5 Best Pasta Cookbooks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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For the past few years, food pasta has gained its special place all over the world. Pasta is one of the dishes that excite all age groups. It is considered a healthy food, with nutrient-dense and high caloric intake. But consuming the same dish repeatedly with the same taste makes it boring.

Do you feel the need to have a variety of ways and recipes to cook delicious pasta? Here’s to make your wish come true. We will help you find the best cookbooks for pasta that will help you to make delicious pasta with new exciting ingredients bring new taste every time.

Best Pasta Cookbooks

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Here are our best pasta cookbook reviews.

1. Mastering Pasta by M. Vetri & D. Joachim

Mastering Pasta

Mastering Pasta by Marc Vetri Marc and David Joachim is a vast book that will make you the pasta expert. The cookbook contains more than a hundred recipes to make delicious pasta just the way you like it. Marc Vetri has also won an award for his book as he has placed his complete knowledge about pasta in his book that is surely goals.

The good thing about this book is that it doesn’t involve permanent ingredients, but it allows you to embrace your own sense of it. Most importantly, all the ingredients and recipes in it are designed in such a way to ensure one’s health. The recipes told in this book are very detailed, and each step is vividly explained with the visual representation.

Following Marc Vetri’s recipes are worth it. It will add a next-level taste to your pasta. Another interesting thing about this book is that it has greatly explained the relation of making the perfect dough from different flours. The recipes are the classic ones with the touch of different unusual sauce making that adds a great taste to the pasta. The kinds of pasta recipes are very overwhelming and boost up your sense of taste.

Why do we like it?

  • Variety of recipes
  • Detailed explanation
  • Easy to follow
  • Visual representation
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2. Flour + Water: Pasta by T. McNaughton

Flour + Water Pasta

Flour + water: pasta is written by Thomas McNaughton. Thomas works in San Francisco’s restaurant, and he has mentioned all his working experiences and learning in this book. He has shared all the experiments he has done in making the best kinds of pasta in the book. This book contains fifty different recipes to make delicious pasta.

The chef has particularly focused on the flavor and taste of pasta. This cookbook contains special ingredients to make spicy sauces that add a new flavor to your pasta. This cookbook ensures great learning and incredible tutorials for making delicious pasta. The recipes included in this cookbook are very likable. Thomas has used different technique for making pasta in the book.

Unique thing about this cookbook is that less flour is used in it while other unique ingredients are used to create a unique taste. This cookbook contains a detailed analysis of making a perfect dough for pasta. The book contains five parts, out of which four are focused on recipes using different ingredients, and one describes the pasta-making steps. The recipes are easy to follow and consume less time. The book is great for professionals as well as home cooking.

Why do we like it?

  • Unique taste
  • Easy to follow
  • Less time consuming
  • Spicy flavoring
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3. Pasta Pretty Please by L. Nicholson

Pasta Pretty Please

Pasta Pretty Please by Linda Miller Nicholson is a very funky rainbow-styled cookbook. She has focused on creating recipes that look unique, appealing, and colorful. The main concern in this cookbook is ensuring healthy ingredients. The book is very inspiring and approachable. Almost twenty-five different dough-making recipes are mentioned, along with thirty-three tutorials of pasta.

She has used food coloring in her recipes that give a new look to the pasta. Recipes mentioned in the cookbook follows the making of pasta in different color and shape. The recipes include delicious fillings and tasty sauce-making guidance. Following this cookbook, you can make and consume creamy, spicy, and cheesy kinds of pasta in less time. Linda has specially mentioned pasta dough making in different shades and colors.

She has mentioned lots of sauce-making recipes that can be used in other food items as well.  Another exciting thing is that she has mentioned how to use pigmented vegetables and fruits in your pasta so that children can consume it happily. This cookbook contains simple recipes with natural ingredients. The three magic and common ingredients used in the cookbook are eggs, pasta flour, and coloring agents. The coloring agents used in each recipe makes this cookbook different from others.

Why do we like it?

