Persian Cookbooks Buyer’s Guide

Persian cooking is rich in flavor and has an aromatic taste, but making these dishes requires a lot of effort and is time-consuming. When you are cooking Persian dishes, you need to have proper guidance in the form cookbook and that cookbook should help you cut time and improve the quality of your cooking,

While there are stacks of Persian cookbooks available on the market, you cannot easily find a good quality Persian cookbook. To get your hands on a good Persian cookbook, you will need to research and gain knowledge. Fortunately, we have made your life easier, as below is a list of factors you should consider before buying a Persian cookbook.


A quality cookbook will go a long way and will be your companion through thick and thin. However, if the cookbook is mediocre, then your level of cooking will stay the same. You will get sick and tired of the kitchen and will keep on buying ordinary cookbooks. Always by Persian cookbooks that are popular and written by famous writers.


Always try to buy cookbooks that contain a large variety of Persian dishes. These cookbooks must have a nice blend of vegetarian, meat, and sweet dishes, and they should be able to fulfill your need. Fortunately, we have mentioned several cookbooks that fit this criterion and will fulfill your needs.


A well-organized cookbook will contain quality content that will be helpful for you more often than not. Buy those Persian cookbooks that are easy to read, have detailed information, and are divided into various sections, so that you can easily find the dish you’re looking for.