Best Pepper Mills And Salt Grinders

5 Best Pepper Mills and Salt Grinders (Reviews Updated 2022)

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If you consume freshly grounded salt and pepper, then you already know the importance of grinders. Mills and grinders have serrated blades that cut the salt and pepper precisely and ensure you get maximum flavor. The best salt and pepper mills have blades made with high-quality stainless steel and are very durable.

Unfortunately, customers are usually unaware of specifications, so they end up buying a mediocre product. However, we are here to give customers some clarity. Below is a list of the best salt and pepper mills available on the market.

Best Pepper Mills and Salt Grinders

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Here are our pepper mills and salt grinders reviews:

1. Peugeot’s u’Select 9-Inch Pepper and Salt Mills Set

Peugeot’s U’select 9 Inch Pepper And Salt Mills Set

This salt and pepper mills set has a beautiful wooden design. The grinding mechanism is made from sturdy steel and has a lifetime warranty. The Peugeot grinding set also come with six adjustable settings, and you can grind your pepper any way you like. This mill set is also available in different sizes and colors.

The salt grinder has a pair of ribbed plates that will grind the sea salt, the grinding blades are made of stainless steel and are corrosion-proof, and you can also change the grinder settings. The grinding will be done effortlessly and quickly, the grinding mechanism in the salt grinders comes with a lifetime warranty.

This Peugeot mill set is made from durable materials and will last a long period. This mill set is also incredibly easy to use, to change the settings, you need to twist the ring system at the bottom of the mill. The grip is comfortable, and to get the best result, always use dry peppercorns with a diameter of fewer than five millimeters.

While this mill set from Peugeot might be a little expensive, it still performs better than most mills and grinders available on the market. This mill set is a high-quality product. It will last a long time and will never compromise on quality.

Why do we like it?

  • Settings
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Stainless steel grinder
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2. OXO Good Grips Salt and Pepper Mill Set

Oxo Good Grips Salt And Pepper Mill Set

OXO Good grips is a well-known brand in the market and produces good quality, affordable kitchen products. The two mills in this set come in an acrylic body design and comes with five types of setting. To grind, all you need to do is tip the mill upside down, and you can add perfectly crushed pepper to your food.

These mills contain ceramic grinders, which, unlike stainless steel grinders, are corrosion resistant. The ceramic material used in the grinders is sturdy, durable, and should last a long period. OXO good grips also give a guarantee, which means you can get a refund if you didn’t like the product.

This grinding set is small in size and compact, which makes it easy to store and carry. The mill and grinder also tightly secures the pepper and salt and won’t leave dust on your table when you turn them upside down. Overall, this product is not as expensive as some other brands, but it does its job well.

If you need a good quality grinding set but are unwilling to spend much, this is just the set for you. It does its job well. It is made of durable materials and is also easy to store and carry. This product will surely be a worth investment for you.

Why do we like it?

  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Ceramic grinders
  • Storable
  • Grinders are corrosion resistant
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3. Fletchers’ Mills Border Salt and Pepper Mills

Fletchers’ Mills Border Salt And Pepper Mills

This set by Fletchers comes in a nice wooden casing that is expected to last a lifetime. The casing is made of natural wood, and the grinding set comes in various colors as well. This grinding set has a special lock and grinds system, and a metal nut at the top of the grinder allows you to adjust the settings.

The pepper mill also has a distinct feature, it uses a two-step mechanism that grinds the peppercorns down so that you get the maximum flavor. The dimensions of the mills in this set are 2.5 X 2.5 X 8.5 inches, and the total weight of this item is 14.4 ounces. This salt and pepper mills set can be used by professionals and is also perfect for home use.

The grind system in the mills offers up to 33 different types of settings. You can grind salt and pepper for fish, gravies, or meat. Turning the nut clockwise will finely grind the pepper while turning it counter-clockwise, the result you will get will be much coarser. This mill set is also easy to clean as a pop-out mechanism will eliminate the extra pepper.

This grinding set is stylish, has a beautiful wooden design, and comes in seven vibrant colors. However, style is not the only thing that stands out; this mill set has really good features, and no kind of grinding is impossible for it.

Why do we like it?

  • 33 Grinding sets
  • Pop-out mechanism
  • Stylish
  • Seven colors
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4. Cole and Mason Derwent Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

Cole And Mason Derwent Salt And Pepper Grinder Set

This grinding set has a simple design, adjustable settings, and a strong grinding mechanism. If you prefer function over style, then this grinding set is the product you need. These grinders have a body made of acrylic so that you can see the salt and pepper inside the grinder.

The accents are either made of copper, wood, and stainless set and are situated at the bottom of the grinders. You have six grinding settings to choose from, and no matter which setting you end up choosing, the flavor will not be compromised.

The grinding mechanism in the pepper mill is made of steel gears, the salt grinder has a grinding mechanism made of ceramic gears. The grinding mechanism comes attached with a lifetime warranty. The salt grinder and pepper mills in this set are also easy to refill. You just need to pull up the top and fill it.

Compared to other sets, the Cole and Mason grinding set might not be as stylish or beautiful as some other brands, but it does get the job done. You have up to six grinding options available,  you will be able to chop your spices finely, and their freshness and flavor will remain unchanged.

Why do we like it?

  • Six grinding settings
  • The grinding mechanism has a lifetime guarantee
  • Easy to refill
  • Clear acrylic casing
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5. Sage Kitchenware MEC Stainless Steel Pepper and Salt Mill

Sage Kitchenware Mec Stainless Steel Pepper And Salt Mill

The Sage mills set comes with a grinding mechanism that is made of ceramic. Many grinding settings are adjustable, so you can choose the setting that suits you the best. The secure lock at the bottom of the mills will ensure that the spices stay locked in securely.

The Sage mills set is light in weight, and the body is made of see-through clear acrylic panels. Due to the acrylic panels, you can easily see if the mills are full or need a refill, and you won’t have to open the top constantly. The mill has a length of 8.5 inches, a wide opening at the top, and a wide base.

Sage also gives a lifetime replacement guarantee for this mill set, so this is a safe and beneficial investment. This Sage mills set is made of high-quality materials, is sturdy, the settings are adjustable, and the bottom locks securely. The spices will be fresh while they’re in the mill, and refilling is not an issue as well.

Why do we like it?

  • Ceramic grinding mechanism
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Sturdy
  • Depth
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Pepper Mills and Salt Grinders Buyer’s Guide

Many salt grinders and pepper mills available on the market, many companies produce them, and their price range also varies. The smart thing to do would be to not rush into buying the product.

Think about what you need, what you demand of your product, judge your requirements, and always go through the specifications of a product before making your decision. To give you some much-needed clarity, we have listed below a few factors that you need to consider before buying mills and grinders.


Quality is a top priority with any product, not just pepper mills and salt grinders. However, you should buy a product that will chop your spices precisely and doesn’t spoil them. Always buy salt grinders and pepper mills of well-known brands and do your research before buying them.

Grind Mechanism

Most grinding mechanisms are either made of stainless steel and ceramic. The ceramic ones resist corrosion but might be a bit more expensive than the stainless steel ones. Always buy pepper mills and salt grinders that come with a warranty for the grinding mechanism. A high-quality grinding mechanism will last a very long time and will give consistent performance.


Always buy pepper mills or salt grinders with the maximum number of settings so that you can chop your spices as precisely as possible. Fortunately, most brands have numerous grinding settings, so hopefully, you will get a product that you can trust.