  • Colorful and unique recipes
  • Health aspects are ensured
  • Unique and different
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4. Pasta Grannies by B. Vicky

Pasta Grannies

Pasta Grannies by Bennison Vicky: is a very interesting book that contains collections of the best pasta recipes from different people who have devoted their lives in cooking pasta. It includes recipes from grannies all over the world. The cookbook is very easy to follow. The recipes are brief and less time-consuming.

This cookbook’s main motto is that your cooking is automatically uplifted when you contain all the tasty ingredients. A YouTube channel is also present, which shows the visual representation of this cookbook recipe. Pasta Grannies includes photographs that help in following the steps more accurately. Another interesting fact about this book is that it includes life stories of these grannies.

This cookbook is a lovely mixture of adventurous stories of nannies and complete knowledge of pasta. These nannies are older than sixty-five years of age. The cookbook book is worth considering. The nannies have much experience in the field of making pasta. Many of the techniques and recipes of Italian home cooking have been passed down through generations.

Most of the recipes included are Italian. The cookbook includes traditional Italian cooking. This book is a combination of great taste, flavor, love, emotions, and experiences. The greatest stretch is that it allows you to add your essence to the recipes.

Why do we like it?


  • Versatile
  • Interesting
  • Easy to follow
  • Variety of recipes
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5. Jamie’s Food Tube: The Pasta Book by J. Oliver

Jamie's Food Tube The Pasta Book

The pasta book by Jamie Oliver is simple and basic. Jamie has mentioned everything in this book he learned from his mentor, chef Gennaro Contaldo, an Italian and highly professional chef. The cookbook contains incredible pasta recipes. If you want to learn different recipes with a unique taste, this book is surely the one to consider.

It contains fifty different delicious recipes. This cookbook is very easy to follow and is specially designed for quick pasta cooking. The cookbook recipes include organic and natural ingredients. Health is especially considered in this cookbook. It allows free cooking as you can enhance your additional ingredients as well. This book is inexpensive.

The pictorial representation along with the steps makes it more likely to follow the step carefully. The book is immensely liked by old-aged groups. The recipes are the classic ones with the touch of different unusual sauce making that adds a great taste to the pasta. The kinds of pasta recipes are very overwhelming and boost up your sense of taste.

Why do we like it?

  • Pocket-sized
  • Pictures
  • Easy to follow
  • Simple and basic
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Pasta Cookbook Buyers Guide

It’s quite true that we don’t have enough time apparently to experiment and discover new recipes. To make perfect pasta with an assurance of great taste and flavor, we require cookbooks. Due to the presence of cookbooks, cooking has become more fun and easier. Having a cookbook that perfectly fits in according to your family’s taste is such a great blessing. Here are some of the qualities you should look for before buying a cookbook.

Pictural representation

We always tend to remember what we see. Images and photos with steps make it easy for you to follow the stages accurately and precisely. Visual representation of anything makes a better understanding. Cookbooks written only verbally gives a boring touch and requires more concentration.

Low budget recipes

Buying cookbooks that contain expensive and rare ingredients is also not a wise step to take. Look for a cookbook that is easy to implement and contains natural ingredients. Expensive and unavailable ingredients will leave the food tasteless and boring. Go for a cookbook which includes recipes and ingredients that you can easy buy.

Consider reviews

Reviews tell the actual quality of the cookbook. It is important to check public reviews. Reviews tell you a lot about the cookbook and its accuracy. Check that either people are liking it or not. Reviews can completely change your decision regarding any cookbook.


Go for gaining information about the author of the cookbook. Whether the author is famous, check whether he/she is knowledgeable. The originality of any book also depends upon the writer and the place he/she holds. Check for the reputation the author holds in the society.

Easy to follow

Simple and easy cookbooks are always the best choice. Try to avoid cookbooks that are in narrative form. Cookbooks that include preparation, cooking, temperature time are more convenient. Detailed mention of recipes is easy to understand.

Cooking tips

Any good cooking book will include cooking tips and extra additional information for your ease. In a good cookbook, the ingredients and products will be explained in detail for you. All these little information matters a lot. Does the book include any suggestions or not? Mentioning nutritional knowledge is also important.